Ok, really short oneshot. I just found this on my computer, so I figured I might as well post it now.


Death and God were actually rather good friends, dispite what one may think. You see, where there is destruction, creation follows close behind. Where there is creation, destruction follows behind. It's an endless circle, one that the two ancient beings often argued about.

And so the story goes.

Death had to stay in California for quite a while. He was actually trying to find an excuse to lure out God, he was longing to argue with his long timeā€¦ friend. Such a horrible earthquake. So much fire, so much pain, so much death. He was in his zone, waiting for his friend to rise up from his ashes.

He waited for God.

He waited for weeks.


His friend had yet to show.

This had never angered him before. God was being a bit antisocial as of late. Though, ignoring your best and oldest friend, that was a new low. Needless to say, Death was angry. Death is not something you can ignore. Even if you are Life embodied.

And so it began.

Hurricanes destroyed the south at a wave of his hand. A flick of the wrist, and a man kills over 200 people in Chicago. A snap, and an entire city is flattened by fire. Still no God.

Still no companionship.

You would think that being around destruction 24-7 since the beginning of time would make one immune to loneliness. Not quite. And when Death is alone, Chaos ensues, for balance is gone.

The end of days has come.