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Rustle rustle.

"Is that a hint for me to ask what the problem is, or...?"

"What?" asked Hermione, momentarily looking up from her credit card statement to peer at a frowning Severus. "Oh, sorry. It's just that there's this odd charge and it's from a company that I don't remember buying anything from."

It was a Saturday morning. Following a lie in and breakfast, which they both cooked together, the two returned to her room and climbed back into bed. They remained in their dressing gowns, although neither bothered to tie its sash and more than once, Severus used the opportunity to stick his hand inside the opening and fondle Hermione's breast. At first he'd remained on his side of the bed, engrossed with the morning paper, while Hermione dumped all the mail she'd received that week into her lap and began tearing open envelopes.

Putting the newspaper down and leaning over to investigate, Severus took the credit card statement from Hermione's hand and held it up to his nose.

"That tow-headed toff."

"I'm guessing you mean Lucius?" Hermione hazarded in under a second.

"Who else?" Severus grumbled, flicking at the paper. "That slick bastard. I didn't know he had it in him."

"Had what in him, exactly?"

"The gall to figure out how to use your computer, find a place that sells items for the… boudoir, and then figure out what the hell a credit card is used for."

Hermione's face transformed from perplexed amusement into absolute fury.

"Do you mean that idiot is responsible for a shopping spree at the...what the hell is this place called—" Hermione snatched the statement from Severus' hand and squinted down at it, "—Salaciously Lacy? What the hell kind of name is that! And furthermore, he owes me £1509.80! What the hell did he buy for fifteen hundred pounds?"

"No idea but that's small change to him," Severus replied. "I know him so be assured that he has every intention of reimbursing you, but I do wonder what he splashed out on. But if it's something purchased by Lucius Malfoy you can expect that he went all out."

"For fifteen hundred pounds? From a shop called Salaciously Lacy? For that price I hope he bought the whole damned store!"

Hermione huffed and puffed and worked herself up into such a state that Severus, who was usually calm, began looking worried.

"I'll hex his balls off if you like," he offered.

"No, he needs his balls," Hermione sighed. "Well, maybe just one little part of his balls. But I promise you this, if Lucius doesn't fix this and fix it fast, I'm going to hex off more than just his balls!"

Thankfully, in three days' time, Hermione found out what Lucius had spent her money on, and the blond's dangly bits were in marginally less danger.

A huge box had been delivered while she was at work, and a neighbor left a note on her front door stating that she'd accepted the parcel. A mild breakdown ensued as Hermione read the note and she blushed seven shades of red upon remembering the name of the store, knowing that the lascivious name would be a dead giveaway to what sort of items were in the box. Thankfully the box turned out to be wrapped in plain brown paper and had been discreetly labeled; for all her neighbor knew books could have been inside. Actually, that idea wasn't farfetched at all: the box was so damned heavy that Hermione wondered if books were inside. Because she couldn't use her wand to levitate it back to her place, she'd had to feign being helpless and allow the woman's husband to carry it to her front door.

The moment he left, she double checked her door to make sure it was locked and drew all the curtains. Only then did she levitate the box to her bedroom and it landed with a loud thump on her floor.

"What in fresh hell..." she murmured, gingerly cutting the box open with magic and pulling out wads of frilly, sweet musk scented paper.

Inside the box was a large assortment of lingerie—expensive lingerie, and all of it was in her size. Hermione also noticed that it was all in colors she knew for fact Lucius preferred, and she gave an exaggerated exhale and shook her head.

"I'm going to kill him...I'm going to eviscerate him and wear his pretty blond hair as a..."

Wig was the last word on the tip of her tongue, but the sight of the next object that had been buried beneath the lingerie rendered her silent. Various sex toys and other accoutrement were pushed to the side, as she could only focus on two items that stuck out from the rest: an intimidating-looking harness and a lifelike dildo.

Between Severus and Lucius, Hermione had all the penis she could possibly handle. Their raging libidos always left her more than satisfied, and she couldn't remember the last time she'd masturbated. But after taking all that into account, she wondered what the hell she was going to do with a strap-on.

"I'm sure I'll find out sooner or later," she murmured to herself, neatly repacking the box and lugging it into her closet. "Dear gods, please tell me I have a bottle of wine in this house. I think a glass or two, or even the whole bottle is in order."

Sooner came faster than Hermione expected. She and Severus had dinner at her house on Friday evening. Once they were done Lucius showed up, and Hermione didn't wait for him to settle on her sofa. Immediately she thrust her credit card statement in his face, lips pursed as she waited for an explanation.

"Oh, that," he sniffed dismissively, delicately loosening each finger of his gloves before removing them. "I have the monies for payment."

"Yes, well, it would have been nice if you'd asked to use my credit card before actually doing so," Hermione huffed, tossing the paper onto her coffee table. "For the record you owe me £1509.80. And how did you manage to use a credit card anyone? I didn't think you'd know anything about Muggle purchases."

"My son is dating a young man who grew up in the Muggle world," Lucius explained, sounding as though Hermione should have already known. "I may have gleaned a thing or two. Are you really that shocked?"

"I guess not," Hermione admitted grudgingly. "But the next time you decide to splash out with my credit card, let me make a suggestion: don't."

"Very well, my apologies," Lucius replied sincerely. "I did hope that you would have enjoyed my selections."

"The lingerie is nice, I will admit, but there were certain items that left me confused as to what I'm supposed to do with them."

Severus remained quiet the entire time, taking great joy in listening to Lucius being chastised. At the mention of 'certain items' he looked at the blond, awaiting an answer.

"I'd much rather show you than tell you," Lucius answered, smirking. "Now why don't you slip into something more comfortable? I suggest one of your new nighties."

Hermione glowered for a second, but decided that she was also curious about her new lingerie. The sight of the harness had made her forget about the rest of the contents in the box, and she hadn't been bothered enough to fully look at everything else.

She put on the first thing that captured her eye: a wicked black lacy affair that was complete with thigh-highs, garter belt, and a bralette that would hide no secrets. By the time she was slipping the short, coordinating satin robe over everything, she was able to hear Lucius and Severus in her bedroom. The only noise was a hushed argument about something, and Hermione lingered in her bathroom, attempting to hear what they were up to. When the suspense was too great she stepped back into the bedroom and stood with both hands on her hips, affronted that their attention was remaining on her television.

"Honestly? Sometimes you two are no better than teenagers," she snapped, shaking her head after glancing at the show that completely captured their interest. "And where the hell did that come from?"

"It was in the box with the rest of your...toys," Severus answered. "Lucius insisted that I play it for him."

"Don't pretend as though you didn't want to see it, Severus," Lucius drawled, prying his eyes away from the TV to look at Hermione. "Hmm, very nice. Much nicer than this." He gave a small nod to the television.

"Don't you know that pornography is nothing but bad sex with horrible acting?" Hermione pointed out, cringing at the couple on the screen: a woman with breasts so large and fake that it was a wonder she could walk upright, and man who was bald, had dirty fingernails, and was perspiring like a pig even though they were still dressed. Rolling her eyes, she slid onto the bed and shifted between the two wizards. "I didn't even realise that was in the box. Good thing too, if you ask me; how the hell does she go about finding bras? And he's not even touching her properly and she's screaming her head off. This isn't porn, it's a joke."

Hermione had never really gotten into porn, mostly because all of the ones she'd seen were horrible. Then there was the fact that she was way past the point of being merely satiated sexually; between Lucius and Severus she didn't have to lift a finger, as the two men were always eager to please her.

"You make a compelling argument," Severus agreed quietly, tilting his head and frowning as the couple ripped off their clothes and began going at it like jackrabbits. "It is a bit preposterous, all that racket this bint is making. There is no way that tiny cock is going to have her shouting to the high heavens, especially not at that pace."

"Are we really sitting here, critiquing bad porn?" asked Hermione, also tilting her head and flinching when the man on screen pulled out of the woman and began the process of balling up a fist and roughly shoving it into her vagina, all the while she lay in a twisted position, half dangling off the sofa edge. "OK, that looks painful. I'm open to a lot of things but not that."

"You and me both," Lucius hummed, frowning at the couple's odd position. "Looks like someone would break their neck, not to mention other delicate body parts. Anyway, enough of that. How do you switch off this thing?"

Laughing while shaking her head, Hermione turned off her television. When she turned back around, she found that Severus and Lucius were giving her an appreciate, lingering onceover, their eyes honing in on the satin and lace covering her breasts.

"I can appreciate that you were cross with Lucius for nicking your credit card," Severus began, his onyx eyes traveling down to Hermione's lace-encased thighs, "but you have to admit, the idiot has superb taste in lingerie."

"I resent that moniker," Lucius sniffed, extending a hand to Hermione and smirking when she scowled at him. "Severus is right, dear, you look absolutely delectable."

"Oh, shut up," Hermione said grudgingly, taking Lucius' hand and allowing him to spin her around. He then pulled her close and ran his fingertips down her satin covered hip, humming appreciatively.

"I hope you don't mind if I take the opportunity to fill your wardrobe with more items like so. A woman beautiful as you should only have the finest silks and satins caressing her delicate skin."

"Severus, may I borrow your dragon-hide boots?" Hermione asked in mockingly sweet tone, turning to look at the professor. "I think I'll need them to wade through your mate's muck."

Severus released a hearty laugh that made Lucius scowl and Hermione smile.

"I think we should try out some of your new...items," Lucius stated, looking down at the box in the middle of Hermione's bedroom. "I seem to remember purchasing some sort of scented massage oil..."

"It's in there," Hermione assured, arching an eyebrow as she stooped down to root through the box. "You're lucky it smells good. Also, I want a massage of my own at some point."

"And you shall have it," the blond promised.

"I'd also like to know what the hell I'm going to do with that," Hermione deadpanned, pointing to the harness, still in the box and lying on top of its contents.


"Yes, that."

"I did say I preferred to show instead of tell. Perhaps you can show Severus first."

"I have no objection to it," Severus smoothly cut in, causing Hermione to stare at him in shock. "But only if you don't mind," he added, noticing Hermione's apprehension.

"Well... I don't really mind..." she trailed off, looking at him, then the contents of the box, and back at him. "So, what do I do?"

It was clear that Lucius was momentarily in charge of proceedings, and no protest was made on behalf of Severus or Hermione. Once the two men were naked, Lucius bade Severus to lay face down on Hermione's bed. A bottle of oil was pressed into her hand and perching by his side, she dropped a liberal amount onto the black-haired wizard's skin. Using hands and fingers to dig into Severus's muscles until he was limp and pliant, Hermione raised an eyebrow when Lucius gestured for her to move lower. Her oily hands slipped and slid over his Severus' narrow buttocks, and it was clear that he enjoyed having his arse massaged just as much, if not more than his back. That enjoyment eventually turned into an erection and he had to angle his narrow hips so as to not crush his cock.

"I knew he would like this," Lucius murmured, his head propped up on one hand as he surveyed Hermione caressing his part-time lover into a subdued state.

Severus wasn't the only one enjoying the massage; Hermione found it arousing to feel him pushing back against her hands. She wondered if she was the slightest bit depraved for getting off on rubbing his behind, but when her fingers delved further down and brushed against his pucker, feeling it clenching when she circled it with one oiled digit, the sudden flash of wetness between her legs let her know that she was in fact depraved.

"Slide a finger in as you rub his balls. He loves that," Lucius suggested, taking the bottle of oil from the bedside table and pouring a generous amount into his hands. He swept his own broad, oiled hands over Severus' upper back while keeping his grey eyes focused on Hermione's hands.

Eventually he slipped both hands down to the firm globes of Severus' behind, keeping them parted for Hermione while she slowly twisted her middle finger about, nudging the tip against his prostate. That earned a low groan from the black-haired wizard, and he writhed inelegantly beneath the hands caressing him into a higher state. Eventually he was coaxed to lie on his back, and Hermione continued slowly fingering him while Lucius licked his chest and fondled his balls.

"I want to see Hermione fuck you," Lucius murmured before planting his open mouth against Severus'.

Right then Hermione knew who the harness had been purchased for. She was silent, knowing that Severus was going to decline, and her jaw nearly hit the floor when he spread his legs wide. Lucius had to tug her off to bed and personally remove her knickers, and Hermione couldn't help but to feel ridiculous as he helped her into the harness. Watching Lucius as he made all the necessary preparations, which involved more of the oil and the longest of his fingers being eased into Severus, Hermione adjusted the harness until it was snug around her hips. Yes, she felt nervous, but secretly she was thrilled at the opportunity to try something new. Once she was situated Hermione had to stand at the edge of the bed and Severus scooted closer. A pillow was placed beneath his hips and after he was oiled further, she placed the tip of the dildo against his arse.

"Slowly," Lucius instructed, a dirty little smile on his lips as he watched the phallus being slowly worked into his partner's body. Little by little Hermione moved against Severus until her hips were flush against his narrow behind. His rock hard cock bobbed a little with each of her slow thrusts, and soon clear rivulets of arousal were leaking from the tip and leaving a mess in his dark thatch of pubic hair.

For all her fuss about not wanting to use the harness, Hermione told herself that she'd been behaving like an idiot. She was getting well turned on; Severus' stomach muscles clenching with every push forward; his erect, greedy cock waving about and dribbling all over, his slim legs up in the air while his toes flexed and relaxed depending on her pace, and the deep, guttural moans coming from his mouth stirred her into frenzy. Hermione grew so turned on that it wasn't long before on her own juices were running down her inner thigh, thick and heavy and leaving just as big a mess. Some part of the harness indirectly caressed her clitoris with each stroke into her lover, and it was hard to tell who was enjoying themselves more, her or Severus.

Each of his moans prompted her to thrust harder, to the point that muscles in her behind and thighs were beginning to burn from the effort. None of that mattered to Hermione; she continued gripping Severus's lean thighs with one hand while the other strayed over his cock, sometimes tugging it in her fist and other times merely massaging the underside with her slick palm. It was rare for Severus to tell her when he was about to come, but seconds before shouting out his release, Hermione fucked him thoroughly to the point where his cock was twitching on its own accord, and her eyes were captivated by the sight of that thick length of flesh jerking against his stomach before erupting into a hands-free orgasm that left his navel covered in multiple streaks of pearly spunk.

"Oh fuck," Severus panted, legs trembling against Hermione as she carefully pulled out.

"To think, you were ready to tear me a new one," Lucius mused, smoothing one hand over Severus' wet stomach. "I do believe I'm jealous."

"Hermione, I believe that's your cue," Severus told her, groaning as he moved over.

Once the harness was spelled clean and Lucius prepared (two of Hermione's slim, oiled fingers buried knuckle deep in his arse had him moaning like a whore), he perched on all fours while waiting for Hermione to move behind him. Between watching Hermione fucking Severus and then having his own hole filled, his cock was just as stiff and needy and he readily welcomed the dildo.

The idea alone of fucking Lucius from behind was erotic enough, but watching his broad back arch further and further as he pushed back to meet each thrust nearly had Hermione hypnotized into a higher sexual state. In between coarse moans he sputtered for her to grab his cock and she reached around and beneath him, tugging the rock hard tip and shivering when she felt how wet it was. The bed springs and headboard were protesting beneath their combined weight and fervent rocking motion, but Hermione was so far gone that she didn't care if the entire thing left a hole in the wall.

A dozen more pumps, a few more tugs of his prick and Lucius shouted as his cock began pulsating in Hermione's hand, jets of come furiously spurting and leaking between her fingers. By that time Hermione was dangerously on edge; her cunt felt swollen beyond belief and so sensitive that she knew just a whiff of warm air would likely send her over.

Fortunately she didn't have to wait long. Lucius wasted no time in unrigging her body of the harness, then lying on his back and pulling Hermione to straddle his face. She was so wet that the moment his tongue touched her, the rest of his face was soaked, but then he began sucking on her clitoris as though it was a cherry drop, and the gentle tugging pressure was enough to make Hermione come in a pounding cry.

Barely recovered from the strong release, Hermione was ready to lie down until Lucius slid from beneath her and Severus took his place. Allowing her a moment's reprieve, he took his leisurely time with kissing her inner thighs and allowing his lips and tongue to touch everything but her clitoris. Somewhere along the way Lucius slid two thick digits into her quivering channel, rotating them until Hermione was clenched tightly around his middle and ring fingers.

For the briefest of moments, Hermione told herself that she, Severus and Lucius put the horrid porn they'd just viewed to shame, as well as any other porn she'd had the misfortune of viewing. It was her turn to moan like a whore when she was pushed onto her back, a pillow shoved beneath her bum and knees in the air. Hermione reckoned that she should have gone through the Salaciously Lacy box more carefully, because she never noticed the tiny paddle inside, which was now in Lucius' hand and being brought down onto her puffy labia and sensitive clitoris. The light swats didn't exactly hurt, but they left her swollen flesh hot and tingling, and Hermione was surprised to find that she could get so turned on from having her pussy spanked.

Always learning something new with these two, aren't you?

Severus took over the paddling, sometimes gliding the smooth surface over her pussy, making sure it caught the tip of Hermione's stiff clitoris. She needed to come so badly by now that Severus could have fucked her with the paddle's handle and she would have been grateful. Just when she was on the verge of crying from being teased for so long, Hermione cried out at the sensation of two tongues lapping at her while one finger snaked its way into her clenched hole, another into her clenched arsehole. Her entire body shook as she exploded in a gush that left the two men wet from nose to chin, and Hermione had no idea of the way she clawed her way across the bed until she realized the way she was crunched in one corner of the mattress.

There was nothing for Hermione to say once she was able to catch her breath. She didn't give a damn what Severus and Lucius did at that point, so long as they didn't yank the pillow from beneath her head.

"I wonder if Hermione is going to tire of us screwing her into unconsciousness," she dimly registered Lucius murmuring at the end of her bed.

"No idea," Severus replied. "Where the hell is my wand? As much as Hermione doesn't mind the interim of being screwed into a delirium, I know she'll hate waking up to a cold, wet bed."

Whether Severus found his wand or not, Hermione had no idea. She was completely unaware of everything as she drifted off. Loud snoring woke her up hours later, and Hermione rolled over without opening her eyes, knowing that the motion would make Severus also wake up.

"So is that how it is, then? Shag us and leave us?" Hermione joked when Severus opened his eyes. She been half expecting to find herself sandwiched between two wizards and was almost disappointed when she noticed Lucius' absence.

"In his defense he did try to stay for as long as possibly, but I believe he and Narcissa had dinner plans with some pompous twats or another. I wasn't really listening," Severus replied groggily, smoothing his hand over Hermione's hair when she rested her head on his chest.

"Speaking of dinner..." Hermione trailed off, pausing to listen to her gurgling stomach, "I think we need to make some plans of our own."

Hungry though they both were, the two lingered in bed for another hour, unwilling to move from the warm, comfortable spot. Only when Hermione complained about the start of a headache did Severus gently nudge her from beneath the blankets.

After dinner and a shared bath, Hermione and Severus returned to bed. Hermione was reclined on her side, half-draped over Severus and walking her fingertips along the length of his naked chest. It was obvious that he enjoyed Hermione's caresses, even as his hand lazily caressed her back.

"You're oddly quiet," Severus commented, chuckling when Hermione pretended to be upset.

"I'm just thinking back to what my life was like before I knew you. Really knew you, that is."

"Dreadfully boring and filled to the brim with arduous bouts of horrible sex," Severus supplied, and Hermione groaned.

"No idea if I would have phrased it exactly like that, but yes, I suppose you're right," she agreed. "And just so you know, you're stuck with me. There's no way I would ever meet a man who could fill your shoes, and to be frank, I wouldn't even bother trying."

"I would be lying if I were to say that the sentiment is not mutual. Also might I point out that is it damned near impossible to find someone who shares the same enthusiasm for books as they do for bedsport?"

"Why, Severus, do you mean to tell me I turn you on with my bookishness?" Hermione exaggeratedly batted her eyelashes.

"Surely you didn't think I'm lying next to you solely on your ability to suck my bollocks until I've forgotten my name. No, there's no way I could abide the company of some vacuous idiot who left my ear bleeding from nattering on about things that will never interest me. Don't get me wrong, there are times when I gravitate towards a fine set of robes or a new pair of leather shoes, but neither warrant a three-hour long conversation."

Hermione stifled a giggle. "Who tried to lure you into a three-hour conversation about shoes?"

Severus turned his head and glared down at her. "Three guesses: he's tall, blond, and pompous."

Hermione laughed and moved her hand lower, toying with the sparse, wiry hairs beneath Severus's navel. "He's been friends with you for how long? Lucius ought to know better."

"In Lucius' defense, he wasn't the only one who tried to bore me with lengthy mentions of material things, although I did threaten his manhood if he didn't shut up."

"You are ruthless, Severus Snape," Hermione whispered into his chest, flicking out her tongue at his nipple. She teased him like so for a minute until Severus gently fisted his hand in Hermione's curls and guided her face toward his. "It's a good thing you mentioned being fond of my brilliance, otherwise I would think that you just kept me around for all the wicked things I do to you."

"That's just one reason, a very good reason, albeit it just one," Severus reassured, lifting his head slightly and pressing his lips to Hermione's.

"But for the record," Hermione murmured in between kisses, "I enjoy doing wicked things to you. When my tongue touches here"—she paused to slide her hand beneath the blankets, tickling the soft spot just beneath the head of his erection—"you make this little sound that leaves me with wet knickers, granted if I'm wearing any."

"No, if I have any say in the matter."

Hermione smiled. "Don't laugh," she began, blushing a bit, "but despite wanting to kill Lucius for using my credit card, I will admit that I enjoyed putting his purchases to work."

"Is that right?" Severus asked, a wicked gleam in his dark eyes. "And which did you like best?"

Hermione bit her lip. "The harness. I didn't think I would like it that much but I loved it."

"Just say the word when you're ready to use it again."

Hermione arched a brow, her lips twisting into a smile. Those words were all the encouragement she needed.

The idea of having total control was as much a turn on as Severus lying before her, completely naked and spread across her bed. He allowed her to shave him until every inch of skin below the belt was as smooth as hers. Following that Hermione used her lips and tongue to tease her mate until he groaned from the faintest of touches. She teased his small, dark nipples with her teeth until swore under his breath while using a moistened finger to circle the head of his cock. While all that was taking place, Hermione kissed and licked her way down Severus's chest and stomach, lightly nipping at the skin just above his hipbone.

In the midst of everything, Hermione told herself that she would never tire of pleasing Severus. It was a turn on just to know that she alone was able to render him into a babbling lump of wizard who could do no more than thrust his narrow hips towards her mouth, grabbing onto her head yet making an obvious effort to not clutch too tightly, all the while allowing all manner of swears and gibberish to fall from his lips. Up and down Severus's lower half moved, undulating like a wave as it eagerly sought out the wet heat of Hermione's mouth.

"Oh fuck, you are entirely too good at that," Severus rasped, swearing loudly when Hermione engulfed his entire sac in her mouth.

"That's not a complaint, is it?" she asked cheekily after pulling back. "Because I can stop if you like."

"I know you have a wicked streak, but even you couldn't possibly be that cruel."

"No, I would never do that," Hermione conceded. "Besides, I would be denying myself the rare opportunity to make you lose your head, and that's not going to happen." Twisting her fist around his saliva slickened cock, Hermione fumbled for her wand with the other hand and Summoned the amber bottle of oil that was just a bit out of reach.

Severus opened his eyes and smirked down at Hermione. "What do you mean, 'rare opportunity'?"

Hermione smiled as she uncapped the bottle and poured a liberal amount of the fragrant oil into her palm.

"Well, usually I'm the one who ends up losing her mind before passing out. I told you, I thought that fainting thing was some cliché romance novel thing until falling into your clutches."

Severus's breathing had been choppy and labored when Hermione's mouth was in the middle of devouring him. Now his chest was rising and falling slowly with each deep breath as he watched the young woman perched between his splayed thighs, one hand sliding up and down his glistening cock while the other gently cupped and massaged his sac.

"In your defense I've passed out nearly the same way afterwards, only you were snoring too loudly to notice," he pointed out.


Hermione slid one oiled finger between Severus's buttocks, teasingly moving forward until her fingertip was against his pucker. The man inhaled sharply when she lightly rimmed the outside, and when she eased the digit in, moving painfully slow until it was knuckle deep, his erection noticeably jerked and smacked against his abdomen.

Eventually Hermione worked her way up to two fingers, and Severus had both legs bent at the knee, toes curled and his hips rocking forward with each measured thrust of her wrist. Hermione's hand encircled the veiny length of rock hard flesh a few times, but Severus moaned all the same when she reached up to play with his nipples while fingering his arse.

It seemed as though Severus was unable to keep his hips still, and it took a bit of effort for Hermione to keep up with a consistent motion. That didn't matter, however, because seconds later, a series of moans erupted from Severus's lips, his muscles reflexively squeezing Hermione's fingers at the same time. Hermione was transfixed at the sight of his quivering penis which lurched one, two, three times without any manual stimulation, before furious jets of come shot out and landed on his stomach and chest.

It was a while before Severus was able to speak again—not that he had much to say. Hermione remained perched between his legs, still waiting for his next move when Severus leaned up, swiftly pushing her onto her back and burying his face and nose into her soaked pussy.

"Do you have any idea how wet you are?" he murmured rhetorically, slipping his tongue into Hermione's hole and pressing one hand flat against her belly when she nearly leapt out of his grasp.

Hermione had an idea of just how wet she was; each time she'd shifted on the bed when pleasuring hikm, the juices trickling down her labia and inner thighs became harder to ignore with every passing minute. Severus hadn't been the only one in danger of a hands-free orgasm, Hermione was sure she was right about to come on herself when she witnessed his cock spurting all over the place. Now with memories of that still fresh on her mind, combined with Severus sucking and lapping at her sensitive flesh, one hand palming her arse while the other played with her breasts, Hermione wasn't shocked when she reached climax within minutes. Her release was quieter than Severus's, as she was unable to do more than twist her fingers into the sheets while throwing her head back and opening her mouth wide in a parody of a silent scream.

Quivering all over in the aftermath and fighting to catch her breath, Hermione doggedly pushed herself up to find Severus licking his lips and surveying her with a pleased countenance.

"You are entirely too smug for your own good."

"I'd like to think that I'm the right amount of smug," Severus replied, slipping from the bed and bending down to retrieve something. Taking into account their conversation from earlier, Hermione assumed he was getting the harness.

Her assumptions turned out to be correct, and Severus climbed back onto the bed with it in his hand. He slid it over her legs and up to her hips, fastening the straps and making sure that she was comfortable. It was still somewhat strange wearing the harness, and even stranger to have Severus straddling her thighs, easing down onto the dildo just like she did with him countless times before. But every time he lowered himself on to the harness, his semi-erect cock gave a little bob between them and Hermione found herself completely enthralled.

Part of her also yearned to be filled, but Hermione was more concerned with Severus taking his pleasure, and she gripped onto his narrows hips, unable to stop herself from encouraging his rocking motion. But then he paused for a moment to reach behind him, and Hermione felt her thighs being pushed farther apart and the blunt tip of what felt like a realistic dildo being placed at her entrance.

"I guess you missed this one," Severus chuckled when he saw the confused yet anticipatory look on Hermione's face. "Also there's a reason why the harness has a hole in the crotch."

"I was too preoccupied with other things to notice the hole," she bit out as Severus used the dildo's end to spread her slippery juices around before working it inside. At first Hermione thought he was going to continue manually penetrating her with the toy, but after giving it a quick tap with his wand and turning back to face her, she realized just what type of spell he had cast.

As Severus moved up and down, the harness pressed against her still sensitive clitoris. The toy he'd charmed thrust on its own in a deep, even pace and combined with the pressure of the harness, plus the erotic sight of Severus riding her, Hermione soon found her toes curling.

While Severus might have been taking the lead, it was becoming more difficult by the minute to decipher who was doing the fucking and who was being fucked. Hermione's fingers dug deeper and deeper into Severus's hips, while his hands cupped her breasts and did wonderful things to her pebbled nipples. Each time Hermione rocked her hips to thrust up into her wizard, the charmed dildo hit a different spot inside her, ensuring that she was never without sensation. The curved tip poked and prodded her g-spot which made Hermione writhe and twist about, yet she wasn't able to move much with Severus still straddling her. The weight of his body forced her to remain prisoner to the onslaught of pleasure that hit her at every angle, and Hermione dimly wondered how long she would be able to take this.

Soon it became clear that despite Severus being on top, it was he who controlled the intensity of their lovemaking. Hermione vainly attempted to retake the lead, but Severus merely pried her hands from his waist, pinned them above her head and to the mattress, before leaning forward and capturing her mouth in a deep, sensual kiss. Meanwhile his body rocked smoothly against hers, unerringly causing his now fully hard shaft to press into her skin, leaving her navel wet with a sticky trail of pre-ejaculate.

"You look so fucking gorgeous like this," Severus's deep voice rumbled into the side of her sweat-dampened neck, his tongue darting out to capture a droplet.

An inbred sense of politeness would have made Hermione say 'thank you', but she was otherwise engaged with clinging to Severus's hands, panting and whimpering into his mouth when he kissed her again. Becoming utterly consumed by the dual exchange of pleasure, Hermione forgot all about her rekindled feelings of shyness about wearing the harness. The idea of a dildo charmed to plunge into her had also seemed mildly ridiculous, but now that she stood on the precipice of climax, not one ounce of shame made itself known.

She did, however, feel the need to watch Severus's cock bobbing around between them, and Hermione opened her eyes and looked down.

"Wicked girl, you want to see me shoot all over your tits, don't you?" he goaded, making Hermione flex her inner muscles which caused the toy to shift slightly and press even more fiercely into her g-spot.

"Yess," she slurred, too far gone to utter any words that had more than three letters.

"You first. I want to hear that pretty little cunny of yours becoming drenched. Such a naughty girl, you are, creaming yourself at the idea of fingering and fucking my arse. I ought to put you over my knee and spank your arse and pussy until she squirts all over my fingers."

The more Severus talked, the wetter Hermione could feel herself growing, and her already swollen channel maintained a firm grip on the pistoning toy. Yet no matter how tightly her body's grasp, it was not enough to stop the dildo's magically-induced action, and with Severus now riding her into the mattress, the circling motion of his hips indirectly stimulating her clit, Hermione found herself completely unprepared for the orgasm that plowed into her. A sound halfway between a shriek and a cry rang out from her chest, the noise loud enough to alert the neighbors had it not been for the silencing charms she and Severus always used.

Hermione's eyes remained open, wide yet unseeing during that soul-shattering release. It took a few minutes before she was able to focus on her wizard, but that time was short lived as stirrings of another orgasm soon began forming in her belly.

Severus's spell turned out to be just as relentless as him. Hermione came more times than she could count, chest burning from the inability to breath, her face growing more red and sweaty by each one. Her speech had been reduced to a few stutters and syllables, and she was very close to collapsing from exhaustion. It didn't seem possible that Severus could wring another drop from her, but he was on the verge of release and that knowledge was enough to set off her senses. Severus's lower half moved roughly against hers as he clasped one arm tightly around Hermione's shoulders, clutching her tightly against him while fucking himself on the harness and moaning lustily into the side of her face. Together they reached their peak that last time, Severus erupting all over her stomach and breasts as promised, and Hermione screaming shrilly as she exploded in a surge that left her inner thighs and the bed soaked. Her panting was so heavy that it took several tries before she was able to speak again, and Severus had just collapsed atop her chest when she began wriggling beneath him.

"Stop... make it stop..." Hermione pleaded in a ragged voice, attempting to move a hand between them but unable to force her hands to release the grip on his back.

"What—oh, sorry." Severus apologized when he remembered the charmed dildo. He attempted to move yet found himself trapped in place. "You need to let me go first, love."

Hermione laughed weakly as she pried her fingers loose, her breath hitching again as the phallic device dipped in one more. Severus leaned up on one arm, reaching over to the bedside table for his wand and pointing it between Hermione's legs. She sighed and went limp the moment the dildo went still, whimpering a bit as Severus reached down and slowly withdrew it from her swollen flesh. His next order of business was freeing himself from the harness, then Hermione, followed by using his wand to clean their skin and the bed.

"You know, there are loads of times when I could say that I love magic, but it's moments like now that truly make me appreciate it," Hermione mumbled, lazily turning over and burying her face into a pillow. "If I actually had to move from the bed to get a flannel after all that, I'd end up being glued to myself until morning."

Hermione heard Severus laugh under his breath as he rose from the bed. She didn't realize that she'd dozed off for a few minutes until he was sitting next to her again, running a warm, damp cloth across her skin.

"There are some things that even magic can't do," Severus stated, his point being proven as Hermione moaned softly when the flannel was moved between her legs. "Drink this and then you may go back to sleep."

"You are an absolute treasure," Hermione replied, sitting up just enough to take the proffered glass of water. "How did you know I was thirsty?"

Severus glowered at Hermione as he rose once more from the bed, still naked as he walked to the bathroom to dispose of the used flannel.

"After all this time, I would hope that I'd be able to decipher what my woman needs," he drawled, walking back into the bedroom and shifting next to Hermione with a black hair elastic in hand. "Now I know you hate going to sleep with your hair loose but we both know that I cannot plait for shite. I'll braid it for you if you like but I don't want to hear a single world about what a shoddy job I've done."

"The fact alone that you're still willing to handle this mess automatically ensures that I won't complain," Hermione giggled. "I promise, I won't utter a word."

Severus harrumphed as he swept Hermione's wayward curls into place, plaiting it to the best of his ability and securing the end with the elastic.

"I swear on everything, I love you," Hermione sighed happily once she felt the braid cascading down her naked back. "I would kiss you again but I can't move."

"The sentiment is mutual on the first account, but I'd still like that kiss before you begin snoring."

Hermione laughed as Severus shifted to drop kisses all over her face. She was still smiling after he switched off the lights and pulled the duvet over them, keeping one arm around her waist.

"Your snoring is worse than mine, by the way, so shush."

"Like hell it is, Hermione. Like hell it is. Now go to sleep."

Hermione would have protested but found herself too tired. Besides, there was always tomorrow.