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            Goku finally arrived at home with Gohan in hopes of devouring the food that they thought had been prepared for them. "Chi-chi! We're here! What's for dinner?"  Goku wandered through the house to the kitchen to see an empty table and no sweet aroma of food floating about. "HEY!" yelled Goku angrily. "I thought there was gonna be food here. I'm so hungry", whined Goku as he searched the cabinets for anything to snack on.

            "Dad, have you seen mom? She's not anywhere in the house and there's no note or anything." Said Gohan. Terror was on his face with the thought that something bad may have happened to his mother.

            "Now that you mention it Gohan I haven't seen her but I didn't exactly look for her either. She just might be outside hanging up the clothes she washed without us noticing her. Don't worry about it. We'll find her after we get some energy." With that Goku took so instant noodles* who cares if they don't have this in the DBZ world they do now*. He stuck the noodles in the pot and placed it on the stove. After a good ten minutes Goku wondered why the noodles weren't done. It seemed he had forgotten a very important step.

            "Uh Dad? You know you were supposed to add water right?" sighed the little Gohan who was in complete awe of how ignorant his father could be at times.

            After they had had their fill of food, which consisted of 50 pacs of noodles per saiyan (chi-chi knew to prepare for her family) and over a gallon to drink, they went on searching for their missing family member.

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