Moving On Ch. 5

A/N: This is...still close to me. But after the last chapter, i lost all inspiration. And now, I'm back. This one's for Underground Fanfictioners, who unknowingly helped me through my cousin's death.

I watch in sheer amusement and horror as Dahlia slaps Leon Across the face. Since he sent me back to Mossad ages ago, I have always wanted to do the same. But I value my job far too much to risk it. But watching my niece find out I killed her father is pure torture.

Vance hardly even recoils upon impact and he smiles as she screams at him. "I'll bet if you talk to Special Agent DiNozzo, you'll find out I'm telling the truth. Your aunt told him everything." He searches Dahlia's eyes. "But that's not the point. I wanted yo tell you that little secret in return for telling me why you come to town one of my best agents dies."

Dahlia's eyes widen and her face looks pained. "Y-you don't think I killed her, do you?" Vance nods and my theoretical heart drop. Could the girl I helped raise really be a murderer? No. I killed myself, didn't I?

. . .

Unable to cope with Vance's merciless interrogation, I escape the office. I used to live to walk into my place of work-especially the bullpen. Even in death, I still find myself drawn to the place.

I walk into the room, noticing the desk across from my own is also empty. Pondering to myself to where he might be I watch McGee glance over to the desk. He's wondering the same thing.

Speak of the devil-the elevator doors open to reveal Gibbs as he escorts a stricken Tony out. He pushes the senior agent into his desk and smacks him upside the head. "Snap out of it, DiNozzo. You'll make it through this." He tries to coax our favorite co-worker out of his comatose state.

I carefully walk over to his desk and place a hand on his shoulder. When I make contact, he straightens up and I swear he looks at me. "Ziva," he murmurs, a stray tear escaping. I try not to cry as one of the strongest man I know starts to cry. I've never seen him so open about his emotions. He always gives the illusion of strong with me during thick and thin.

Gibbs gives up and walks to his desk. Turning to McGee, he asks: "Anything on the girl? Dahlia?"

"Nothing yet," McGee admits. "Vance is questioning her as we speak." I glance over at him and his eyes are almost as puffy as Tony's. I never expected to see them cry. Especially not for me. There's no way for me to imagine Abby.

A slam of the door from upstairs causes everyone to look up. Dahlia stalks out of Vance's office. Tears stream down her face. She stomps down the stairs into the bullpen. Stopping in front of Tony, Dahlia takes in a deep breath. "Tony, can I stay with you?"