She was running through the temple at full sprint, panting as she went. She had to catch the ferry before it left. No one was around, save for the white lotus sentries, and what good were they for?

The ferry was just about to leave when she scrambled onto it. She sat down under a bench to catch her breath and think. She had woken up today, not wanting to go to practice but having to anyway. It wasn't until she had gotten out of bed that she had noticed. The floor had been much too far from the edge of her bed. And then she noticed that her nose was a bright pink, and that she had PAWS.

After about fifteen minutes of pacing under the bench, she felt the ferry stop. Running off, she headed straight for the arena. She never realized how far the arena was from the dock riding Naga. With her short little legs, it took nearly three times as long to get there.

Panting, she skidding to a halt at the door. Once her heart stopped beating fast, she began to push at the door, but with no luck. She gave up and began looking for an open window. After several long minutes or searching, she found what she was looking for and quickly scrambled through it, heading right to the gym where she knew the boys would be.

And there they were, waiting for her to show up. Mako and Bolin. Pabu hissed at her, and that made the brothers turn their heads to look at what he had hissed at. "Is that….a tiny cat?" Mako asked out loud. "Yes, it is," Bolin said, walking over to it.

Guys it's me! She opened her mouth to voice her thoughts, but instead of word, she let out a meow. Her mouth snapped shut and she sat back on her haunches, a paw to her lips. Bouncing up, she started to frantically meow and just make noises.

The boys were hopelessly confused. She stopped jumping and smacked her face with a paw- the equivalent of a face palm. "Did it just….face palm?" Mako said, walking over.

Yes, you idiot! It's me, Korra! She wanted to shout. Instead, she let out a hiss at the two boys.

"Wait, Mako, look at its arm," Bolin said, picking the feline up by the scruff. She started to protest, but when her feet left the floor, she fell limp. "It's one of Korra's hair bands."

"You're right," Mako said, taking the cat from his brother. "But why would this cat have it?" He sat down and placed her in his lap and went to take it off. She hissed and swung a paw at him, leaving a small scratch on his finger. Cursing, he pulled his hand away. He noticed that she seemed to be…smirking?

After a while, something clicked in the boys' heads. They glanced at each other, then to the cat, which had started to purr because Mako was petting her head. He stopped when he realized he was doing so and she immediately fell silent.

"Korra?" Bolin finally questioned.

Yes! She mewed happily, her ears perked up.

"How in the world…How did she turn into a cat?" Mako lifted her up and looked at her. "Mya!" she meowed, then covered her mouth with her paws, ears back. The boy chuckled and put her down. "So…what are we going to do with her?"

Bolin thought for a moment, and then shrugged. "We should probably try to figure out how this happened. But I don't even know where to begin," he said.

Korra had jumped off of Mako's lap and trotted over to Pabu, who hissed and growled at her and she got closer. She had a confident stride and went right up to him, sticking her nose out. Then she arched her back and hissed loudly, scaring the fire ferret off. She let out what could only be the cat version of a laugh and sat down, licking a paw and running it over her ear.

"I'll admit, she's actually really cute," Mako voiced. Her head turned to him and he blushed just a little and coughed. "So okay, clearly we're not going to be able to practice," he said, changing the subject.

Korra let out a mrr-r-r-row and walked over to them. "Okay…Korra," Bolin said, "How about we go upstairs and figure this out." That said, he stood up, Pabu running over and climbing up onto his shoulder.

With a sigh, Mako grabbed Korra, who squealed, and stood up to follow his brother. The cat in his arms squirmed for a few seconds before grunting and hanging her front legs over the boy's arm. "Good girl," he said, followed by a smirk when she glared at him.

Now upstairs, Mako sat on the couch and put Korra down on the cushion next to him. Bolin made sure to stay at least two yards away to keep Pabu from hissing.

"So, now what?" he said, looking at Korra, who had started to wash her leg. "You're really acting like a real cat," he commented, brow arched. She stopped and looked at him with a growl. "Sorry, sorry."

Mako began to scratch her head. She started to purr and pushed against his hand, sitting back on her haunches, tumbling over a moment later. Letting out a mew, she rolled onto her back. "I doubt she can really help it," the firebender said, rubbing her stomach. A moment later when she grabbed it and started to kick with her hand legs, gently biting his thumb.

Sighing, he went to pull his hand away, but she only gripped it tighter with her claws. "'Ey! That hurts," he grunted, prying her paws open with his other hand. She flipped over and let out a Mrya, and sniffed.

"Okay, seriously, this is way weird," Mako said, looking at Bolin. "Do you think Tenzin would have an idea of how this happened?"

Bolin shrugged and answered, "Maybe. But he's probably busy with the council and I'd rather not bother them. We might just have to wait."

Korra growled in annoyance and swished her tail back and forth. Great, she thought, I HATE waiting.