Hey everybody! It's been quite a while! I'm happy to say that i'm back with a brand new chapter fanfic. I'm hoping this one becomes popular like Let's get physical.

Anyways I DO have a big warning about this fic. This chapter does contain a rape scene. I did not enjoy writing it and I think rape is the worst thing that could happen to someone, but I felt like I wanted to address the whole issue. I apologize in advance if you read it and get hurt or angry at me. Please take this warning into consideration before reading.

I've read some rape fics on here and wanted to give my own a shot.

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"Dude, it's so nice to be hanging out like this again…" I say as I rub my hands up and down my thighs. It's been one of my nervous habits for many years now. I peak out of the corner of my eye to see Stan smirking at me.

"Yeah, dude. Sorry, I know I've been hanging out with Wendy a lot lately. She's been bitching about me not being a good enough boyfriend." He states while sliding off of his bed and sits down beside me.

"She's crazy, she's lucky to have you, Stan." The minute the sentence flows past my lips, I mentally slap myself. Oh god, that must have sounded so gay.

"Ha ha, thanks! I wish she felt that way." His hand finds my shoulder and gives it a few friendly pats. Even through the material of my shirt, I can feel the warmth of his hand spreading through my whole body.

I smile to myself, wishing we were this close all the time. Playing video games, eating everything in sight and just chilling is what I want to do with my super best friend. And it feels like Wendy is stealing him from right under my nose. I cherish every moment I have with Stan, and my feelings seemed to have developed past being just best friends. I don't believe I'm gay, but I don't believe I'm straight either. Only Stan catches my attention.

Stan is quite attractive, even straight guys would agree with me. The silky, midnight black hair, his radiant blue eyes and that toned body of his make him who he is. He isn't overly manly, but to me he is the definition of a man.

The warmth I feel when he touches me, or when I touch him, the times we've hugged, I wish time could freeze so we could stay holding each other forever. Maybe I just look up to him, or maybe I just want to be like him. Stan is basically my hero, and I admire him for everything he is, and everything he isn't.

"Hey, earth to Kyle. You in there, man?" His hand is waving in front of my face, bringing me back to reality.

"Oh, yeah…sorry about that. Just spaced out for a moment. I guess I'm just tired." I look out of the corner of my eye once again to catch him looking at the clock on the wall.

"Holy, no wonder, it's getting pretty late." I take a look at the clock as well, my mind finally registering that it's almost eleven. On a weekend this would be early for us, but since it's a school night, it is quite late.

"Shit, my mom is going to kill me." I grab my cell phone from my bag to see I've missed five calls from her. Knowing her, she's probably having a panic attack from me not answering the calls.

"Why don't you just stay the night?" I quickly text my mom, letting her know I'm on my way home.

"Ah, I have to get home. Sorry, Stan. I'll see you at school tomorrow, though." He stands up and grabs my hand to help me up. The smile currently on his face makes me blush.

"Later, Ky." I toss my bag over my shoulder, and put my wool, burgundy beret on top of my head.

"Yeah…bye…" There's a few seconds of silence, my hands fiddling together before I hook my arms around his neck, pulling him in a tight hug. There's a moment before he hesitantly places his hands on my back. He must be confused by my sudden action. We let go of each other after a few seconds, which I wish lasted longer, and I stare at the ground, clearly embarrassed. He chuckles and pats me on the back in a friendly gesture.

"What was that for?" I grip the strap of my bag, nervously playing with it between my fingers.

"I don't know, it's just…we haven't done this in a while." The hand on my back leaves its place and I suddenly feel cold.

"Yeah, you're right. Anyways you better get going. We don't want your mom more pissed off than she probably already is."

"Yeah, later." I say quickly and as I turn around he grips my arm lightly, making me face him again.

"Oh, by the way, that hat looks just as nice as your green one." The kind smile he wears as he says that makes my heart flutter in my chest. Oh God, leave Kyle before you do anything more stupid.

"Thanks…" I give him one last smile and turn around again, heading down the stairs and grab my coat. I quickly throw it on, not bothering to zip it up.

Cold courses through my body the minute I step out into the frigid, cold air. Thank God there is barely any snow on the ground, but I do wish it were a tad warmer out.

I jump slightly when I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket and I pull it out to see a text from my mom. I roll my eyes at the fact my mom is texting me, but nonetheless I reply to her.

We need milk and break for the morning, could you pick some up at the store? Should still be open for a little while longer. Sorry to ask you this so late sweetie.

Mom xoxo

I sigh, a puff of air forming in front of me due to the chilly air. Why the hell would she ask me to do this now? It's so late. I just want to get home and go to bed, but I text back telling her sure.

"Stupid stores being open this late…" I mumble to myself, shoving my hands in my pockets, attempting to warm them up.

"Stan…" The thought of Stan instantly warms my whole body up and I'm wondering if I should tell him the feelings I'm having. That there's a possibility I like him more than a friend.

I notice there are barely any cars on the road, or anybody walking on the streets. Of course, this is South Park after all. Nobody wants to be outside at this time of night with everything that has happened here in the past. The darkness surrounding me starts to frighten me a bit, and there aren't many stores around until I hit the main street.

After hearing some chatting coming from behind me, I decide to turn around to see a few guys not too far behind. My whole body shudders and I start to walk faster, feeling a bit nervous being alone.

"Agh…okay I wish I was alone after all…" The talking behind me becomes louder and I can hear loud footsteps and all of a sudden I feel my arms being grabbed roughly by large hands.

Before my mind registers what's going on and before I can scream, something is being jammed in my mouth and taped so it stays in place.

"Mhmpphhmhm…" I attempt to make some sort of noise, praying someone hears me, but I'm left all alone, being pulled into a dark alley with these men who I have no idea who they are or what they want with me.

"Shut the hell up, kid." I'm in too much of shock to feel any pain as I'm shoved on the ground, being kicked in the stomach by one of them, while the other two are still holding my arms, not allowing me to protect myself.

"Mmm…" I moan out in pain, tears finally falling freely down my cheeks. I take notice that all of them are wearing some types of masks so I can't see their true identity. Obviously they planned to do this to someone tonight and I was the only one around.

"If you don't stop making noise…" His deep voice growls, and I see him pull out a sharp blade, "I'm going to have to take this to the next step. You don't want me to use this, do you?"

The second I see the knife I start fearing for my life. I try to kick him off of me, but he's straddling me and I can't get a good kick in. He roughly pulls my pants and boxers down and it finally hits me on what he's going to do.

He's going to rape me, I'm going to get raped and there's nothing I can do, I cry to myself. Tears escape one after the other and I can't help but let out a few loud sobs.

The knife is pressed against my neck, and a moment later I can feel blood start to drip down my neck, but it doesn't feel like enough for me to die just from that. The blade against my skin starts to burn and a moan of pain leaves my throat. He then situates himself between my legs, spreading them roughly.

"Mmm, this is going to be fun." His voice, filled with lust is low and I shiver at the thought of this asshole taking my virginity.

"Would you just get on with it? We don't have all night."

"Shut up. Give me a minute."

He wastes no time in pulling his zipper down, pulling out his length and thrusting in to me. My body goes numb and I can't process what's happening. Pain courses through my whole body and I just want to scream, but I can't because the guy could jam the knife into me at any time.

I stare up into the covered face of the man who is thrusting in and out roughly, showing me no mercy. I start to wonder if he knows me or has something against me to want to do this to me.

"God, feels fucking great. Want to try him out?" He asks the other two, making me sound like I'm some sex object, used to satisfy their own pleasure.

"Hell no, you keep going. Just hurry up." One of the others says in a hushed voice.

I feel absolutely no pleasure and I feel my soft member just bounce around, waiting for this assault to be over. He ends up hitting my prostate, but even then I don't feel anything other than pain and humiliation. One of the other guys lets go of my arm and unbuttons my shirt, taking a nipple in his mouth, sucking roughly on it.

"Mmm…this part of you is pretty. Even if you're not a girl." He says before biting my nipple harshly.

After torturing my sensitive nipples, he then kneels beside my head, pulling out his own length, tugging on it a few times. He removes the gag from my mouth and I have a chance to scream, but again, I don't want to die and he can kill me any time with that knife. The third guy is kneeling by my head, holding my wrists tightly, not allowing me to move.

Even if he wasn't holding me, my body wouldn't be able to move on it's own. My body feels frozen, and I'm in so much pain that it won't function properly.

"Suck." His voice is harsh and serious, and I want nothing more than to bite it, to hurt him, but I know they'll just end up hurting me more if I don't co-operate. The tears are still endlessly coming down my face.

I stare at it for a second before sucking gently on the head before taking the whole thing into my mouth. I've never felt more humiliated than I do right now, and my pride is shattered to pieces. In the back of my mind, I'm wishing I did stay at Stan's house, then this wouldn't be happening. Stan. Oh God, how was I ever going to face him again?

I feel so alone, like the whole world is suddenly against me. I don't even feel the thrusting anymore, the pain around my ass, or the swollen member in my mouth. I just feel alone, and feel like somehow I deserved this.

"Ughh…" The guy releases his load into my mouth and I'm forced to swallow it. I almost gag at the taste, but I suck it up and finish the job. The man's thrusting becomes rougher and rougher as he grips my hips, leaning down to kiss my neck where the cut is, lapping up the blood.

"Unnnh…" Half-cry, half-sobs escapes my lips and I'm suddenly being punched in the face by the one who just made me give him a blowjob. My cheeks are burning from the contact and will probably leave a bruise.

"Shut the fuck up." He covers my mouth back up again, but this time with his hands. Finally, after what feels like forever, the man with his dick inside me finally comes and explodes inside of me. I shudder at the feeling of the warm liquid that is filling me up, and it is the grossest feeling I've ever experienced.

I wanted my first time to be gentle, and filled with love. With somebody I love. Like...Stan. Not with hate and lust with some random guy.

"That was amazing. Wasn't it?" I close my eyes, not wanting to look at anything anymore but my eyes burst open when he slaps me a few times.

"Wasn't it?" He asks again and I force myself to nod my head, even though I feel like I want to die right now.

"Good." He leans down to shove his lips angrily against mine. His tongue forces it's way into my mouth and I feel like puking. There's a slight taste of alcohol on his lips. His lips leave quickly and he zips his pants back up, same with the other guy.

"Are you satisfied yet?" The one who didn't do anything to me asks quietly.

"Hell no, I may need to find someone else." He laughs evilly as they hurry off, leaving me on the cold ground with my pants around my ankles with semen and blood leaking out of me.

I'm left alone, tears still pouring down my cheeks and I wonder how I still have any left. The pain finally hits me and my ass feels like it's on fire, my jaw stinging from the huge dick I had forced into my mouth. I bring my hand up to see a bit of blood still coming from my neck before covering my face with both hands and I start to sob uncontrollably. My whole body feels cold, and I feel so dirty, like nothing can wash it off.

My body can't move and I feel like I lie there for ages, alternating between balling my eyes out and cursing angrily. My fingers clench furiously at my hair, pulling it in frustration.

"W-why…why didn't I just stay w-with Stan?" I whisper to myself, angry and hurt from everything that just happened.

The only thing I can be thankful for is that they didn't kill me. Still, I don't know what they had against me, the only thing I do know is they did their job, they took my innocence, my pride and they left me with nothing but shame. I manage to sit up, feeling slightly dizzy while attempting to pull my pants up but wincing at the pain and I let out a deep sigh, the tears finally drying on my cheeks. My whole body is in pain from being fucked, slapped, punched and cut with a knife.

"Ugh!" My hands fly up once again to cover my face, even though nobody is around, I feel like I need to hide.

There's a quick thought that passes through my mind, what am I going to tell my parents? How do I tell them that a guy raped me? I feel like I should blame my mom, for making me go to the store. But how would she know I would end up like this?

I sit in silence in the bitter cold, my legs feeling numb and my neck finally stopped bleeding. Heavy dizziness sets in from the blood loss, and I'm hoping I don't pass out. A sudden voice startles me and I jump, expecting to be hurt again.

"Oh my God, are you okay!"


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