So Sick By: XXHeartlessrobotXX

Veronica P.O.V

"No JD! I'm so sick of this crap!" I kept a cold glare on his amazing eyes. "Come on darling, society needs to rid itself of these fucking Heathers." He shouted at me. I looked away. "I can't take this bullshit." I felt a tear escape from my eyes. JD tried came closer to me and touched my hand. I felt a sudden warmth enclose me and I loved it."Do you really think killing people is the answer? Do you JD?" I looked at his deep dark eyes. He held my face with one hand and he held my waist with his other arm. My lip quivered. He wiped my tears away. "Oh, my darling. I don't know anymore." He held my waist tight so I wouldn't leave in fear.


'Is killing people the answer? I don't know but if I would kill for her back with me' I thought. I'm so confused all I know is that I don't want her to escape me. I can't take the sadness. "I would stop all of it for you. I need you Veronica. And you need me...right?" She looked at me directly. I ran my fingers through her hair 'so soft' I thought. She rested her head on my chest and I inhaled her scent. 'Oh my God! Her smell drives me crazy! I love her so much.' I moved her head and my lips met her soft lips. I felt a jolt of warmth of out kiss as. I cupped her face in my hand.

Veronica P.O.V 'ohmygosh' I calmed myself down as I felt the jolt of spark JD gives me. I caught my breath. I break the kiss and gasp for air. Then I wrap my arms around his neck. " I always loved your eyes JD." He smirks and entwined my hair in his fingers. "My darling, your mine." His voice was raspy and sexy. Then he kissed my neck and started to suck on it until I felt a hickey. I muffled a moan that purred in my throat. "No asshole can have you now my dear Veronica." His voice became very husky. I smelled his earthy scent in my nose which I adore. "Mmm JD. You smell so good." I purred in his ear.

JD P.O.V 'Theres my Veronica' I thought as I grinned. "Well it smells fantastic outside also. Wanna get out of here?" I motioned to the window. She nodded. I took her hand and after we climbed down the ladder she smiled slyly. "yeah it does, maybe even better than you." I pretended to be offended. "Maybe you should smell again." Veronica came close to me an wrapped her arms under my trench coat. She snuggled her head in my chest as I held her. "Want to play corquet my darling?" She smirked "only if you will admit defeat"."Bring it on!".

An hour later

Veronica P.O.V "That was the best game of corquet I've ever played." JD said. We were both completely naked except for JD's trench coat covering us. "Yeah and the aftermath was even better." I kissed him. JD chuckled slightly which warmed my face. He pulled me closer to his body and I snuggled up close."You know what darling? We should do this again." I smiled "I couldn't agree more."

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