Hello dear readers to my newest story. This is the first time I've ever written something close to canon, and my first time with any of the Avengers. This first chapter is a diary/journal entry, but the rest of the story won't be like this. I'm really just using this to establish the AU for the Maximum Ride half of the story. I hope you like this!


Dear diary,

I had the dream again. I bet if Angel was still alive, her powers would probably have advanced enough to place a block on my dreams. But she's not alive. My therapist said it might be a good idea to write down my story. I doubt it would help me, but what do I have to lose?

Everything really changed in Germany, eight years ago. I was leader of the flock, and apparently destined to save the world. I had just defeated the apparently perfect mutant know as Omega. It had just really become a full-fledged battle, when the new creation came out. Apparently, Itex had a back-up plan if all went to hell. Which it did. This backup plan just started taking out people left and right. No, I don't know what it was so don't ask me.

As soon as the new creation started killing, Angel told me to get the hell out of there. Fang all but tossed me in the air and pointed me towards a small opening in the fence. I flew and never looked back, which is my greatest regret. I went back a week later and the place looked like a bomb went off. There was no bodies left. The only thing I found was a single black feather. I took it and escaped.

I never stayed in one place to long after that. One of the first places I went was the cave with the eagles. It was one of the few places that Itex never found. Or at least confronted us at. I think after that was New York, then with a small tribe in Africa, then a small town in South Dakota. It was in South Dakota when I first met with SHIELD.

I had bumped into a girl on the street and tried to steal her wallet, but she tried to steal mine at the same time. She later confronted me and we found each other as mutants. Her name was Laura and was on the run from two groups- one called HYDRA and the other called SHIELD. We exchanged stories and decided to travel together. But before we could get going to japan-our next spot- SHIELD swooped in. They knew Laura-who they called X23-was alive and on the run, but they didn't really know who I was except for the director.

Their director was a man called Nick Fury, and he offered me a job and protection. I denied the job, but I told him that if the world ever needed saving to call me up. I then got the hell out of there, and headed to California. I never saw Laura again.

When I hit California, I decided to settle in a small rich person town outside Los Angeles. I then decided to take online classes in genetics. It seems like that was something I was good at, so I eventually hit up UCLA and got a degree in it.

While I was in college, I decided to live in a dorm. My roommate was a girl called Darcy Lewis. She was studying political science, but she later transferred to Culver University. Sometimes she'll email me about what she's up to, but it's been awhile.

All the while, I learned that I mutated over time. I gained better hearing, and learned that when my nails grew out long, they were as sharp as small talons. My healing came faster, and my top flying speed was faster. And my fighting hasn't gotten rusty. Ok maybe a little, but not running for your life does that to you.

And I just got word from SHEILD that they need me at a certain set of coordinates (like I'd actually tell you where) so I can help save the world. I'm going to head out as soon as I finish reading what I'm actually going to do. Who knows? Maybe it'll be fun. Haha ya right. I'm actually listening to them. There's definitely something wrong.


And there is my insanely short first chapter. I also want to know what you think the pairing should be. I kinda have one planned, but if there is overwhelming response for someone else then why not? All I will reveal is Max will definitely NOT go with Loki (even though I love him and his sexiness) because too much would have to change. So please review, if only to tell me to keep going.