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Reno gently began to tug Rufus' boxers down, shifting to press his lips against the blond's neck. He let out a soft moan against the pale skin, nipping gently, as he ground his hips against Rufus' leg. Rufus leaned his head back, lifting his legs to kick his boxers off.

"Nnngh..." Rufus moaned low. "You need to take yours off too..."

"You wanna do the honors, babe...?" The redhead nipped his lover's neck once more.

Groaning, Rufus gave a small nod of his head. "You gotta...stop...with the neck..."

Reno purred against the blond's neck, licking a small area, "How come, yo..? I love how ye taste..."

"Can't...nnngh...concentrate..." He leaned his head back more, no longer caring if the redhead kept his clothes on or not.

The Turk nipped a bit harder at the President's neck. He groaned softly, "Ye feel good under my lips, babe... I love how yer skin tastes..."


"Yah... Ruf'," Reno drew back just a little, "I don' know how long I c'n wait, yo..."

Rufus looked up at him, his eyes half-lidded. "What do you want to do about that, then...?"

"Will ya take me...?" Reno moaned softly, quickly wiggling out of his boxers, tossing them to the floor.

Putting his hands on Reno's shoulders, Rufus rolled them so Reno was now laying on his back. "This okay...?" He looked down into the redhead's aquamarine eyes, the fingers on his left hand caressing the red mark below the Turk's eye.

Reno met Rufus' eyes and leaned into the touch on his cheek, "'s perfect..."

"You're perfect..." Rufus leaned down and kissed him softly, slipping his hand to rest beneath the back of Reno's head. The redhead let a soft moan escape into the kiss, his hands moving to trail down Rufus' sides. Rufus arched into Reno's touch, his lips parting open with a soft moan. The Turk groaned softly, his tongue slipping into Rufus' mouth, mapping out the warm cavern, tangling with the blond's own muscle. Rufus pushed his hips against Reno's, grinding against him slowly as they kissed.

The redhead broke off the kiss with a loud moan, his head leaning back as his hips bucked against his lover's. "Rufus..!"

"Ready...?" Rufus waited for him to give the okay, not wanting to hurt him.

"O- Oh, fuck yes!" Reno moaned, "Rufus, now..."

Lifting his hips back, Rufus gently pushed into Reno's tight crevice, moaning low as he slipped further inside the redhead's heat. The Turk let out a loud groan as his lover entered his body. He pushed his hips back, wanting to feel the blond move deeper inside him. Rufus pushed himself all the way into Reno's body, moaning low, unable to push himself further in. Pulling back gently, he rocked his hips forward, pushing himself back in more. Reno moaned loudly, leaning his head back as he felt pleasure shoot through his body.

"R-Reno..." Rufus groaned against his neck, pushing deeper inside of his body.

The Turk arched his back, hands moving to grip the blond's shoulders tightly, "Rufus... baby, fuck..." He pushed his hips back, wanting to feel more.

"I"m doing...that..." Thrusting harder into the redhead, Rufus moaned lower.

"So... good!" Reno wrapped his legs around his lover's waist. "H- Harder, Ruf'!"

Thrusting his hips harder, the blond began to pound into the redhead, setting a relentless pace. The Turk let out sharp moans, his head leaning back against the pillows on the bed. His nails dug into the pale flesh of Rufus' shoulders as he rocked his hips in time with the blond's movements. Tossing his head back, Rufus moaned loud as he felt Reno's nails, beginning to pound into him faster.

"Babe!" Reno cried out, quickly releasing the grip on one of Rufus' shoulders in order to reach between them and stroke himself. "Baby, I'm s- so close!"

Reaching between their bodies, Rufus grabbed a hold of Reno's cock and began to pump him fast, pushing deeper into his body. The Turk let out a cry of his lover's name as he came between them, his muscles clenching around the member inside him. Groaning low, the blond followed him over, pushing in as deep as he could go, his hand continuing to pump the redhead until he finished.

Reno moaned low, his eyes closing as he felt Rufus' release enter his body. "Fuck..."

"A-again...?" Rufus panted softly, resting against his shoulder. "Give me...a moment, yo."

Letting out a breathy chuckle, Reno slowly shook his head, his arms moving to wrap around his lover, "Didn' mean... that, babe..."

Rufus removed his hand from between their bodies, wiping it off on the side of the bed. He eased out of his lover's body, laying on his back as he panted softly. "I love...you..."

"I- I love you.. too.." Reno murmured, a soft smile curving his lips.

Closing his eyes, Rufus sighed softly. "Is it okay that I do? I still...I still feel bad about what just happened, but I know that you're the person I'm most comfortable with. Even if it was a mistake at first, what it's turned into? I wouldn't trade it at all..."

"Neither would I... I jes' hope tha' Thexi and Tseng... don't hate us ferever... y'know?"

The blond gave a small nod of his head. "I'm more concerned about what's going to happen when the three of us are back in the office together. Tseng threatened to quit, but I asked him to be reasonable." He rested his head against Reno's shoulder.

"He ain't quittin', though, right?" Reno kept his voice soft, his mind racing, "I don't know wha' to do about work.. Like.. is he gunna be different at work now? Or jes' like normal?"

Shrugging his shoulders, Rufus sighed softly. "I'm really not sure. But I don't want to test the waters tonight, as what's done is done. It's better to give him his space, and time to cool off, before someone does something that they will really regret later on."

The Turk gave a slight nod, "I agree, yo. I don't wanna have anythin' else happen..."

"It won't," Rufus looked up at him. "Nothing will change. I mean, well, that's not true." He let out another exasperated sigh. "Let's not think about this right now, okay? I'd rather just enjoy the rest of our weekend together." A small smile appeared on his face as he looked up into Reno's aquamarine eyes.

"Deal, baby." The redhead smiled softly.

Placing a gentle kiss on Reno's chest, Rufus hummed low. "You know...I have an idea..."

"Oh..? Do tell..."

A smirk appeared on the blond's face. "What about if I just show you, instead?" He moved from laying on Reno's chest, to lay on his back beside Reno. Grabbing the redhead's right arm, he pulled him across his body, making the Turk straddle his chest.

A blush crossed the redhead's cheeks and he looked down, meeting the blond's eyes, "Oh... I think I get it, yo..."

"Do you...?" Rufus's face still held a smirk, as he placed his hands on Reno's hips. He pulled the redhead closer to his face, his tongue sweeping across the head of the redhead's cock.

Letting a loud moan pass his lips, Reno pushed his hips forward a little, "Yeah... I do..."

"Fantastic..." Rufus' tongue dipped into the small slit, moaning low as he tasted the redhead's essence. He wrapped his lips around the head, and slowly sucked him further into his mouth, moaning softly.

"Fuck, baby..." The Turk leaned his head back, his hips moving forward, as he gripped the headboard of the bed. "Yer mouth is amazin'..."

Swallowing him down further, Rufus rubbed his tongue along the base of Reno's cock, groaning as he felt his hips move forward. Relaxing his throat, he took him all the way in, breathing deeply through his nose. Reno tightened his grip on the headboard and moaned low, his hips rocking slowly. Sucking on him with vigor, Rufus moved when Reno's hips moved, allowing the redhead to set and control the pace.

The Turk began to rock faster, looking down at his lover, moaning as he watched his cock disappear between those gorgeous plump lips. "You look so... fuckin' good, Ruf'..."

Rufus looked up at Reno, moaning low as he kept up his gentle suction, letting his tongue wrap around the redhead's cock when possible.

"Dear fuck..." The redhead pushed his hips forward, wanting that warmth around more of him. He groaned loudly, eyes closing in pleasure as Rufus' tongue danced around him. Swallowing him down further in his throat, Rufus began to suck faster, moaning low at the noises Reno was making. The redhead, rolled his hips, rocking them faster, his control slipping. "Gaiadamnit, Rufus..."

Squeezing Reno's hips, Rufus began to bob his head with each thrust of Reno's. On one particular thrust, it was just the right angle for Rufus to deepthroat him. As the top of his cock pushed against the back of his throat, Rufus moaned low, sucking with everything he had to keep the redhead in place.

Fisting the blond's hair tightly, Reno moaned loudly, letting himself release in his lover's mouth. "Rufus!" He swallowed audibly as he sucked down Reno's release, his hands gripping Reno's hips tightly. "Mm... Babe, you ain't... lettin' my hips go..." The Turk's hips shifted slightly, "Do ya wan' more..?"

Rufus released his hips, a pink blush beginning to form on his cheeks. He pulled his head back, letting the Turk's cock fall from his mouth with a 'pop', and began to lick him clean. "If you want me to do that some more, I don't think I'd object too much, Reno." His gazed up, a smirk on his lips.

The redhead gently cupped Rufus' cheek, his thumb running along the flushed skin. "Mn... yer good with yer mouth, babe... I dunno if I want you ta stop..."

"Am I...?" Rufus continued licking his member, pausing to lick the tip once more. "I could never gauge how I was doing with...well..." His voice trailed off.

Reno moaned low at the licks, his hand moving to run through the blond locks gently, "Shh, don' think 'bout him, baby... Think 'bout me, 'kay?" He smiled softly at his lover.

"Not a problem, Reno...You're the only one that occupies my mind." He licked the sides of his member more, teasing the redhead.

"Mmn... Good, yo..." He smirked down at the other man, soft moans slipping past his lips, "Yer gettin' me hard again, Ruf'..."

"Whoops..." Rufus lowered his head, his tongue pressing against Reno's drooping sac, moaning low at the salty sweetness he found there.

The Turk leaned his head back, his hand gripping the blond hair tighter. "F- Fuck, yo..."

"Maybe after this..." Placing his mouth back over the tip of his cock, Rufus swallowed Reno back into his mouth, moaning low. Closing his eyes, Rufus began to go to town.

Holding her sandals in her hand, Thexi looked at the Wutaiian. "Where, exactly, did you have in mind?" She tried to ignore the sounds she thought she heard coming down the hall from where hers and Reno's room was. Probably just imagining it.

Tseng held her free hand gently, "There's a rec area in the basement... Movies, games, that sort of thing. Does that sound alright?"

"It sounds amazing, Tseng." She switched back into Wutaiian, feeling more comfortable speaking the language with him. "Is there a bar down there too? Because I think I could use a good, stiff drink." She giggled softly.

He chuckled, "There is a bar there." He began speaking Wutaiian as well, happy to speak in his native tongue, "I could use a drink as well."

"How do we get to this magical rec room?"

"It's just down the stairs." He smiled softly, opening a door that revealed a stairwell leading down to the basement. He reached over and hit a switch on the wall, turning the lights in the stairwell on.

Thexi walked down the steps, and stayed at the bottom, waiting for Tseng. "Holy cow, Tseng. You weren't kidding when you said this was a recreation room."

Looking around the room, there was a fancy wet bar in the corner, pool table, a ping pong table, and a sectional sofa. In front of the sectional, there was a very large tv, with every imaginable game console, as well as a wall devoted to movies. She set her sandals down and wandered over to the bar, looking back at the Turk.

"What sort of drink do you want, love?"

Tseng walked over to the bar after her and smiled, "I'd love some bourbon if there's any back there."

"It looks like there are a couple of different kinds. Do you want regular, single barrel, aged? Geez, Rufus doesn't really play around with his liquor, does he?" Thexi asked, grabbing two tumbler glasses from the glassware shelf.

The Turk chuckled softly, "No, he doesn't. It doesn't matter what kind, Tenshi."

"Do you want it neat, or on the rocks?" She poured herself two shots of the single barrel, pleased with the aroma the most.

"On the rocks, please."

Looking around, Thexi saw a mini-fridge below the bar. Opening it up, she saw that there was a bucket of ice already there. Grabbing a couple of cubes, she placed them in his glass and poured the same liquor into his glass. She handed him the glass, raising her own up. "To healing?"

He gave a small nod, "To healing." He clicked his glass against hers and took a sip. She sipped her own glass and gave him a small smile.

"So, what did you want to do, Tseng?" She looked around the room. "We could play a game of pool? Or perhaps a game of ping pong?"

"We can do whatever you'd like, Tenshi." He responded, "We could watch a movie if you'd like. Or play a game. There's a lot to do here." He chuckled softly, smiling at her.

Smiling brightly, she walked out from behind the bar. "I like the idea of a movie." She took his hand and walked over to the sectional couch. "What sort of movie did you feel like watching? How about a silly one?" Sipping her bourbon, she sighed softly. "I don't really want to watch something that will make us sad."

Walking with her, he smiled, "We can watch a silly movie. I'm sure there are a lot of fun movies." He kissed her cheek gently, "Do you want to pick it?"

"Okay!" She walked over to the wall of movies and saw a comedy that she knew she enjoyed. Taking it off the shelf, she handed it to Tseng. "Is this okay?"

"Of course. Want me to set it up?"

Sitting down on the couch, Thexi nodded her head. "Yes, that would be wonderful. Even though I'm a nurse that works in the ER at times, my technology skills are pretty horrendous." She sipped her bourbon and set the glass on a coaster on the small coffee table.

He chuckled softly, picking up the DVD case and opening it, "Even though you work with all that high-tech machinery?" He turned the DVD player on and clicked the button to open it. Tseng set the disk on the tray and closed it, crouching down to program the television for the correct input channel.

"Hey, I never said that I was electronic smart. If it's a machine I need to use, I know how to work it. You'll be surprised that I don't have really any of this fancy stuff at my apartment back in Midgar." She picked up her glass and took another sip.

Tseng laughed softly, "Don't worry about it, Tenshi. At least you know how to work the hospital equipment, right?"

"This is very true." She patted the couch next to where she was. "Will you come sit with me?"

Making sure everything was set up correctly, Tseng took the remote and walked back to the couch, sitting down beside Thexi. He kissed her cheek, "How's this?"

She stretched her legs out on the couch, and rested her head against his upper thigh. "Much better now."

Reaching down to pet her hair gently, the Wutaiian smiled, "You're so cute, Thexi."

"Sshhhhhhh!" She giggled, pointing at the screen. "The movie is starting!"

He chuckled softly, lowering his voice to a whisper, "Sorry."

"Did you need anything more to drink, love?" She tilted her head back to look up at him.

He sipped his glass of bourbon and chuckled, "No, I've got a lot left. Do you?"

"No, I'm good," she turned her head back and watched the screen. "Just let me know if you'd like for me to move, okay?"

He ran his hand through her hair and chuckled again, "I won't be saying that."

"Oh, don't be so quick to say that," she half-giggled, half-moaned as she felt his hand on her scalp. "Mmm...that feels really nice, Tseng..."

Tseng smiled, petting her hair more, "I'm glad, Tenshi."

She moved her head up a little bit higher on his leg, giggling quietly at what was happening on the screen. "No one ever plays with my hair..."

The Turk Director ran his fingers through her hair more, "I will whenever you want, Thexi."

"Well, what if I'm at work? Hmmm? How's that going to work, then?" She turned over, her face now looking at Tseng's hip, as she made herself more comfortable on his leg.

Chuckling softly, Tseng shook his head, "I'm not sure."

"I guess we'll just have to play it by ear, hmm?" She nuzzled his leg, humming softly.

"Mn... I guess so..."

No longer paying any attention to the movie, Thexi began inching her face higher up the Wutaiian's leg. Once she was at her desired area, she turned her face and placed a soft kiss on his groin, the bourbon in her system allowing her to move a bit more freely than she normally would.

A low moan slipped through the Wutaiian's parted lips as he looked down at the nurse, "Tenshi... what are you doing..?"

"Nothing..." Thexi kept her lips against his clothed mound, nipping gently at the zipper.

"It.. It doesn't seem like.. nothing..." Tseng shifted his hips slightly, a blush crossing his cheeks.

Being agile, she placed her teeth on the zipper, pulling it down carefully. Once it went down as far as it could go, she planted her lips against the soft cloth of his boxer briefs, sucking gently on his hardness. The Turk let out a soft gasp, his hips shifting, pushing closer to Thexi's mouth. He closed his eyes, head leaning back, as he tried his hardest not to tug on her hair. Slipping off the couch, Thexi kneeled between his legs, keeping her mouth against him, suckling gently.

"Th- Thexi..?" He squeaked softly, lifting his head and looking down at her.

Reaching down into his boxer briefs, she exposed him to her. "Yes...?" She licked the tip gently, looking up at him as she did so.

A deep moan slipped out of Tseng's mouth, "F- Fuck..." He bit his bottom lip, unable to take his eyes off of her.

"May I pull your pants down further, Tseng...?" Thexi kissed the tip, before slipping her mouth down around him.

"Y- Yesss..." The Wutaiian moaned loud, his hips moving forward, trying to push himself deeper inside her mouth.

Keeping her lips wrapped around him, she pulled his pants down to be around his ankles. As she kept sucking gently, she reached underneath her skirt discreetly, pulling her panties off with one pull. Tseng groaned low, his fingers sliding through her soft hair as his hips pressed upward. He licked dry lips and sucked in a deep breath, fighting the urge to push her down further. He wanted desperately to feel that wet heat wrapped around more of his member. Swallowing him down as far as she could without gagging, she relaxed her throat and began to suck more.

"Th- Thexi!" Tseng let out a soft gasp, gripping a fistful of her hair as she swallowed him. His head dropped back against the back of the couch and his hips bucked upward. Moaning softly, she let her lips travel up and down his member, sucking all the while. His fist tightened, tugging gently on her hair,"O- Oh Gaia, Thexi!"

She lifted her head, as she raised her skirt up casually. Settling herself on his lap, straddling his legs, she rubbed herself against him. "Is this...okay...?" She leaned her head forward, raining soft kisses against his lower neck, as she moved up and down suggestively.

"Y- Yes!" He let his hand fall from her hair, moving both to grip her hips. He lifted his head just enough to press his lips to hers softly.

Pulling back from his kiss, she released a soft breath against his lips. "I was hoping you'd say that..." Lifting herself up carefully, she searched blindly for him, and then, when she found him, she lowered herself down on his cock, moaning softly. "Y-Yes..."

"Ooh.. Sweet Shiva..." Tseng held her hips tightly as he pushed his own up to get more of that heat around him.

Thexi rolled her hips, pushing him deeper into him. "That...good...huh...?" She wrapped her arms around his neck, keeping herself balanced as she kept a slow pace.

The Turk moaned deeply, "S- So good..." He bucked his hips up impatiently, a low groan leaving his throat.

"Would you...rather it be...fast, baby?" She moaned softly in his ear, rolling her hips still at a slow pace, slipping him further and further into her.

"F- Fast... yes!" Tseng felt a shudder run through his body as her warm breath caressed his ear when she spoke. His grip on her hips tightened and he pushed her hips down a little, "Pl- Please, Tenshi..."

Keeping her arms tightly around his neck, she began to rock her hips a little faster, moaning as she found a particular rhythm, in which her body rubbed against his the right way, sending waves of pleasure through her body. "Aaah..." She moaned into his ear, picking up the pace, as she started to bounce up and down on his cock.

The Wutaiian moaned loudly, his hips moving with Thexi's as she rocked her body on his lap. He watched her, entranced by her movements and noises. Moving her hips faster, she began to moan licentiously, tossing her head back as she felt herself approaching her climax. Tseng bucked his hips harder, pushing himself as deep as he could go within his lover. He wanted her to feel every inch of him as he drew her over the edge.

"Tseng!" She cried out his name as her body shook hard from her climax, continuing to bounce herself up and down on his lap, riding out the crests of her orgasm.

"Shiva! The- Thexi!" The Turk moaned loudly, hips pushing up, hands pulling her hips down, as he released deep inside her.

Relaxing her grip on his neck, she panted softly as she nuzzled the side of his neck. "Just...what I ….needed..."

Tseng let go of her hips in order to wrap his arms around her waist. He leaned his head to rest against hers as he panted a little, "I- I love you... Thexi..."

"And I...you..." She lifted her head and kissed him softly.

He kissed her back lovingly, holding her body close to his. Once he pulled back, he smiled softly at her, "I'm.. I'm glad..."

"I hope I wasn't...too forward...?" Thexi smiled softly. "After...after we were on the beach, I was still a bit riled up..and just couldn't help myself..."

"I don't mind.. at all, Tenshi... I loved it... how forward you were..." He blushed faintly.

Lifting herself up, she quickly grabbed her panties, slipping them back on before any mess could be made. "Really?" She sat down next to him, smiling. "Well, I guess I'll have to keep you on your toes, hmm?"

"Really." He smiled, leaning over slightly, kissing her cheek. He chuckled softly, "I'd like that..."

She giggled softly. "I suppose I can do that, for you." Her tummy rumbled quietly, causing her to blush. "Sorry..."

Tseng chuckled, "Do you want me to get something for you to eat, Tenshi..?"

"No, but I can go get us something, if you want? We never ate, because of what happened..." She sighed softly. "I guess my body is just reminding me of that."

"Well, that just means that there's no need to prepare a meal." He smiled gently, trying to make her a little happier.

The nurse gave a simple nod of her head, smiling. "That is very true!" She kissed his cheek gently. "Did you want anything to eat? I don't mind bringing it back down here? Unless you'd rather go and lay down?"

"You can bring it back here. I'll refill our drinks. We do have a movie to finish after all."

Laughing, she stood up. "Right, movie. I totally forgot about that." She kissed him softly before walking around the couch. "I'll be right back, okay?"

"Alright, Tenshi." The Wutaiian stood as well, fixing his clothes.

Thexi walked up the stairs, humming softly to herself as she thought about the man that was waiting for her downstairs. So preoccupied with her thoughts, she didn't realize that the kitchen light was still on. Or that there was another person in there, rooting around the fridge for something. A very naked someone.