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Say, Natsume?

Chapter 2:

Hotaru was never the one to admit it out loud to anyone, specifically Mikan, but she did love her best friend. Doing anything and everything to ensure her best friend's safety and most of all: her innocence. Like Hell Hotaru would allow some random guy to date the dense girl. Oh, Hotaru knew what was going through almost every teenage boy's mind when they saw Mikan.

After elementary school Mikan decided and from many supportive comments from her friends to lose her well-known pigtails, she let her hair flow freely. Don't get Hotaru wrong; she thought Mikan looked great with her hair down like that, but unfortunately this change caused Mikan to get quite a few admirers. Ranging from middle school and high school boys. Hotaru knew half the admirers didn't just want to date Mikan to get to know her.

Thus, Hotaru took the honor of making sure to protect Mikan, scaring off or in some cases threatening that if they went near the brunette girl…well, some certain parts of theirs wouldn't be meeting a happy ending. This caused quite a bit of the admirers to back off courting of flirting with the brunette immediately.

However, despite having fun getting rid of the admirers for good, Hotaru also had the joys of toying with a few. One in particular:

Hyuga Nastume.

Oh, Hotaru knew well that the fire wielding Alice teenager had a crush on Mikan, no matter how many times he denied it. She saw the looks he gave her, ones of jealous whenever she got too close to that Andou. Or how he smiled whenever he saw the brunette bouncing around the classroom chatting amongst their peers. Hotaru took full advantage of this crush. Like right what she was doing right now.

Yesterday the school had a day off, so Hotaru took Mikan to Central Town to do some shopping. Knowing full well that Mikan would never in a million years pass up the opportunity to go on a 'date' with her. Surprising isn't it? Hotaru actually offering to take and buy Mikan items and during their shopping trip, Hotaru bought her brunette best friend a t-shirt, dress, short and a mini skirt. The mini skirt confusing Mikan to no end, so she asked Hotaru why.

Hotaru just shrugged saying she thought it looked cute on her and if Mikan didn't want it, she wouldn't get it. A panicked Mikan immediately agreed to get the skirt, not wanting to turn down Hotaru's gift. 'Hook, line and sinker,' Hotaru thought smirking to herself as she remember about two weeks ago when Koko asked Natsume what he though of the young female in a mini skirt.

Hey, Hotaru liked to have her fun, too.

And oh boy, was she going to have her fun. Today Hotaru was going to put her plan into action, already having set up cameras placed in the surrounding area where some of her classmates

The said crimson-eyed teen was seated up against the tree with Luca next to him, bunny in hand. 'Perfect.' Hotaru was practically gleaming and radiating joy, which scared a few of the teens seated around.

Only one person should be worried, though. Poor Natsume, the guy had absolutely no idea what was going on today. After the shopping trip, Hotaru told Mikan a few of their classmates were going to meet up by the tree to relax and Hotaru suggested that Mikan should wear her skirt. Guess what? Her naïve brunette best friend had agreed.

"Hotaru-chan?" a quiet timid voice spoke up. Turning her attention to Iinchou, she gave a soft hum in response.

"Well, not to be rude or anything, but you seem to be in a really good mood today. Anything particular good happened lately or is going to?" The class president adjusted his glasses nervously. He was hoping the question didn't offend or anger the genius girl.

"Not really." She shrugged, a complete and utter lie. They'll find out soon enough. "I guess it's just one of those days I guess." Iinchou nodded, not further questioning.

"Hotaru! Iinchou!"

Speak of the devil. Hotaru smirked. Turning around Hotaru saw Mikan walking towards them and waving at them, smiling brightly. So that's why the girl had walked.


Iinchou's mouth dropped towards the ground and then proceeded to faint. (Poor guy).


Koko remained with his usual poker face, already knowing of the plan from reading Hotaru's mind.


"CUTE!" both Anna and Nonoko squealed.


Chocking noises. Luca.


The sound of a manga being dropped and…was that a cough or a strained choke?

Mikan stopped a foot away from her child-hood friend. She was dressed up in a plain pink t-shirt, white tennis, and the white leather skirt Hotaru had bought for her the day before. With her usual hair-do of being down. Tilting her head to the side with a face full of confusion and worry, the young teenage girl asked, "Luca-pyon, Natsume? Are you two okay?"

No replies, but chocking and/or strained coughs. Her attentions were diverted to her class president who was currently on the ground. "Iinchou?" Yet again, Mikan received no reply. Opening her mouth to ask the others only to be abruptly cut off.

"Mikan-chan!" Anna giggled. "You look cute today!"

Nonoko nodded in agreement. "When did you get it?"

"Huh? Oh, the skirt?" Mikan spun a bit, smiling proudly to herself. "Hotaru bought it for me when we went shopping yesterday." She gushed, not quite getting over the fact that her best friend bought it for her. Hotaru hid a small smile.

The name of the person who bought it for the gushing girl caught the two girls off guard. Hotaru had bought Mikan the skirt? "Hotaru?" Anna repeated, still confused. "Er, that's really nice of you, Hotaru-chan!" Well, if Mikan were happy about it, they wouldn't question it further.

"I was more than happy to buy it for Mikan." Hotaru said, eyeing the still gushing girl, and then moved her eyes towards her target. "I was wondering what everyone else thought of Mikan? It fits her quite nicely, agreed?" She hummed, waiting for the comments.


"She looks-" A glare was sent towards Koko, just daring him to finish that statement. Koko, of course, ignored the warning. "She looks hot!"


Koko was out cold on the ground next to Iinchou, next to a Sumire who lowered her arm with a sniff. Not bothering to comment on the brunette's attire. Thinking to it was like the whole maze thing again.

Finally, it landed on the last two remaining in the group. One very brightly blushing Luca and Natsume.

"Uh…" Luca was lost for words, not wanting to say something bad or not say something and offend Mikan. "Well….Sa-Mikan, you look….er...nice?" Sheepishly grinning.

'Why not hit two birds with one stone?' Hotaru thought to herself.

"Are you sure she just looks 'nice'? Hotaru inquired, flicking off a non-existent speck of dust off her shorts, already knowing the look on Luca's face. She decided to look up at him anyway. "Well?" Raising an eyebrow.

Luca's poor bunny, the blonde didn't know he was basically death gripping the bunny. He should of known the ice queen would put him on the spot. He took a deep breath; well better not keep them waiting.

"You look…c-cute, Mikan." Finally releasing Usagi's death grip, the bunny made it's way over to Hotaru, away from Luca and his death grip

The brunette beamed at Luca. "Thank you, Luca-pyon!"

Luca gave a nervous laugh. Then froze and turning his head towards his best friend. So far Natsume had yet to comment on Mikan's…interesting choice of wardrobe for the day.

"Natsume?" Mikan stepped closer to fire Alice teen. "Are…are you okay?"

Natsume gave a shuddery breath; he looked up and immediately regretted it. There she was, Mikan clad in a freaking leather mini-skirt! Did somebody just love to torture him? Oh wait, that somebody was Hotaru, who was smirking knowingly at him. Damn genius psychotic girl.

'Oh hell no' Natsume immediately clamped a hand over his nose. Did it have to happen now? "Natsume?" Mikan asked, in concern. Did something happen to his nose? Was he getting sick? Mikan just wished the guy would answer, so that maybe they could help.

While everybody was worrying about Natsume, Hotaru was practically having a little party in her own little world. Oh yes, she truly loved to torment the guy, one of her most beloved past times.

Putting on a mask of fake concern Hotaru gave a sly glance over to the mind reader, who recovered just a few minutes ago. Koko knew what to do.

"Say, Natsume?"

Luca mentally groaned, not this again. Was Koko seriously going to ask Natsume that now? Seems like Natsume couldn't catch a break today, or any day for that matter.

"Say, Natsume? Now that Mikan is actually wearing a mini skirt. What do you think of her?"

Everyone silently glanced at the usually cold boy, slightly curious as to what he though.

Still holding his hand to his nose, Natsume stood up and wiped his nose on his sleeve. Giving a grunt of disapproval when he saw his sleeve. Oh well. Mikan was still confused and worried. "Natsume?" Mikan asked.

Smirking, much to Hotaru's dismay, Natsume stepped forward and leaned towards Mikan's ear. Giving a gentle blow of ear air to it, causing the girl to shiver, Natsume murmured in her ear, which kind of sounded off, being as he was still covering his nose.

"Looking good pretty good, polka-dots, but I would preferred if you didn't wear it out in public." Pulling back, he gave her outfit a quick size up and began walking off, but not before giving her butt a swat.

Mikan's face burned brightly from embarrassment and anger. "NA-STU-ME! You pervert!" She yelled after him. "Get your butt back here! Your face has a meeting with my foot!" Oh, he had done it now, she could accept his comments, but she would not accept him swatting her butt. About to go after him for the action, she was held back by Luca.

"Sakura!" Luca pulled her back, being careful not to touch below or above the waist. "Just let him go."

Mikan complied with her friend's request and took a few deep breaths. Still a bit angry with Natsume for swatting her butt, she turned around when she heard her friends give small laughter and snorts. Looks like they got their answer.

"Man, you think Natsume has changed one second." Mikan pouted. "Then the second you turn around he swats your butt. Damn pervert." Murmuring the last part to her self and turning around towards Hotaru.


"Yes, Mikan?" Luca and everyone else looked towards Hotaru's way as well and then sweat dropped.

"How come you are smiling? Did you record something funny on your camera?"

Hotaru gave a very un-Hotaru-ish grin. "Yes, Mikan. I think I've caught the blackmail of the century." She answered, reviewing the content on the camera. Blackmail first, then she will take revenge for his reactions on Mikan.

Her friends, excluding Mikan, all shivered. Seeing Hotaru grinning like that was scary.

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