Slave to Love by princessbrigant – merge with Fatal Attraction by michellesbelles

Dear Readers

My good friend and author michellesbelles asked me to adopt her story 'Fatal Attraction' some months ago. After a good amount of discussion, we decided that it would be a perfect merge with my one-shot 'Slave to Love', so I've been working on putting them together for a while now.

It's taken some time as I've been devoted to my other stories and I wanted to make sure they merged well and I think I'm coming close to getting them posted.

The thing is, due to the content – and those who know both stories will understand, it's at risk at being in breach of FF regs. I would hate for it to just be pulled down, so I've decided to post it entirely on my WordPress blog under the princessbrigant name.

I'm sorry if that's a spanner in the works for those of you who don't know WP, but it's definitely mature content and for those who aren't easily offended by more gratuitous material.

Look out for it within the next week – the link to my WP page can be found on my profile.

Thanks for reading and continuing to support my writing.