Moving On Ch.4

. . .

I look at my bloody boy, terrified. What happened? I wonder as I take tiny steps toward the scene. As if in a trance, I kneel beside my own body and press my hands to my face. I feel an electric-like current run through my body and recoil quickly. Still jumpy from the initial shock, I still look around my friends.

Abby clings to Gibbs, mascara mixing with her tears on their travel down her face. Gibbs stares off into the distance with his pale blue eyes. I watch Tony as he turns away from my body, his face pale and tearstained. Dahlia purses her lips and gazes at my body with a hard stare. I want to reach out and touch her face, but that's no longer possible. I was like a second mother to her after I killed Ari. Granted, as far as I knew, she didn't know I killed her father. Along with her mother, a woman long scorned by my half-brother, we kept her a secret from my father and Mossad. But as I study the sixteen year old girl standing next to my partner, I can't help but notice the fact she's hiding something. I try to shake off the suspicion and turn my head until I spot McGee and Palmer conversing quietly with Metro. "It was as if she wasn't paying attention-she's always paying attention when she drives," I hear McGee report. My heart sinks, he was there.

The officer nods and scribbles something down in his notepad. I hear him mumble a few more questions, but I'm not paying attention. Instead, I'm focused on the paramedics moving my body away from the scene and to the morgue. Beside the conversation between McGee, Palmer, and the locals, the scene is eerily dozens of pairs of eyes watch my body leave.

Just moments after the collision, I groan and move my shoulders. I can only barely twitch them and I feel the blood running down both my chest and face. I glance down and gasp in horror at the sight. Blood soaks my clothing and bones jut out of my chest. Already numb, I can tell I am close to death but can stay alive only if I keep my eyes open. Battling my body against losing consciousness, I recall the past few months sadly.

The explosion caused much distress among my NCIS family and most everything was just tense. I didn't get to do much around the bullpen and I had nothing to live for. Well, except for Tony. He hates seeing me upset does anything to cheer me up. Without him, I wouldn't have gotten this far. He certainly tries too hard and I know I can be a burden. He'd be better off with me dead, I'm sure of it. I think how happy he'll be with me gone and I smile. I just let go.

I shake off the memory, perturbed. I blink and look around. Everybody is gone. I have no idea why I'm not with my body. Or in hell. I killed myself, so I am doomed to rot in hell, right? Either heaven or hell, I have to find a way for me—my spirit—to rest in peace.

. . .

"Who exactly are you, Miss Dahlia?" Leon asks, leaning over the interview table. His brown eyes match her own and his glare is intimidating to many, but not to Dahlia. Yet.

She arches her eyebrow, "I told you, my name is Dahlia Haswari. OR did you forget that already?" She sneers playfully, pushing his buttons. She intends to play this out as long as possible. She leans back in her chair and pretends to be uninterested. Has he figured it out, yet?

Vance pinches the bridge of his nose and closes his eyes. "Yes, I understand that. I also understand the fact that you are the daughter of Ari Haswari, rogue Mossad agent working for Hamas. I also know you are granddaughter of my friend, Eli David, director of Mossad." With every item Vance brings up, Dahlia's eyes widen.

She looks up at him and she puts on a small and shaky voice, "How do you know that?" Dropping the game and initial coyness, Dahlia looks like a deer in the headlights. She's young and innocent. "Ziva promised me nobody knew." She's terrified of what will happen once someone finds out her past. Would they hate her? Nobody knows about her past. Hell, she didn't know the full extent of her history. Everything she knows comes from both her mother and Ziva. Her father, Ari, impregnated her mother and left her for America. He died there. Ziva arrived shortly after to help her mother before returning to America for her liaison with NCIS. At least, that's what she's been told. She is and was a family friend. She was always around and called Ziva her Aunt. Ziva would continue to write letters to both her and her mother. Sometimes, they would move shortly after a letter arrived, but Dahlia always accepted this, but she never knew why.

Vance smiles, for he finally causes the girl to begin to crack. "You just mention 'Haswari" to Ziva's co-workers and I guarantee that at least one of them will mutter the word 'bastard.' Your father was a well hated person around here." Talking to Dahlia, Vance grows the urge to chew a toothpick, much like the habit he broke many years ago. Tough nuts like Dahlia were the reason he started to chew the damned things.

"Stop it," Dahlia chokes, hugging herself. "You know nothing about my father. Nobody does!" She snarls. Ziva told her that her father was a good man. Ziva would never lie.

"Sure I do. I know who killed him." Vance taunts, thrilled he got this far by himself. He can tell she's close to revealing why she's here. "I'll tell you their name if you tell me why you are here."

Dahlia narrows her eyes, "You're the bastard." Pursing her lips, she picks at her nails. "I hope you fry in hell."

He tsk-es and shakes his head, "I just think you don't want to know the truth." He stares at Dahlia and she cowers under his gaze, the impeccable wall around her crumbling.

"Shut up!" She mutters, no longer looking at the director. He starts the taunting again and her head flies up. "I said SHUT UP!" she screeches, tears flying out her eyes.

During the uproar, Tony sneaks in. Watching it and taking this all in, he's about to intervene when something stops him. He just stands in the doorway, his mouth agape.

Vance stands up and gets in Dahlia's face, "I think you don't want to know that your aunt—Ziva David—killed your father, her half-brother."

Dahlia gasps and slaps him across the cheek. "Liar!"

. . .

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