Moving On

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. . .

Tony opens the door and users Dahlia in silently.

The dark hair girl rushes into the large apartment and giggles. "Wow," she breathes. "This place is really nice!"

He closes the door behind him. "You aunt would have thought the same thing."

"Would have? As in-she hasn't been here?"

Tony looks away nervously. "She never came to my place. I was only ever at hers." His feet stride over to one of his side tables. "Looks like you'll be getting a new friend, Kate. Ziva. You'll like her." He murmurs as he feeds the fish. Yet another partner dead. Another goldfish gained.

Dahlia plops onto the couch. "Who was Kate?"

The sandy-blonde glances over. "She was the agent Ziva replaces seven years ago." He grins. "First female permanent agent at the D.C. NCIS."

Ziva's niece smiles. "That's nice."

"And then Ziva came along after she died. Best thing that could have happened for NCIS. Didn't have a clue about American customs. But still one hell of a woman." Tony sits down, across from the small girl.

"She was the best thing for my family, too." Dahlia brings her knees to her chest. But something in her tone is off. "So much support."

Tony nods, failing to notice the change in voice. He understands the girl's burden. Death affects more than just friends. But family too.

All of a sudden a hand reaches out to touch Tony's leg.

I walk in at that moment. If my body was still present, my face would have been pale white. My own niece is hitting on the man I l-the man I work with.

Tony jumps up and turns to Dahlia. But not before his eyes glance toward my direction. Can he see me?

"I can't do this. You especially cannot do this."

Dahlia looks up, her eyebrows furrowed and her face twisted sickly. Did I raise this girl? "And why not?"

Tony's jaw hardens. "One-you're sixteen." His eyes glance over again. "Two-I cannot, and will not betray Ziva David, the woman I love."

"Newflash: Ziva is dead."

I would have gasped. I cannot believe I helped Natalia raise such a spoiled girl. And then my eyes fall on a silver badge. Mossad.

My co-worker purses his lips, recoiling from the statement. "Not to me, Dahlia Haswari. Not to me."

He moves toward the door and I reach for him. Tony.

Dahlia stands up. "Whatever. Something is obviously wrong with your head." Watching her leave-I smile. Now she's on her own. The rest of her family would refuse to talk to her knowing she is part of the agency that pretty much was out to kill me.

Heartless Bitch.

The door slams shut and Tony is all alone. Once again, he looks in my direction. He definitely knows I am standing right in front of him.

"I really do love you, Zee-Vah," he whispers, "always have, and always will."

. . .

There are two different types of family. The kind you are born with. And stuck with. And then there are the kind you acquire over the years. Those are the ones who stay.

My family I was born with sucked. It was filled with lies and hatred.

Coming NCIS led me to find my real family. They are the ones who grieved. They are the ones who cried. And most of all they are the ones I love.

And they are the ones I will actually miss.


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