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Say, Natsume?

In a classroom of Alice Academy's middle school, Hyuga Natsume sat with his legs propped up, manga placed on his face, asleep. Beside him sat his ever-known best friend Luca with his bunny. The kids we knew from elementary school had grown up, all in their teens. The classroom was fairly quiet; everybody was still either arriving or talking in hush whispers, not wanting to disturb the fire Alice teen. Some from seeing it happen, or others literally knowing from experience what will happen if they awake him.

Except for one person who knew from experience, deciding this very morning he was going to ask Natsume a question about a certain brunette, who had grown out of her pigtails since she graduated from elementary school. I present to you, mind-reader kid or Koko.

"Say, Natsume?"

The room went into a complete silence; even Hotaru had stopped working on one of her newer inventions and looked up. Everyone looked at Koko as if he was crazy. Luca giving Koko a nervous looks of, 'what-are-you-doing?' The mind reader ignored all the looks he was receiving from his fellow classmates. Especially from Yuu, or 'Iinchou' as most of them like to call him. The poor boy looked like he was about ready to faint.

"Say, Natsume."

The response from the fire alice was a grunt, he shifted a bit, causing the manga to slid off his face and revealing crimson eyes with a hint of a glare directed at Koko. The boy just grinned, not affected by the glare. "I have a question, Natsume." Natsume's eyebrow rose.

"Hn." Obviously everybody could tell Natsume wasn't too pleased with being woken up, but they were most surprised the mind-reader boy wasn't being burned in the slightest. Maybe Natsume is waiting on a later note to take revenge? The class waited in anticipation for an answer from the sandy-haired boy's question.

"Say, Natsume, what do you think of Sakura wearing a mini-skirt?" the mind reader, asked. His face showed complete innocence while his eyes glinted with a hint of mischievous.


Then, bending his head down as he stood up with his bangs covering his eyes at an attempt to hide his face. Natsume made a beeline for the nearest exit. The class remained silent and gob smacked at what just happened. Surprised the mind reader was not being burnt to a fine crisp.

The silence was broken from a chocking noise made by Luca; the blonde's face matching a tomato and was sputtering out words to the point where nobody could understand the teen.

Hotaru who sat in front of the two, with an amused expression in her eyes, went back to her inventions. Iinchou had fainted right after the question had been presented, nobody bothered to check on him, still in shock.

With his usual smile and stare on his face, Koko spoke after a long period of silence, choking noises and fainting.

"Wow, I didn't know the Hyuga Natsume could get a nose-bleed." As soon as those words left his mouth he was rewarded by a punch to the head by Sumire.

A few minutes later after the whole ordeal, Mikan Sakura walked into the classroom with a look of confusion on her face. Immediately if disappeared when she saw her long-time best friend. Calmly walking up to the raven-haired girl currently working on inventions, Mikan gave her usual greeting of, "Good morning, Hotaru!" Accompanied by a hug. The brunette had decided after multiple bruises to drop trying to glomp Hotaru and just give her a calmer greeting.

Then Mikan took her seat beside her best friend, looking at her friend. "Hey, do you know what's up with Natsume? I walked by him along the way here and he didn't even call me a name or anything," Mikan gave a thoughtful look. "I hope its nothing is wrong with him."

Hearing this, Hotaru gave a secret smile.

"I'm sure he will be fine…he's just growing up, Mikan."

"Growing up?" Mikan repeated her best friend, looking behind her when she heard choking noises. "Luca-pyon, are you alright?"

"I'm fine, Sakura," the blonde's cheeks tinting a light pink. 'Oh, why oh why did Imai have to say that?' The blonde thought to himself, embarrassed and bitterly.

"I told you to stop calling me, 'Sakura' and start calling me, 'Mikan'!" She pouted playfully, "We've known each others for a few years now, no need for last name basis!" Mikan exclaimed with a smile. Luca gave a small smile of his own back as he nodded.

The brunette, pleased with the silent response, returned her attention back to Hotaru. "Hotaru, seriously, what do you mean?" Naïve as ever.

Setting her tools down on the desk, Hotaru gave a gentle pat to Mikan's head.

"I'll explain everything to you when you're forty-seven, alright?"

"Okay, Hotaru!"

Everyone in the classroom sweat-dropped.

Hotaru's Operation: Keep Mikan as innocent as long as possible is a go!

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