"Sir?" The girl turned to the blonde, a smile on her face.

"Yes, your Majesty?"

"Will I see you next week?" A hopeful expression crossed her face, and he smiled.

"If you wish. We must be careful, though. My Princess..." Confliction showed on his face, and Kagome squeezed his hand. "She's not a bad sort, you must understand... her parents..."

"I understand. I hold no grudge against the Princess of Yellow. She's very beautiful, and she treats her people well...however, if she ever does harm to m-my people, we will have something to discuss." Her eyes startled him with their intensity. "Len, sir."

"Yes?" he replied, for she seemed to be asking something of him.

"If her... her hatred for me gets out of hand, you cannot let her harm anyone in my kingdom. No matter what you must do."

"Your Majesty- what is it you're asking of me?"

"..." Her face gave it away, and he felt as though someone had hit him in the stomach. "Y-Your Majesty- you cannot- I cannot-"

"If it is to save your Princess and my friends, my countrymen, you-"

"You aren't even the real princess!" He hissed, startling her into silence. "You've no green hair, nor the eyes of emeralds- who are you? You have no countrymen!"

"...I am Kagome. I am the guardian of the Princess, her facade." Her chin rose into the air, her blue eyes glaring at him, daring him, "And should you attempt to hurt her, or her betrothed, I will kill you."

The blonde gaped at her in shock, before he whispered, "Facade?"

"I... you are correct. The Princess is not allowed without disguise, so everyone thinks her to be a kind, sweet beggar girl I took in, when rather, it is the opposite. I would be nothing without her..." She took off the faux head of hair, revealing a bun of black hair, secured under a net. She looked vulnerable. "...I ask of you to swear, should your Princess try to send someone to kill Milady, that you..."

"K-Kagome-ch-chan, you could not possibly-" The tight grip on his wrists stopped him.

"You must! You must shed my blood instead of hers! I beg of you, please! Do not allow harm to befall my Princess, my dear sister!"

He swallowed thickly, blinking back tears. Why was he crying? He held no feelings for this...this wretch!

No, she was no wretch. To call her so would be an extreme case of hypocrisy, for he was in the exact situation.

The feeling around his heart tightened with each nod he made.