Post-Credits Scene

"Sir, we've found Subject 413."

"Go. Inform the director immediately" A nameless grunt scurried off. "Where is it?"

"The subject has been taken into the custody of SHIELD. We suspect Fury shall attempt recruitment."

A sigh. "How many agents do we have currently infiltrated?"

"10 completely active. 3 are currently undergoing recruitment"

"Set 4 to finding out what SHEILD knows about the subject. We need that at top priority, and we need it killed at first strategic chance."

"Yes sir. Should we attempt to take it's life immediately, or wait first?"

"Wait. The Director knows the perfect moment to strike, and she shall notify us when once she's been informed. A source of ours will know the perfect time to strike."

The first chapter of the sequel, My Past Lies To Me, is now up! Go read it!