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Lexie's eyes opened slowly. To begin with everything was blurry, and was confused and scared.

After blinking for a while she realised she was in Seattle Grace's ICU. Shuffling about a bit, she was checking how she was.

She noticed the 7 inch incision on her stomach, metal plates in her hips and one arm, which she tried her hardest not to move and both her legs strapped. Ouch – she thought.

She turned to look at the bed next to her, she opened her mouth to shout "Mark!" before realising Julia was in the chair next to his bed.

"Oh no" she thought. What if he lied? What if he doesn't want me, what if he really wanted her. She knew one way the nurses would have to force her to leave the room, she threw her good arm up behind her and-

"Don't you dare!" a voice spoke from outside the room.

Lexie immediately turned and put her arm down. She then sighed of relief.

"Owen, I'm sorry I just.. ." she whispered and nodded to Julia.

He looked towards Julia who hadn't spotted him, or Lexie's consciousness.

"Sorry, Julia. We need you to step outside for a while, why not get some lunch or something? I'll be here the whole time." Owen spoke up.

"Erm, yeah Dr. Hunt may I ask you something? I know it's not my business-"

He nodded.

"But why are Mark and Dr. Grey in the same room? I mean, we don't usually... Unless..."

"Oh, I erm, we just wanted all out doctors in the same area, there wasn't much room in the ICU when they came in, and found it easier for us." He didn't want to tell her what everyone already knew.

"Oh... Okay, I'll leave now."

"Thank you" he smiled.

She left the room for a few seconds until Lexie burst out, "Urgh, but thank you so much" she looked towards an unconscious Mark.

" He's fine, just hasn't been awake while she's been here".

"Oh.." Lexie finally breathed, "I just... the woods..."

"We know, it's okay" Owen tried to calm her down, but knew he couldn't possible understand what they went through.

"It was... So hard..." Lexie started to become breathless.

Owen grabbed an oxygen mask from behind her and kept telling her to calm down, hoping she wouldn't code.

"Lex, what's wrong?" Mark had woken up.

Lexie waved her hand slowly and pulled the mask off, "I'm fine, I just- it's nice to see you" she smiled.

"You too" Mark reached out his hand as Owen got up to leave and Julia walked back into the room.

"Mark! You're awake, I just- it's so nice to see you!" Julia literally leapt towards him before Mark held his hand up, signalling her to stop.

"Julia, I'm sorry but I'm in love with Lexie, out there in the woods, I just realised how much I need her, I can't do this"

She stopped, tears in her eyes and walked back towards to door, before turning round, looking at Lexie then nodding towards Mark.

"Goodbye" he spoke and she walked out.

There was a few moments of silence before Lexie started tearing up, "I love you, I love you, I love you Mark!" she choked and grabbed his hand.

"I'm so sorry it took me this to realise but I've wanted to do this for ever, I love you too Lex".