Day four: Story of Evil

"Kaito...?" Kagome asked, wearily eyeing the device in his hands. "What...what is that?"

"These, Kagome-chan, are glasses designed specifically for you. They transport you to a cyber dimension where all of us," Here, he waved to everyone else, "Can already access. It's very strange. We temporarily lose our memories and gain fake new ones to go with the story. It's really fun!"

"Is it safe?" Kagome asked, looking slightly mesmorized.

"Very," Miku cut in, smiling reassuredly. "The injuries caused by the simmulation can't actually affect us in the real world. So none of us will die or get hurt in real life."

"Die?" Blue eyes opened wide in panic.

"You, as the owner,"

"I'm not-"

"-as the human, then," Len insisted, "Won't be hurt in real life. None of us will."

"It's really fun, Kagome-chan," Rin added.

"But...will it hurt you guys?" She asked, worry reflected in her eyes.

"Nah, we'll be fine. We've done it tons of times," Meiko rolled her eyes, albeit a bit fondly.

"But-" The pouts of Rin and Miku got her to concede, cheeks red. "I, you...fine. What's the story?"

"Story of Evil," Kaito beamed. "'s one of my favorites."

"But Kaito, we need other parts for that..."

"Yeah, like Gakupo, Luka, Haku, Neru..." Meiko trailed off, smiling fondly at the mention of her purple haired drinking buddy.

"Well, we can go on without them, can't we? I already made the adjustments for Kagome's role in the story..."

"What's her part?" Len asked.

Kaito smiled mysteriously.

Kagome put on the glasses, and