Moving On

Slamming the car door shut, I turn the key in the ignition starting my car up. Everything is fine physically as the doctor says, but the emotional pain leftover from the explosion still haunts my memory. I remember clearly the day when the NCIS building went down with the team. Our field team all suffered an injury upon impact. The only people spared were Jimmy and Ducky. But their luck ended there. Ducky suffered a heart attack on the beach barely saved when Palmer found him unconscious. Otherwise, it would have been bye bye birdy. Nobody on our team left the whole incident with a level head; we were all left dazed for the months that followed.

All eight of us, including Vance, had to be out of duty and pass psych evaluations before we could return to our jobs. Two months after the fact, I returned to work with a broken arm to see a confused middle aged woman staring at me from what used to be my desk. I remember how pissed she was when Vance came down with his assistant telling her I came back and she would no longer be needed. I waited quietly alone at my desk for minutes until the rest of the team returned. They were all happy I was almost fully recovered, but Tony was the happiest of them all. He and Abby gave me a huge group hug while still avoiding my hurt arm. I was welcomed with open arms and even though I was left to desk work because of my arm.

Even though I was well enough to work, I still had to go to weekly check-up to ensure I didn't strain my arm too much or acquire a concussion after the fat. I didn't understand how It could happen, but apparently it has happened and my doctor just wants me to stay safe. Even the still recovering Ducky rolled his eyes, but Vance was paying for the doctor and told me if I stopped visiting, I wouldn't be allowed to work. Again, an eye roll from many. That's where I just finished up with when I got in my car. As I drive back to the NCIS building, I gaze at the leisurely pedestrians surrounding the road and sigh jealously at how they have almost no problem. To them, NCIS is just the federal agency that was blown up a few months back.

As I approach the two block mark until I finally reach the parking lot, I let instinct take over before I have to go back to Vance to tell him how I'm obviously fine. I'm so deep in my thoughts that I hardly register how I managed to swerve off of the road and don't even see the tree I'm rapidly approaching. Much too late, I try to turn the steering wheel haphazardly, trying to prevent any further injury to my already broken body. I gasp as my red Mini Cooper crashes into the tree and my body jerks forward. I feel my arm crush and ribs crack. As the blood pours down, I just let go.