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(surgery room)

Jackknife walked into the surgery room where the only thing of importance he saw was a doctor strapped to an examination cart which normally held prisoners. Jackknife continued walking towards the doctor completely aware that it was a trap.

"You Dr. Cheng?" Jackknife asked as he got to the examination cart.

Dr. Cheng looked at Jackknife with eyes full of fear "But... but it's a trap."

Jackknife turned around "No. It's fun."

"Oh, what the hell. You're not Bats." Joker said over the intercom "Get down there boys! Beat that Bat wanna be to a pulp."

On comand several of Joker's me jumped down from the balcony over looking the surgery room. The second the first inmate hit the floor Jackknife pulled out his revolver and shot down three of the inmates before returning the gun to it's holster.

"I'm nothing like the bat and now you're men will pay for that coment." Jackknife threatened knowing full well Joker could hear him.

"You're right..." Joker gasped "Bat's doesn't use guns." he said before letting out a laugh. "Get him BOYS... or the other way around."

Three inmates ran at Jackknife as another grabed a fire extinguished off the wall. Jackknife flicked his right wrist causeing his mini scythe to come out of his sleeve and land in his hand but remain folded up. The first inmates tryed to punch Jackknife but Jackknife simply ducked before delivering an uppercut with his left fist to the inmates chin. The Inmate stumbled back as another steped forwards only for Jackknife to drop his mini scythe to the ground before whiping it at the inmates legs. The chain attached to the folded up scythe wraped around the inmates legs before Jackknife pulled on the chin causeing the inmate to fall backwards.

The third Inmate tryed to take this as an opportunity and swung his fist at Jackknife who smacked the first aside with his free hand. Jackknife then saw the fourth inmate walking over holding the fire extinguished. Jackknife then flicked his left wrist causeing his second mini scythe to come out Jackknife then unfolded the scythe with one hand. He then whiped the second mini scythe at the fire extinguished holding inmate. The Mini scythe nicked the top of the extinguished causieng the foam inside to spay out into the inmates face causeing him to stumble back before falling backwards.

Jackknife flicked his left wrist retracting his mini scythe but catching it before it whent back into his sleeve. He then folded up the scythe before putting it back in his sleeve. He then pulled on the chain attched to his right mini scythe pulling the inmate who has the chain around his legs closer. Jackknife the kicked the inmate square in his jaw knocking him out.

Jackknife then flicked his right wrist retracting his folded up mini scythe which was wraped around the inmates legs. The third inamate tryed to attack again as Jackknife put his right side mini scythe back into his sleeve. Jackknife side steped before slaming his elbow into the inmate's face knocking him onto his back and breaking his nose.

The inmate who was holding the fire extinguished finaly got up and ran at Jackknife who started walking towards the inmate. When the inmate was close enough he tryed to stop but his feet were covered in foam so instead of stoping he slid forwards. Jackknife stuck out his arm as he keep walking so that the inmate slid right into the arm geting closelined and knocked to the ground. Jackknife then kicked the inmate in the side of his head knokcing him out.

The first inmate helped the third to get up before they both ran at Jackknife from behind. Jackknife turned around before kicking the first inmate in the gut makeing him stumble back and bend over holding his gut Jackknife then and hit the thrird with a haymaker knocking him out. The first Inmate was still trying to catch his breath when Jackknife walked over to him before slaming his elbow into the back of the inmate's neak knocking him out.

Jackknife then walked back to Dr. Cheng and unlocked him from the examination cart.

Dr. Cheng hoped off the cart "I'm sorry." Dr. Cheng apologized "I tried to tell you. But I couldn't speak."

"Don't worrie. Punks like this bunch could never take me down." Jackknife said smileing under his mask "now lets get you back to the others."

(Outside the X-Ray Room)

Master Blaster was around the corner out side of the X-ray room. Three inmates were guarding the door to the X-ray room.

"So that's Doc Young." one inmate said thinking of the doctor they left with the others in the X-ray room.

Another inmate chuckled "Yeah. She can operate on me anytime!" he said in a tone that suggested something sexual.

Master Blaster was sick of hearing these men talk about a lady in such a maner. He then pulled out a gernade, pulled the pin, walked around the corner, and threw the gernade at the three inmates.

"SOMEONES HERE!" A inmate yelled.

"It's that Blaster guy." another said as the gernade hit the ground.

The last inmate was first to see the gernade before yelling "GERNADE!"

Before any of the inmates could react the gernade exploded into a shock wave electrocuting the inmates knocking them out. Master Blaster then walked past the K. body's of the inmates and entered the X-ray room.

The first thing Master Blaster saw was a weak wall that could easily be blown away with a well placed land mine. Master Blaster then herd someone talking behind the wall.

The first voice was a womans "Why are you doing this? I have done exactly as you've asked." she said sounding worried. Master Blaster turned on the scaner in his sungoggles seeing three inmates in there with a female doctor who must be doctor Young, all the inmates are armed with assault rifles.

The next voice was that of a strong man, probably an inmate "Look at me! You think I care? Stop your whining and listen good. If anyone goes near you without Joker's express permission, then I've been ordered to take you out ASAP. Looks like you're our bargain chip. Gotta tell ya, the boss is all over this job. Planned like a military operation. Friends on the inside and out."

Master Blaster placed a land mine on the wall which has an inmate behind it before makeing his way to another weak wall with two inmates behind it. Master Blaster also made mental notes about how protective joker seemed of this doctor and about the "Friends on the inside and out." coment.

"I am quite aware that this job, as you call it, requires friends." Young said sounding more brave but still scared "What I want to know is why you chose me. Did Joker specify me? Why don't you let me talk to him? I'm sure we can settle this."

"Lady, if I have to tell you once more, I am going to hurt you. You understand?" An inmate said sounding feed up with Dr, Young's questions "Shut the hell up. If the boss wants to talk to you, he'll talk to you. Till then, keep that trap of yours zipped."

Master Blaster then put a land mine on the second wall that has two inmates behind it. Before walking a few feet from the wall.

"Why are you doing this?" Dr. Young questioned "Let me speak to Joker."

The inmate grunted before saying "Keep quiet. I'm not sure how much more of your yapping I can take! "

Master Blaster then pulled out a detonator before pressing the button on it causeing the mines to explode. The walls were destroyed by the explosion and the inmates were knocked out.

"NO! PLEASE, NO!" Dr. Young screamed closeing her eyes as she covered herself with her arms. She then opened her eyes "What's going on?" She asked.

Master Blaster then walked threw the now destroyed wall towards Dr. Young "Littel over dramatic doc."

Dr. Young steadied her self "They were talking like they were in control. Is it true that Joker escaped?" Young asked.

Master Blaster sighed "Unforchantly, Yes."

"I'd been studying Joker's case for months when he broke out." Dr. Young said "The Warden was very specific he wanted Joker cured."

Master Blaster smiled under his oversize collar understanding Warden Sharps reasons "If Joker was 'cured' then Sharp would look good in the eyes of everyone in Gotham. Good publicity helps his campaign for Mayor. But if Joker was to do something like he is now. Then that makes Sharp look bad."

Dr. Young nodded her head understanding what Master Blaster was saying "Oh god, I almost forgot. They said they were moving through the facility, hunting down the other doctors!"

"Don't worry Doc." Master Blaster said "My partner and Batman are searching for the other two doctors. We also saved the others in the sanatorium."

(Patient Observation)

Batman had just walked into the patient observation room seeing a large amount of objects piled together in the middle of the hallway makeing a makeshift blockade. Batman then saw a few inmates on the other side one of blockade one them was talking towards the roof most likely Joker was listening.

"Boss, it's done." The inmate said "The room is full of gas and Captain Hook is stuck in there. Thing is, Razor didn't get out in time. He's stuck too..."

"Oh poor razor." Joker said sounding sad before returning to his normal voice "Lets see how long he can last."

Batman then used his Batclaw to latch onto a vent and swing over the blockade. Batman disconected his batclaw from the vent and landed right ontop of an inmate slamming the inmate to the ground knocking him out. Apon standing up Batman knowtised a window into another room behind the window are two doctor's and officer Cash.

"HE'S HERE!" One inmate said as another swung his fist at Batman who grabed the mans fist before kicking the man in his gut. The inmate stumbled back as the one who yelled out earlier tryed to hit Batman with an uppercut but his punch was also countered. The third inmate didn't even get a chance to attcked before Batman unleashed a barrage of punches on him. The second inmate tryed to kick Btaman in the back only for Batman to quickly turn around, grab the mans leg, then slam his elbow into the mans knee dislocate it.

The inmate fell to the ground yelling in pain before Batman crouched down and punched the inmate square in his face knocking him out. The first and third inmates both tryed to hit Batman only for him to duck under there fists before grabing the inmate's heads and smashing there heads together knocking out the inmates.

Batman then walked towards the window with Officer Cash behind it "Cash, what happened?" He asked.

"There was an alarm in Medical." Cash began "I heard someone shouting and found the Doc lying on the floor. When I went to help him, then room was flooded with gas." Cash shook his head side to side "These doors locked down. We can't get out and I don't know how long we can last."

"How brave!" Joker said over the intercom "Let's give Mr. Cash a great big hand. He could use one."

Cash girted his teeth "You'll be laughin' out your butt when I get outta here!"

Joker let out a laugh "Lighten up, homes, I'm just messin' with ya."

"Can't wait to return the favor!..." Cash said before looking at Batman "You've got to help us. If you can clear the gas out of the room, the doc and me can get outta here."

Batman nodded his head before using his Batclaw to get up onto the vent. He then tore off the ventilation cover for another vent before climbing inside the vent and making his way into the gas filled room. Batman then kicked off the ventilation cover in the gas filled room before crawling out of then vent.

Batman then turned on the detective mode in his cowl showing him three swiches attached to three fans.

"(I could use my remote batarang to hits those switches and turn on the fans which would remove the gas from the room.)" Batman thought to himself as he pulled out a remote batarang.

(few minutes later) [Because we all did this in game. No need to describe it to you]

Batman was on the last swich which was inside an office. Only problem was that there was no way into the office except to cut down an inmate that was holding onto a rope above the office. Since the roof of the office looked in disrepair so it would break if the inmate fell on it.

Batman then pulled out two batarangs one in each hand the first one he threw hit the rope cutting threw it. The inmate fell down, hit the roof, broke threw the roof, and the hit the floor below.

"(I have to hurry.)" Batman thought as the inmate began laughing. Batman then threw his second batarang at the swich. The batarang hit it's target and started up the fan removeing the last of Joker's laughing gas.

Batman looked down at the inmate useing detective mode he was unconscious but alive. Batman then turned off detective mode and jumped off the platform he was on before gliding down to the ground.

Joker voice came over the intercom "Surprise, surprise, Batman arrives just in the nick of time. Next time, Cash, I'll just shoot you and be done with it."

Batman walked up to officer Cash "Is every one fine."

"A littel worse for ware. But ya were all fine." Cash said.

Batman nodded before makeing his way back to the sanatorium.

Once Batman exited the patient observation into the upper corridor he saw a large present. Using detective mode Batman saw that an inmate was hiding in the box. With nothing else to do Batman turned detective mode off before walking towards the present.

The inmate and three clatering teeth poped out of the box as it unfolded. Then the inmate ran at Batman only for Batman to punch the man strait in the nose knocking the man onto his back. Batman then crouched before grabing the mans coler then punching the man in the face again knocking him out.

Batman then stood up and continued walking like nothing happened.

(out side the X-ray room)

Master Blaster and Dr. Young had just left the X-ray room and were heading back to the sanatorium.

"I need to get back to the Mansion." Dr. Young said while walking "All my research notes are there. We can't risk Joker getting his hands on them."

"Not a good idea. The island is crawling with inmates from blackgate. Whats so important about these note anyways?" Master Blaster asked walking in front of Dr. Young.

"It's my life's work." Dr. Young said sounding worried as she stoped walking "Besides you really don't have the authority to..." Young was cut off by Master Blaster "If you realy have to then I have a comrade that can take you."

"Thank you." Dr. Young said before she continued walking

"Don't worry." Master Blaster said before pressing a button on his communication device "Tec I need you to conect me to Aoi yami."

"Ok." Tec said before he pressed a few buttons on his keybord "Hay, Aoi yami, Master Blaster wants to talk to you."

"Hello." Aoi yami said as she was connected to her boss.

"I need you to come to the Medical Facility and escort Dr. Young to her office." Master Blaster said.

"Alright. I'll be there as soon as I can." Aoi yami said before a click was herd signaling she turned off her communication device.

"Did you say Dr. Young?" Tec asked.

"Yep." was all Master Blaster said now walking behind Dr. Young.

Tec let out a chuckle "So. What we doing about... You know what?" he asked

Master Blaster let out his own chuckle causeing Dr. Young to look over her sholder at him.

"We'll take it as it comes." Master Blaster answered.


Batman entered the sanatorium and saw Jackknife leaning against the wall but Master Blaster was no wear to be seen. Just then the doors behind Batman opened as Master Blaster and Dr. Young walked in.

Dr. Young walked past Batman and Past Jackknife looking like she was in a hurry towards the doors to the Medical Foyer or at least the hole in the wall that was the doors.

"Where is she going?" Jackknife asked.

"To get her notes." Master Blaster said only for Batman to glare at him for leting an unarmed woman walk around the island. "Don't worry Bats my agent Aoi yami is going to protect the doctor."

Before anyone else could talk a loud BING sound came from the elevator signaling that it was on this floor and could be used.

"Who called the elevator?" Jackknife asked.

Dr. Cheng looked over the railing down at Master Blaster, Jackknife, and Batman "Wasn't us. It's coming from the lower floor!" He said.

Jackknife was the first to climb the ladder up to were the elevator and doctors are. Master Blaster was next up followed by Batman.

Batman looked around before asking "Where is Officer Cash?"

"he went with Dr. Young." Dr. Cheng said.

Master Blaster and Jackknife entered the elevator Batman followed a few seconds later. The doors closed behind them before the elevator began to move.

The TV monitor turned on to show a picture of Joker "OH hello boys. Hows it feel to be in a small metal container hundereds of feet above the ground? I could blow the wires and drop you all to you're death..." Joker stoped for a bit "BOOM. HA HA HA HA HA. Just kidding. But I do have a question... What are you afraid of?" after that question the TV turned off.

Just then Batman, Master Blaser, and Jackknife all started to cough but only for a few seconds. After they were done the doors to the elevator opened showing a hallway with a window at the end. A Doctor and an inmate were banging on the window as the room they were in was full of green gas.

The two men disapered into the gas before a voice was herd "Please, Dr. Crane, don't do this!"

Master Blaster, Batman, and Jackknife walked towards the window.

"There is no Crane..." A scratchy voice said.

The first voice screamed "They're all over me!"

"Only Scarecrow!" The scratchy voice said as a silhouette of Scarecrow was seen in the smoke by Batman, Master Blaster, and Jackknife.

The silhouette dissapered as if Scarecrow ran away. Batman tryed to run after him but was blocked by several metal bars welded in a door way.

"So what are you afraid of Bats." Joker asked over the Intercom "Not geting to Gordon in time, Gotham burning to the ground, ME in a THONG. HA HA HA."

Master Blaster then saw a weak wall at the end of the hallway and threw a land mine at the wall. The mine attached to the wall and a red light on the mine started to blink faster and faster. Batman back away before the land mine exploded blowing the wall to pieces.

Batman was first threw the hole followed by Master Blaster then Jackknife. They made there way threw a matmice tunnel before they got to a room with a small grate in the wall.

Batman was first in the room and saw Gordon laying down beside the grate. Gordon was about to say something before something pulled him away. Batman ran off Trying to get to Gordon in time. Master Blaster and Jackknife ran after Batman wondering why he was running all of a sudden since they were just outside the room and did not see Gordon.

After they got out of the tunnels and into a hallway Jackknfe and Master Blaster saw Batman standing near a body but they couldn't see who the body was.

"Who is that?" Master Blaser yelled to Batman.

Batman looked over his sholder. "Gordon."

Jackknife and Master Blaster looked at each other even though there faces were covered they knew each other looked surprised. They then ran over to Batman but stoped when they saw Gordon's body.

"Shit." Jackknife cursed.

Master Blaster looked at Batman "He was a good man."

Batman nodded "One of the best." he then pressed a finger to his communication device "Oracle. It's Gordon he's... he's dead."

"Sorry but the number you have dialed is not in service. Please hang up and make you're call again." A voice said over his communication device.

Batman took his hand off his communication device before looking at the dooor to his right. Jackknife turned and walked towards the door before kicking it trying to open it. The door didn't even move so Jackknife just turned to Batman and Master Blaster and shruged his sholders.

Master Blaster looked down the hall in the other direction "only one way to go."

"Why not use you're bombs to blow the door open?" Batman asked.

Master Blaster pointed at the belts that crossed his chest that had two metal squares on each one. The metal squares are half an inch thich and two inches wide and two inches apart.

"These are Nano Space Pockets. I invented them. Each one can hold hundereds of gernades or other obejects." Master Blaster explained. "But for some reason they are not working." He said before pressing one square which caused a white holografic outline gernade to slowly apper. The hologram began to fill with color but then the hologram disappeared.

Master Blaster let his hand drop "Normaly a real gernade is reconstructed in half a second. For some reason they are not working."

Master Blaser didn't wait for a response before he started walking and was quickly followed by Jackknife who was followed by Batman who walked a few feet behind the others.

They made there way to the end of the hall which lead to the morgue. All three of them entered only to see the room was empty except for a few dead bodys.

Jackknife was about to coment but was cut off by a erie disembodied voice saying "You shouldn't be here!"

"If you say so." Master Blaster said in a jokeing tone.

"Get out of here!" The voice said again this time loader.

"OK." Jackknife said sounding anoyed. He turned around to leave but saw Master Blaster and Batman were no wear to be seen.

"Oh. What the." Jackknife said

"GET OUT!" The voice yelled.

Jackknife sighed before opening the door and leaving the morgue only to enter another morgue that looked almost the same as the last room. The differneces is that there is garbage bags and cardboard boxes all over the room along with graffiti on the walls.

"Looks like my child hood." jackknife said.

(few minutes ago)

"Get out of here!" The voice said again this time loader.

"(So I'm stuck in some warped mind world. Probably created by fear gas.)" Master Blaster thought as he turned around to face the door "(Jackknife and Batman are probably in there own 'fear world' since there no wear to be seen.)"

"GET OUT!" The voice yelled.

Master Blaster opened the door and walked into another morgue which was simular to the last but this one has body bags on the tables. Insted of walking to the body bags Master Blaster closed his eyes and took a deep breath then exhaled. When he opened his eyes again the morgue looked the same as before, empty.


OK now first I had Young talk to Master Blaster about her notes because it would make more sence since they were together.

second I'm NOT saying Master Blaster is better mentaly than Batman just because he can push away Scarecrows fear gas effect. This will be explaned in the next chapter.

Also how do you like the Nano Pockets?

That is it for now but next time we see Master Blaster and Jackknife verse Scarecrow('s hallucinations) I'm not doing Batman in the "Fear World" because you can see that in the game.