"Korra, you're going to train with Jinora and Ikki today. I have business to take care of with the council, so I'll be back to check up on you three later," Tenzin was saying. Korra was sitting on the ground, looking up at Tenzin tiredly, only half paying attention. "Yeah, okay Tenzin," she voiced lazily. The man sighed and turned around. "I'll be back around noon," he said, leaving. "Bye, daddy!" Ikki called as he left, waving her arm.

Jinora turned and faced Korra. "All right, Korra. We're going to practice something a little different today," she started. The Avatar stretched and stood up, hand on her hip. "'Different' in what way?" she questioned. The girl smiled and answered, "You're going to work on your blocking. First, we'll start with your firebending. You block our airbending with fire, and we'll go from there."

Korra shrugged and got into a ready stance. "Don't think, just let your reflexes take over," Jinora instructed. "All right, Ikki." The two girls started bending, sending whips of air at Korra. The Avatar was doing great for a short while, the fire breaking apart the air flow as the two sisters sent it at her. But the teen had stopped letting her reflexes control her movements and that split second of thought caused a mishap.

"Ikki, stop," Jinora said, waving her hand at her little sister, who dropped her arms. "Korra, are you okay?" she asked, walking over to Korra. That last move had caused some of the fire to travel along the air current and double back at Korra. "Agh, Jinora, it hurts," the Avatar said, carefully holding her arm up to show the burn. "Come on inside. Ikki, tell mother Korra has a burn," Jinora called to her sister, who nodded and ran off.

Inside, Korra and Jinora sat at the table. A minute or so later, Pema came in. Ikki had gone off to entertain Meelo and keep him out of the way.

Pema sat in the chair next to Korra, placing a few things on the table. "Haven't you ever heard the saying 'if you play with fire, you're going to get burned?'" she sighed, shaking her head. Korra huffed and just put her arm on the table. "All right," the woman then said, reaching for a tube of burn cream.

Korra cringed at it. She hated that stuff. Couldn't she just put ice or something on it? "This will hurt a little," Pema voiced, dabbing a little of the cream on the burn. Korra flinched and let out a tiny gasp. "Not a little," she muttered.

After a few minutes (and several protests from a squirming Avatar) later, Pema was finished patching up the burn, which was actually a bit larger than she first thought. Korra glared at the bandage on her arm. "I suppose you're going to scold me now?" she asked, looking at Pema. The woman smiled at her. "Oh no, I would never. Besides, I already scold the kids enough, why would I do it to you?"

Korra gave the pregnant woman a look, to which she received a smirk. "Try not to burn yourself again, okay?" With that, Pema stood up, smiled, and left.

The Avatar muttered something about Pema and sarcasm before snorting and leaving Jinora to herself. The girl snickered and reached for the book she had left on the table earlier that day.

Author's note: I tried to Pema and I'm pretty sure I failed.