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"We were meant to be..."

"Meant... to... be..."

Mark watched as Lexie's eyelids slowly drooped, her eyes fixed in a constant stare; her face suddenly not moving as if they were both frozen in that moment.

For a split second he thought that this was what he had been waiting for, the moment they both would realise they were made for each other, that Lexie and him would live the life they both wanted. Marriage. Kids. A family together. A moment so beautiful that time would literally stop.

He blinked and looked at the poor, suffering girl he truly loved, and realised she was gone.


No response.

"Lexie! Wake up!"

She was looking straight at him, but she wasn't moving. Wasn't breathing.

"Alexandra Caroline Grey! You can't do this. No! Not now!"

His breathing increased rapidly and he struggled to his feet, looking around. It took a minute but the adrenaline was finally kicking in, he couldn't give up. Not now.


It was quite rude, given the situation but he didn't care. He could apologise later.

"Mark? What's going on?" Meredith answered.

"Help me lift this off her"

"The chances of..." Cristina whispered


They both knew there was a close to nothing chance this would help her, it could even make it worse; but they wouldn't just ignore him. Meredith wanted to do everything for her sister, she wasn't even aware the situation was that serious, and Cristina knew it was bad, but didn't think she had the strength. With this motivation from Mark they all came together with the same goal. Save her.

They all lifted the heavy metal slightly off her, but it's wasn't good enough.

Mark then crawled under the plane next to his beloved, he couldn't look at her. Not yet. But he lay on his back and pressed his feet up against the metal.

"LIFT!" he screamed, while he kicked as hard as he could. The pain was unbearable, but he didn't care. He knew it would be so worth it.

The metal moved and rolled over, showing the whole of Lexie's body. Pale and motionless. There was blood around her, not as much as they expected; so that seemed a good sign.

Meredith and Cristina gasped at the sight, but knew exactly what to do. They grabbed the clothes they had previously collected and wrapped them tightly around Lexie's pelvis area, the area which she seemed to be bleeding from. Her legs were stuck out in weird angles, they both thought they would be extremely hard to save but they would rather her be alive and not have perfectly working legs, than to not be alive at all. They collected wood and taped her legs straight, meanwhile Mark was trying his very best to resussitate her. They knew getting her to breathe again would be the first step in a very long journey, they understood there were more serious injuries but it didn't matter. They could save her.

"Breathe, just breathe" he whispered.

Minutes past, but no one showed intention of giving up. Meredith knew aswell as anyone that resussitation won't happen straight away, Bailey had reminded her many times of when Meredith had drowned and she spent well over an hour with her, attempting to start her heart again.

More minutes past and Cristina was about to take over CPR when Lexie made a weak sound.

"Lexie? Can you hear us?"

"I... Just... Died?" she choked

Her face slowly, but noticeably started to regain colour and everyone sighed a sigh of relief. It was a long shot, but it payed off.

"Yeah, yeah you did. But you have to promise not to again? Okay?" Mark's voice was wavering, he was choking back tears.

"Okay..." Little Grey answered, "Can you sit with me?"

"Of course, I'm not going to leave. Not now, not ever. I swear".

He lay down on the ground next to her, able to gently hug her. He wiped her tears and then wiped his own. He couldn't believe it, he was so happy he felt his chest ache and he just lay back and enjoy the moment.