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(1 month before the events of Arkham Asylum)

A man stood outside of an old abandoned warehouse, inside a deal was being made between two major criminals. The first was the world infamous weapons dealer Oswald Cobblepot better known as "The Penguin" who is most likely armed with one of his trick umbrella. The second criminal was less know but is still know in Gotham, his name is Warren White or "The Great White Shark" who was buying several dozen weapons from Cobblepot.

The man who stands outside of the warehouse stands 5 feet 8 inches tall. His hair was covered by a black bandana made of an unknown material the bandana kept his hair out of his face and brown eyes which were covered by black sun goggles, he also has black gloves made of the same material as his bandana. He wears a nearly black dark grey trench coat with a collar that covers half his face, over top his trench coat he has crossed ammo belts that have four metal squares on each of them. For bottom wear he has brown slightly baggy pant that are half covered by his trench coat, steel knee pads and black work boots.

Upon hearing voices from the inside the bandana man began walk towards the warehouse since the voices meant the deal had begun.

Inside The Penguin's men are unloading crates of weapons as White's mean stood behind their boss waiting for orders. Penguin walked over to one of the boxes then waved Great White over. White walked over as Penguin ordered his biggest henchman to open the box.

"Hay. Sickle open this crate would you?" Cobblepot ordered taking a puff on his cigar.

The one armed Russian turned and looked at his boss before walking over and grabbing the lid of the box. With one yank from his one arm Sickle ripped the once nailed shut lid right off the box.

White made a note of the man s strength in case things went wrong "(mental note stay away from the big ass Russian.)" White thought to himself.

"Here are the guns you ordered. I m happy to say lives were lost when collection them for you." Cobblepot said with a sick smile as he placing his cigar back in his mouth.

White turned and looked at his smaller accomplice "I care not for how many lives were lost. I just want the guns." White said as he signaled three of his underlings who held suitcases.

The men walked over and placed the suitcases on an unopened weapon box. They then proceed to open and turn the suitcases around so Cobblepot could see. The penguin was about to walk over to the suitcases but then three grenades fell from above one landing on each suitcase.

The three Great White underlings jumped back as did everyone in the room. The explosion from the grenades was surprisingly weak but was amplified by the exploding ammo in the weapon box but that still left the explosion only strong enough to knock out the three great white thugs.

As soon as they could everyone still standing looked up at were the grenades came from. The man who threw them stood on a metal beam that went from one side of the warehouse to the other side. This man was the bandana man who stood outside a few minutes ago.

"who the hell are you?" White yelled at the man. Cobblepot had herd of this man before but couldn't remember his name or anything important about him. The man in question opened his mouth to say something most likely to introduce himself but was cut off when White yelled out "Actually I don't care. KILL HIM." at that note The Great White's remaining men started shooting at the unknown man.

The man jumped down from the metal beam, dogging all of the bullets, landing next to the ammo box that he blew up which is now on fire but was slowly dying down.

Penguin took his cigar out of his mouth and looked over at his men "WELL? I don't pay you nit wits to sit around. Shoot him." Cobblepot yelled at his men who also began shooting.

The bandana man pulled two more grenades out of nowhere before he did a back flip and threw one grenade at each group.

As one would think both group of thugs tried to get away once the saw a grenade flying at them. Great White's men managed to get away before the grenades exploded which only caused a few of them to get knocked down only to stand up again. Penguin's men were not as lucky since most of them were boxed in thanks to the weapon boxes but they did have a stroke of luck since the grenades only exploded into a shock wave knocking out most of the Penguin thugs instead of a fiery explosion which would have created a chain reaction with the weapon box killing the thugs.

Upon seeing the shock wave grenade a smile came across Penguin's lips "What s the matter? no killing? You're just a bat freak wanna be aren't you?" Penguin finished before placing his cigar into his mouth once again.

The man looked at Cobblepot with a deadly look on his face that contradicted what the arms dealer had just said. Even White could tell how fearsome the look was and he didn't fell to good about where he was standing, right next to the man who received that look.

That s when the bandana man looked down blocking his face with his bandana, sun goggles, and his collar. Then to the two mob bosses surprise he quickly looked up at them. They were expecting an equally fearsome look if not a more terrified one. But to their confusion the red haired man was... smiling?!

"ha ha got you." the man said only causing Penguin to aim his umbrella at the man and White pulled out his hand gun. Both criminals started firing their guns and were quickly followed by their underlings.

The bandana man did a few backwards cart wheels before preforming a hand stand then using his Arms to launch himself out a window all while not getting shot once. The Great White and his men ran over to the window to see if they could catch the man.

This was a mistake since several grenades flew through the open window landing around White and his men. White himself and two of his seven men managed to get away before the grenades exploded. Again the grenades sent out a shock wave that stunned then knocked out Great White's men.

The man in the black bandana jumped back into the window then ran at White's first remaining underling. The thug was armed with a lead pipe since he dropped his gun at some point when he was dogging bombs. The thug swung his pipe at the bandana man's head only for the man to duck under the swing and deliver an uppercut to the thugs chin.

The thug stumbled back before regaining his balance only for the bandana man to kick him in the gut knocking the air out of him. The bandana man then grabbed the pipe form the thug before spinning around and smashing the pipe into the tugs head. The thug dropped down knocked out cold from the blow to the head.

The second thug ran at the bandana man, he still had his original weapon an oversized knife which he was planning on stabbing the man with. But the bandana man simple side stepped the stab before grabbing the thug s wrist and giving an uppercut to the thugs elbow dislocating the thugs arm.

The thug yelled in pain before the bandana man slammed his fist into the side of the thugs head. Followed by a second punch to the other side of the head knocking out the thug.

The man then began walking towards The Great White Shark himself who was still armed with his hand gun.

White turned to Penguin "Hay a little help."

Penguin just laughed before dropping his cigar and stomping it out "Sorry whitey. no matter how big a fish you think you are there s always a big shark waiting to eat you hole. ALSO I would love to see what you plan to do to beat him."

White sneered before turning back to the bandana man only to see the man now stood right in front of him. White tried to raise his gun to shoot the bandana man only for the man to grab his arm and twist it causing White to drop his gun from the pain.

White looked straight at the bandana man "Who are you?" White asked.

"My name is 'Master Blaster'." he said before slamming his fist into White's face.

White stumbled back but managed to recover more quickly than his underling. White jumped at Master Blaster only for the bandana man to duck causing White to sail over top of him without hitting him.

As White got up he realised there was something on his chest. White looked down and saw what looks like a small lad mine attached to his chest.

"I slapped it on as you flew over me." Master Blaster said before the land mine exploded sending White flying backwards towards Master Blaster who side stepped and stuck out his arm. The last thing White felt before blacking out was hitting the back of his neck on Master Blaster's arm.

Penguin smiled "So you're the new vigilante? An explosives expert who fights crime."

"Well I wouldn't say 'expert' but bombs are my main weapon." Master Blaster admitted scratching the back of his head.

"Wells let s see what wins. You're bombs or my guns." Penguin said before snapping his fingers signalling his men to start shooting. The penguin thugs started shooting at Master Blaster almost instantly upon hearing their boss snap his fingers. Master Blaster ducked behind some metal barrels for protection from the storm of bullets.

"Stop it." Penguin said to his men but was not properly herd over the gun fire. "STOP wasting you're bullets." Penguin yelled. This time his men stopped shooting. Penguin looked at Sickle and nodded the oversized one armed Russian reached into a nearby weapon box and pulled out a rocket propelled grenade launcher.

The Russian lifted the RPG with his one arm and place it on his shoulder before taking aim at the barrels Master Blaster was hiding behind. What Sickle and penguin did not know was that Master Blaster had used the dark warehouse along with the barrels, crates, and weapon boxes to sneak around to the left of Penguin and his men. Sickle fired the RPG as soon as he got the weapon steady, the shot hit the barrels exploding on contact.

"Good by American." Sickly said with a smile at his handy work.

Penguin let out a laugh upon seeing the explosion "HA HA HA not even the bat could survive that." the mob boss said before laughing again. Even Sickle and Penguin's thugs joined in on the laugh until Penguin looked down and saw a grenade rolling towards him and Sickle. Penguin opened his umbrella which was lined with kevlar so it should provide protection with how the grenade was almost two yards away.

The grenades exploded sending Sickle flying a few yards away and knocking him out. Penguin was knocked back but was unharmed except for landing on his rear end then smacking his head on the ground, which knocked him out. Penguin's thugs were about to run over and help their boss but several grenades landed around them. The grenades exploded into more shock waves which zapped all the thugs knocking most out but a few managed to stay standing.

Master Blaster jumped out of his place of hiding and began to attack the thugs. Master Blaster quickly knocked out the men with guns first since they would be the worse threat when they got steady again. The remaining men only had machetes and pipes for weapons.

The thugs all started walking towards Master Blaster some twirling there machetes and others smacking there pipe into their hands. Master Blaster pulled a metal object, out of nowhere, that is about the size of pop can but this unknown object has a grenade pin sticking in the middle of the top. Pulling out the pin Master Blaster threw the object behind him at the men approaching him from behind.

The men back away from the object before it exploded. The explosion didn't come close to any of the thugs but a bunch of smaller red objects came out of the explosion. Most of the small objects hit the thugs but didn't affect the thugs but they did stick to the thugs clothing while the rest of the objects flew past them. Then all the small objects exploded taking down all the thugs they were attached too or were close too.

The rest of the thugs stopped in their tracks when the smaller bombs exploded and took down a 1/3 of their numbers. The thugs exchanged glances not sure if they should keep going or run away.

"Don't worry the rest of you are two close for me to use my bombs." Master Blaster half admitted and half lied since he couldn't use most of his bombs at this range but he did have a few he could use. But he hand no intention of wasting good bombs on these thugs.

The thugs ran at Master Blaster the first two thugs swung there pipes at Master Blaster's head one either side. Master Blaster ducked down causing both pipes to smash together before he smashed one fist into both of the thugs chins. This assault was flowed up by a split kick to the thug s heads which knocked out the thugs and sent both thugs backwards into their comrades.

The K. thugs were thrown aside as the rest of the thugs attacked. Master Blasted dodged a machete slash to the chest before slamming his elbow into the attackers head. Another machete swing was dodged by a different thug this time Master Blaster stomped the thug s knee cap dislocating the thug s knee. The Thug fell down grunting in pain before Master Blaster grabbed him by his hair and threw him at the ground knocking him out.

After a few more dodge, hits, and broken bones latter Master Blaster had finished the last thug. Now the only ones left standing were Master Blaster and Penguin... who was no were to be seen.

Outside penguin was opening the door to his car then hoping in and placing the key into the ignition. He breathed a sigh of relief believing he was going to get away then he turned the key and herd the car start up before hearing a loud explosion and his car getting thrown forwards as he smashed his head on the steering wheel.

Penguin stumbled out of his car since he never shut the door or put on a seat belt. He looked up and saw Master Blaster who punched Penguin with his left hand so hard the mob boss did a 180 degree spin before falling down. From his new place of rest Penguin saw the condition of his car the back 1/4 of his car was destroyed as were his back tires so even if he tried there was no way he could have driven out of here.

"Sorry I had to boobie trap you're car." Master Blaster said apologetically.

"That was a new car." Penguin said reaching into his dress jacket "You should pay for a new one. WITH YOU'RE LIFE." Penguin yelled as he flipped over and aimed a new umbrella at Master Blaster.

Just as Penguin pulled the trigger Master Blaster did a backwards flip dogging the flame that shot forth from the umbrella. Penguin quickly got up but not quickly enough as Master Blaster rolled towards him and delivered an uppercut to penguin's chin. Penguin stumbled back before quickly aiming his umbrella, pulling the trigger and engulfing Master Blaster in flames.

Penguin backed away from Master Blaster as he started laughing at his handy work. "Another life snuffed out before it's time." Penguin said between his laughs.

"Not really." Master Blaster said in a calm voice as he walked out the flames unharmed. "Too bad for you my outfit is fireproof. Has to be since I deal in explosives."

Penguin angrily threw down his umbrella down before reaching into his dress jacket and pulled out a smaller umbrella. Master Blaster ducked as Penguin pulled the trigger releasing a shot that could only be described as a shot gun blast. Master Blaster then grabbed the "barrel" of penguin's umbrella/gun and using all his force smashed the weapon into Penguin's face before delivering three punches to Penguin's gut followed by a kick to his chest. The last hit sent Penguin flying into a bunch of nearby trash cans.

"well now that I've took the trash out it's time to go meet the others." Master Blaster said as he turned and threw two mini mines onto the ground before he jumped onto them. The explosion sent him flying up into the air. At the height of his launch he preformed a front flip before landing onto the roof of a nearby five story tall building.

Master Blaster turned to hear police sirens "Took you guy s long enough." he said before turning and walking away.


well that s the first of three intros I got for you. The other two will intro "the others" Master Blaster spoke about.

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