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Buffy felt the darkness enveloping her and shook her head, trying to clear the cobwebs. She felt consciousness snap back, complete with the sound of crackling gunfire. Jumping up, Buffy quickly took her surroundings in. "Ok. So much for the bait tactic." She muttered to herself, ducking under a stunner blast. "Captain! Fall back to the doors, I'll handle these two." She said.

The marine nodded, signaling his men to begin their retreat. He had seen Buffy in her sparring exercises with both Major Sheppard and Teyla…and nearly everyone had heard of her exploits on the planet where she pulled the Asgard Tyr from.

Buffy turned and saw the two remaining Wraith step into the narrow hallway. "No matter where you go, there are always dumb minions." She muttered before jumping into action. Both of the Wraith raised their stunners to target the small blonde now charging them, but it was a futile effort.

Buffy dropped low and swept her leg out, catching the first Wraith and causing him to fall backwards into his partner. Slipping the small sword she had strapped to her back, Buffy pulled it back and brought the blade level with her eye, staring at the scrambling minions over the edge of her blade. "Let's see what you've got." She said.


Dr. Weir watched the screen and tried to make sense of the readings. She could understand some things, of course, but at the rapid pace everything was going, she felt it better to just leave the relay of information to the ones who could actually understand everything going on. So she sat and stared, monitoring comm traffic and helping where she could…basically she was sitting back and letting the experts do their jobs.

"Incoming wormhole!" Dr. Weir spun and looked at the gate and then at the tech.

"Shield in place." Weir said quickly.

"Receiving IDC." The tech said after the wormhole engaged. "It's SG-1!"

Dr. Weir couldn't help but let a large smile spread across her face. "Lower the shield." She said.

The shield over the gate winked out and three figures stepped through, moving away from the gate. Several people followed them through carrying crates.

"Dr. Weir. We have something for you." Dr. Jackson said, looking at Colonel Carter.

"Don't ask how we got it." The Colonel said, grinning as she pulled her backpack off.

Dr. Weir and Dr. McKay both hurried down to the Gateroom.

"Major Carter, what a pleasant surprise." McKay began.

"Later Rodney." Weir said, cutting him off.

Dr. Jackson tried covering his laugh.

"So, what brings you to Pegasus?" Dr. Weir asked.

"More importantly, how did you get to Pegasus?" McKay asked.

Carter grinned. She opened her backpack and pulled out a familiar glowing object.

"A ZedPM!" McKay rushed forward and grabbed the power device. "Where…how…what…" he began sputtering.

Dr. Weir cut him off. "Go! Weapons and shields!" she said, pushing McKay as he marveled at the device.

Dr. McKay hurried away, still studying the device.

"So…catch you at a bad time?" Dr. Jackson asked.


Major Sheppard fired another volley, watching as four drones sped from the ship and impacting four Wraith Darts. He also saw two missile streaking by, hitting another Dart.

"Good shot, pilot." Sheppard said over the comm. His was the first wave to make it back to Atlantis, and while he was grateful for the help, they were still outnumbered about sixty to one. He didn't like the odds. He was about to order another pass when his alarms went off. Checking the screen, he smiled. "All groups, this is Sheppard." He said. "All F-302 interceptors, stay with your Atlantis head and lets make another pass at Atlantis, really cut loose." He smiled. "And don't worry about collateral damage. I doubt we'd even dent it." He grinned. His reading indicated the city's shield was powered up to full capacity and the automated defenses were making quick work of the few Darts still in the dome.


Colonel Harriman felt the ship rock under the assault of the weapons of the Wraith battle cruiser and looked at his conn officer. "Report!" he said.

"Shields holding at seventy percent." The officer said. "Returning fire!"

Weapons blazed from the fore of the ship, Asgard pulse cannons firing at the battle cruiser. The cruisers shields failed in seconds and the ship exploded.

"Target destroyed." The officer said.

"Good work, head towards the Hive ship." Harriman said.

The Persephone turned and made it's way towards the massive hive ship when an explosion sent shockwaves from the middle Hive Ship. A hologram of the Asgard Commander shimmered onto the bridge. "The Hive ship has been destroyed. I am moving to assist the Zhuan Xu." He said before fading out.

Colonel Harriman looked at the conn officer.

"The Zhuan Xuis fighting two cruisers as well as the hive…" the officer paused. "Make that one cruiser and the hive ship." He said.

Harriman nodded. "Stay on course." He said. "Full power to fore shields and prepare weapons." He said.

The Persephone moved on towards the Hive ship, shuddering under the weapons fire raining down on the shields. The ship didn't waver and opened up it's own volley.

Buffy ducked under the swing of one of the faceless Wraith and sprang back up, landing a vicious uppercut, snapping the Wraiths neck and sending him sprawling across the floor. She wiped her mouth, wincing at the touch. She had finished two guards when four more came around the corner. She ran to the door and sealed it, stopping the Captain from coming back in the room.

Turning back to unseal the door, she gasped as a hand grabbed her around the neck from behind, lifting her from the floor.

"Who are you, that you are so able to defeat our warriors?" the Wraith holding her hissed into her ear.

Buffy, dangling a few inches off of the floor, wrinkled her nose. The stench of his breath was nauseating. Reaching up, she grabbed a finger holding her and jerked, smiling inwardly as she heard bone snapping.

The Wraith cried out, dropping her. Clutching it's hand, it glared daggers at the blonde. "You are strong. Stronger then the others." He said, narrowing his gaze. "I wonder how you will taste." It said, slamming it's palm on her chest and anchoring it's feeding claws into her skin.

Buffy cried out, the pain of inch long claws burrowing into her was never pleasant. Then she grinned. "Hands off, mister grabby." She growled, kicking the Wraith away from her. Buffy balled her fists, cracking the knuckles and settled into a combat stance. "I'm not that kind of girl." She said.

The Wraith looked at her and for the first time felt fear. "What are you?!" it snarled, standing and rushing forward raining blow after bow, each one blocked as it moved faster and faster.

Buffy blocked each blow, moving to match the creatures speed. She grabbed one of its fists and threw it to the side, kicking it around so it faced away from her. Grabbing the sides of the Wraiths head, Buffy paused. "I'm the Slayer." She said.

The Wraith's eyes went wide. "Imposs…" it sputtered as Buffy snapped its neck, dropping its limp body to the floor.

Jogging to the door, Buffy keyed the panel and the door slid open. She stopped suddenly, jerking back as six P-90 machine guns snapped up all aiming at her. "Just me." She said, holding her hands up.

Captain Adrian Conner sighed and lowered his weapon, signaling the others to follow suit. "Dr. Summers." He said, looking over her shoulder. He grinned. "Didn't save us any?" he asked.

Buffy shrugged. "Sorry." She said. "But I'm sure there are more we can hunt." She said.

The Captain looked at the man behind him, the one who held the hand unit. The soldier nodded.

Buffy smiled. "See." She said. "Let's go." She said.

Colonel Harriman watched as the Hive ship he was fighting exploded, taking a cruiser with it. He looked at his conn officer and nodded.

"Shields are down to eight percent, sir." The conn officer said. "Weapons are all offline, we're working on that now."

"And the ship?" Harriman asked.

"Deck breaches on decks nine, ten and eleven and on decks fifteen through twenty-one." The officer replied.

"Let's work on getting weapons and shields in better shape." Harriman said. "This is Colonel Harriman calling Colonel Hai. Do you read me?" he asked, talking into the communications board. Static came back. "I repeat, this is Colonel Harriman of the Persephone, calling Colonel Hai. Do you copy?"

The line was dead for a few more seconds when the static broke. "This is Lieutenant Has. Can you read, Persephone?"

"This is Colonel Harriman, Lieutenant. What's your status?"" the Colonel asked.

"Shields are gone, weapons are only functional about half of the time, sir." The Lieutenant said. "Sir, please advise."

Harriman was about to send a reply when a bright flash brought his attention to the front viewscreen. The last Wraith hive ship exploded in a brilliant flash of weapons fire. Harriman looked at his conn officer. "That from us?" he asked.

The officer shook her head. "No sir."

"The Zhuan Xu?" Harriman asked.

Again, the conn officer shook her head. "No sir, and not the Asgard either." She said, cutting off his train of thought. "Our sensors are reporting that the weapons fire came from the planet, Atlantis specifically, sir."

Harriman smiled warmly. "Way to go, Sam." He said. Pressing the communications button on the board, he spoke into the board. "Atlantis, this is Colonel Harriman of the Earth ship Persephone, do you read?" he asked.

The radio crackled to life. "This is Dr. Elisabeth Weir, thank you for your assistance." She said over the radio. "How are things up there?"

Colonel Harriman looked at his conn officer and then sighed. "Well, the Wraith are gone, but we aren't doing to well. The Zhuan Xu has no shields and sporadic weapons, and the Persephonehas only eight percent shields. Our weapons are still left offline and as for the Asgard…" he trailed off.

"My ship is damaged, but still well within battle conditions." The Asgard broke into the communications line.

Dr. Weir came back on. "Tyr?!" she said, surprised. "Is that you?"

"Indeed it is, Dr. Weir." The Asgard replied. "Are you well?"

"We're fine now, Tyr. Thanks to you guys." Dr. Weir said.

Harriman broke back into the conversation. "Well, the thing is, we didn't exactly come with all the backup we need. We came straight from the Asgard home world. Permission for the Persephone and the Zhuan Xu to land and begin repairs?"

"Permission granted. Atlantis out." Dr. Weir said, smiling. Turning back to the people in the control room she sighed. "So." She said. "Where did you guys find a working ZPM?" she asked.

Colonel Carter looked at Daniel and smiled. "That's a long story." She said.

"One I'd very much like to hear." Dr. Weir said. "Come on, let's see how the security teams are doing."


Buffy ducked under another Wraith stunner blast and brought her fist up, connecting with the drone soldier in front of her. Grabbing its head as it stumbled back, she wrenched it to the side, breaking its neck. Looking around, she saw her team putting the last Wraith lieutenant down. Walking over to Lieutenant Jacobs, she took the hand unit. "Looks like that's all in this section." She said.

Captain Conner nodded. "Good thing. With the amount of ammo we have to pump into one of these things we're almost out." He said, taking stock. He had a full load for his 9mm but the ammo for his P90 was down to one spare clip and eight in the one he had in.

Buffy smiled. "Good thing the fight is over." Buffy said, holding up the hand held. "We're supposed to report back to the Gateroom."

Captain Conner nodded and looked around at his team. "Alright. Let's move out!" he called, turning to Buffy as they walked. "So, what are you a doctor of, anyway?" he asked.

Buffy just shrugged. "Cultural Anthropology and Ancient History." She said. "And I can speak five languages." She said.

Captain Conner nodded. "I'm gonna have to rethink having a big brain on my excursion team." He said, looking back over his shoulder at the Wraith patrol they had taken down. He and his four Marines had taken down the lieutenant and two drones, while Buffy had taken out three drones by herself. "Especially if they can all fight like you can." He said.

Buffy smiled. "Most can't, but having more than a military presence could come in handy on any team." She said. "Force doesn't solve everything." She said.


Colonel Carter looked over the reports from the Persephone and the Zhuan Xu and nodded her approval. The Persephone was ready to go and the Zhuan Xuwas slated to be finished in two days. Tyr said he would handle the repairs on his ship himself. Checking her watch, she gathered a stack of folders and headed for the briefing.

It had been a week since their arrival and everyone had agreed to put off an in depth briefing and general information swap until repairs to the ships and city as well as tending to the wounded was done. Carter was nearly ecstatic about the news she had.

Walking through the doors of the conference room, she looked at the gathered group. Daniel and Teal'c were present, as well as Dr. Weir, Dr. McKay, Major…no Colonel Sheppard, Teyla, Dr. Summers and Tyr. She set the folders down and turned on the LCD screens behind her. They displayed a ZPM as well as the technical readouts that came with the very sophisticated power device.

"Thank you all for coming as well as for your hospitality while we are here." Carter started, addressing the group from Atlantis.

"It's been our pleasure, Colonel." Dr. Weir said.

"As you all know, the distance between Earth and Atlantis spans nearly two galaxies, making travel between them impossible without a either a space craft with an intergalactic hyperdrive or a Stargate powered by a ZPM." Carter began. "Well, back on Earth, SG-1 found one that still held nearly a full charge." She said.

Dr. McKay raised his hand to interrupt. "But if you found one on Earth, how did you manage to gate to Atlantis and give it to us?" he asked.

Carter smiled. "While the plans for the Zero-point module are no doubt in the database contained here on Atlantis, at the current level of human technological development it would take nearly one hundred years to construct one." She said. "However, as we all know the database on Atlantis is not the only one there is." She said.

"The Ancient repositories found in the Milky Way galaxy." Buffy said. "They are supposed to be complete as well."

"Right." Carter nodded.

"I still don't understand." McKay shook his head. "I know we haven't spent the last one hundred years building one."

"No we haven't." Carter said, barely containing her excitement. "However, I said at the current level of human technological development." She said.

Everyone in the room pondered the last statement before comprehension set in and they all turned to Tyr. Carter grinned.

"The Asgard are the ones responsible for removing the data from General O'Neill's last two encounters with the Ancient Repository devices left in our galaxy. And as a result, they have two complete sets." Carter explained. "And they are much more technologically advanced."

"Are you saying that you can build ZPM's?" McKay asked Tyr.

"We can." Tyr replied. "While the construction process consumes not only time but resources, the eradication of the Replicator threat has left the Asgard deeply indebted to Earth."

"How time consuming is it?" Dr. Weir asked. "Because I know that the city has a power grid that can take up to three ZPM's to completely operate the city." She said. "While we do not have the manpower to staff it I am hoping that someday we might."

Tyr nodded. "It takes on year to manufacture one ZPM." He said. "We have had the database for seven years."

"So you have seven ZPM's?" McKay asked excitedly.

"We do not." Tyr said.

"But you just said.." McKay began.

"He just said they've had the database for seven years. They've been kinda busy with the Replicators, remember?" Buffy cut in.

"Right." McKay muttered. "Sorry."

"There are four modules." Carter said. "Two are on Earth. One is at the SGC. It powers the base completely independent of the Colorado Springs power grid. All power in the base is completely self-contained." She said.

Dr. Weir nodded. "I bet the bureaucrats love that." She said. "When I was going over the annual budget I noticed that the power use of the SGC alone was a seven digit number."

"They do, believe me." Carter said. "The second module is at the Antarctica base to power the Ancient weapon there in case the Goa'uld decide to try another attack on Earth."

"What about the other two?" Buffy asked.

"Well, the one we brought was the one found on Earth so that isn't one of the manufactured ones." Carter said. "We are installing the third on the Russian manned ship Anastasia. The Chinese have raised a lot of protest, but since the UN Security Council voted four to one on the issue, it was decided to go ahead."

"I thought any member of the Security Council had a veto power?" Buffy asked.

"They do, however the Chinese ambassador realized that the only reason the Anastasia was getting the ZPM was because its power systems were not installed yet and that as soon as we get more, the other vessels will get ZPMs as well." Carter shrugged. "We made the concession that the Zhuan Xuwould get the next module."

"I thought there were two module left? Why can't you put the forth into the Zhuan Xu?" Dr. Weir asked.

"The forth is in the new Asgard battle cruiser BuffySummers." Tyr answered.

Buffy whipped her head around and stared at Tyr. "You named a ship after me?!" she asked, stunned.

"We did." Tyr replied. "It is the most advanced warship ever created by the Asgard and it is also the deadliest. The shield strength is almost double that of the DanielJackson-class and it has significantly more powerful weapons systems."

Buffy was still staring at Tyr. "You named a ship after me?" she asked again.

Tyr only looked at the blond and nodded.

"Why?" Buffy asked.

"You did rescue me from certain destruction, and then from the Wraith inhabited planet at great peril to yourself." Tyr answered. "The information I was working on was vital to not only Asgard weapons and shield technology, but I was also working on the Asgard genetic deficiencies with the Ancients before the outbreak of the Wraith war."

"Has the research helped?" McKay asked.

"Indeed it has. Heimdall says that the research provided by the Ancients has advanced his research by almost a century. Now, the Asgard have even greater hope of breaking the cycle we are in." Tyr answered.

Buffy smiled and nodded. "Then I'm glad I could help." She said.

"So, what we're saying now is that Earth and Atlantis can connect by both Stargate and ship?" Colonel Sheppard asked.

"Essentially, yes." Carter started. She was interrupted by alarms going off.

Dr. Weir tapped the communications panel on the table. "This is Dr. Weir, what's going on?" she asked.

"Deep space sensors show Wraith hive ships heading for Atlantis." A voice said over the channel.

"How many?" Dr. Weir asked.

"Five." Came the reply.

Dr. Weir looked up at Carter.

"The Persephone is ready to go, but the Zhuan Xuis still two days from being done." Carter said.

"What about the…" Dr. Weir looked at Buffy and grinned. "What about the BuffySummers?" she asked.

Tyr vanished in a flash of light that everyone recognized as the Asgard beaming technology.

"I guess that means it's ready?" Dr. Weir asked. "This is Dr. Weir. Prepare to launch the Persephoneand prepare the city defenses." She said.

"Yes ma'am." The reply chipped in.

"Can't we all just get along?" Buffy grumbled, standing up as the meeting broke up. She wanted to go to the command deck and see what was going on, but the defense of the city just wasn't her area of expertise. If they wanted her to patrol a section looking for Wraith, she would, but right now she had to meet Dawn. The teen was excited about something she read this morning and Buffy had told her she would see her about it at the end of the meeting. Whatever it was, she hoped it would help.