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Lon was deadfrozen. Invasion? On Moland? Lon couldn't believe what he just heard.

"Repeat, did you just say they are planning to invade Moland?"

There was no response. Lon became worried something may of happened.


The general walked behind him. "Captain Lon, I know things look grim, but our scientists were able to quickly manipulate the lasers and rockets from your ship. We got a fleet of at least 10 fighters ready for you. Should we ask the Morden empire for assistance?" said the general.

"Wait, your saying our scientists were able to manipulate those laser weapons and rockets within 30 minutes? How is that-"

"Long story. Anyways, with the fighter type ships we had made, we will be able to equip them with the new lasers and photon missiles" interrupted the general. Lon stood there with at least some hope in his face.

"I ask again Captain, may we send a request of assistance to-"

"Yes general. Get their fighters equipped when they arrive. We need a lot of help if what Thorn said is true" interrupted Lon.

"Yes Captain Lon. If I am correct, they should arrive here within 2 hours."

"Wait a minute, they usually take 2 weeks to get here! What do you mean 2 hours?"

"Well some of our scouts found some warp dimensional technology while you and Thorn were exploring that planet. We were able to tell the Morden empire about it and we both built jumpgates. They should help travel between our planets much easier."

"Whatever. Inform me all about it after the battle. Have the cities fully armored with turrets, we don't know what may happen" commanded Captain Lon.

"Yes captain! YOU HEARD HIM BOYS, TO YOUR BATTLESTATIONS!" said the general. A few seconds later, the radars popped up with warnings all around.

"Whats going on!" demanded Captain Lon. A soldier rushed to the radars to see what was going on.

"Captain, the invading forces are already warping out!"

"WHAT? EVERYONE GET TO YOUR BATTLESTATIONS QUICK!" commanded Captain Lon. Everyone was rushing like hadies just trying to get to their postitions.

Lon hurried back to his ship and prepared the engines. The enemy fleet was still 5 minutes away from the planet. Not a second after, Lon's ship was launched into space outside the planet's atmosphere. The other pilots hurried their way to their ships and did the same.

The enemy fleet was already fast approaching the planet. They were 5 minutes away from entering its gravitational orbit. Things looked grim for Moland.

Lon and his fleet soon were above the planet, ready to fight to the death. The enemy fleet was more powerful then them by technology, and numbers.

Lon was just 1000 feet away from the enemy fleet. Then all of a sudden...


The enemy fleet opened fire on the defenceless ships. They quickly evaded the attack and started firing their weapons. It was lasers vs death rays. Just a bit of that ray could wipe out a Stage 6 Empire Ship.

The battle went on for only 2 minutes and the Moland's seemed to be doing better then they ever thought they would be. They managed to take down a few enemy fighters and didnt lose one themselves.

"Alright, Alpha 2 and 5, with me! Were taking down that warship!" said Lon. They did as they were told and followed Lon on his tail. They turned and dodged enemy death rays and headed for the enemy warship's bridge.

"When I say fire, fire at the bridge with all your might!"

The captain of the flagship quickly noticed this and alerted his comrade's on the other ship. The warship focused its death rays on the squad.

"Look alive, they've spotted us! Evasive actions but stay with me, and keep heading for that bridge!" screamed Lon. The warship fired its phaser at the squad. Lon and Alpha 2 quickly moved, but something was wrong with Alpha 5's engines.

"Alpha 5, whats wrong!"

"Sir, something is wrong with my engines! I can't seem to properly-" worried Alpha 5. He was interrupted by the blast of the phaser impacting his ship, blowing him up instantly.

"Thats our first loss men! Let's try to not suffer another one!" commanded Lon. Alpha 2 used his afterburners to get to the enemy ship faster, but Lon was displeased by his actions.

"Alpha 2, stop! Stop using your afterburners! Their only going to-" Lon was interrupted when Alpha 2's engines suddenly flipped out of control and he crashed into the bridge of the Warship. The warship quickly fled into a hyperspace tunnel as it could not risk taking any more damage without exploding. The flagship stayed however and open fired it's death rays onto all of the planet defending ships.

Lon's fleet was dwindling fast and soon all he had left was a few fighters left. Before they went for the final showdown, a hyperspace tunnel opened and a heavily armed warship came out and open fired on the flagship. The flagship turned and return fired, but was no match for this ships incredible agility combined with incredible firepower. The flagship was forced to retreat into a hyperspace tunnel, saving Moland and Lon's remaining fleet.

Lon was stunned at this feat. A ship suddenly came out of nowhere and just took the flagship down like it was nothing, where his fleet was having so much trouble just trying to get to one of their ships.

Lon was cut off of his imagination when his transmitter was beeping. He turned it on and saw the face of a unknown species. The unknown person went first.

"Hello strangers. My name is Captain Ploon. I am the captain of my ship called the Weapon Communicator, and lead Admiral of the Florian Empire's military. I am finally glad to meet you ship to ship." said Captain Ploon. Lon couldn't believe what was happening.

"Um, hello. I am Captain Lon of the Moland Empire, and lead captain of the Moland Military Forces... that is if we had any." responded Lon.

"Ah, so your a beginning Class 6 empire?"

"A what?" Lon was confused by what Ploon was saying.

"I'll explain everything on my ship. Whenever your ready, prepare for extraction. You'll be taken back to your ships afterwards." Lon was again confused by what the Florian was saying, but listened anyways and prepared for this "extraction". He soon was teleported on board Ploon's flagship. It was much more massive inside.

There were multiple computers everywhere controlling each gun of the flagship and plenty of seats for both passengers and personnel. There were many decorations and windows to be able to see outside the ship. Lon had never seen such a ship, even so close.

Lon and his crew slowly walked forwards admiring the beauty of the ship.

When they were nearing the captain's seat, the captain turned his seat and faced Lon.

"Welcome Captain. Welcome to my flagship." said Ploon.

"Wow, this is amazing! I never imagined something like this could ever be made!" responded Lon. He and his crew were such in awe.

"Here, let me give you a tour and explanation of the ship. Lets start with it's hull." started Ploon.

"The ship's hull is made out of light tritanium armor, sadly one of the weakest armor for spaceships."

"Wait hold on, I thought tritanium was a average used armor?" interrupted Lon.

"It is, it is just one of the weakest spaceship armors, only second to Heavy Armor."

"Oh. Our space ships use Heavy Armor, so no wonder we were defenceless against them." joked Lon.

"Yes well that can be a problem later on. Specially with the Poppero empire, due to their advanced technology."

"Poppero empire?" asked Lon.

"A Zealot Empire striving to 'spread Spode's will across the galaxy'. They eliminate anyone they deem unworthy or those who do not believe in him, or just dont worship him enough."

"Is that the same empire that attacked us?"

"Yes actually. Your just lucky that we came when we did. Otherwise, your planet would of been conquered at this time."

"Wait, why did you even come here? That doesn't make any sence."

"We were heading to a planet to complete a mission when we detected a Poppero fleet attacking something. So we came out of hyperspace and sure enough, we found a Poppero flagship attacking your fleet. We immediatly attacked it and chased it off, but that won't be the last of them. Didn't they have a warship with them though?"

"Yes they did. We were on a intercept course with it but one of my fleet member's engines failed and it crashed into the warships bridge. I don't know how the warship would still be able to warp after that." explained Lon.

"Warp technology is actually based off condensing your ship into a small piece of matter, actually to as small as an atom. You basically stay in the same place, but you also move incredibly fast. Sort of hard to explain. But it doesn't matter if your ship is damaged. Just as long as there is no big holes in your ship, or the Jump Engines arent damaged, you can still warp just fine without any worrys." responded Ploon.

Lon was stunned with all the new knowledge just given to him. It was sort of hard to take it all in at once, but managed to let it sink in.

"Anyways, the ship's hull, as I said, is made out of Tritanium Armor. It provides some protection, but one blast from a deathray is all it takes to destroy it. Unless its a mothership made out of tritanium armor. Then it will take two death ray blasts, one only if its lucky. Now on the extra defences." continued Ploon.

"The ship has two blast wings, one on each side. These blast wings help provide defence against, well blasts. Missile explosions, planet explosions from a planet buster, nearby explosions, etc. The main aspect of the ship is to be agile, quick, and tough. The ship is made out of multiple weapon systems. We have two laser cannons, one on each blast wing on the side. We have a continous laser cannon at the front of the ship right there."

Ploon pointed at a laser cannon that looked more heavily armed then the blast wing cannons.

"Finally, we have two heavy laser cannons near the bridge. A total of five laser cannons, but six being fired at a time due to the continous fire from the front laser cannon. It's basically a heavily armed agile flagship. It's why I named her the 'Weapon Communicator'. Silly huh?"

"Nope, I think it's actually a good name. I mean, its a heavily armed ship." responded Lon.

"Okay... well anyways, the ship has an antenna to talk to Class five planets who haven't reached space yet-"

"Seriously, what is with Class number planets/empires? What does it mean? Come on, tell me!" exploded Lon. He was tired of hearing that term and never knowing what it meant.

"Alright. I'll try and explain it as best as I can. The 'Class System' is a easier way for everyone to easily classify a planet's current state in technology. Class zero is when the planet has no life at all. Easy as that. Class one is when there is life, the most sentient creature on the planet is a cell. We don't know what goes on at class one because it is all in the ocean.

"Scientists have predicted though that all of our species went through this stage though. Class two is when the species is a creature that has begun evolving. This is not where the species takes its final evolution though. Class three is when the species are highly evolved and becoming sentient beings. They can be from small, cute but smart thinkers, to big, tall, deadly killers. It all depends on evolution.

"Class four is where the species is sentient enough to start coming together as a group, or a tribe in other terms. At this time as well, the people on the planet will start making technology and slowly advance to create what we have today. Class five is when a sentient species dominates the planet, becoming ahead of everyone else on the planet, and starting civilization.

"At this stage, the only way to advance into space is to dominate all other opposers. Because other empires on the planet can cause economic problems, dislikings, wars, culture disagreements, riots, all sorts of stuff. Wether the unite is from war, trade, or peace, depends on the leaders.

"At Class six, where your species is at currently, is where the empire, federation, union, alliance, reigme, or whatever the chosen leadership is, finally goes to space. However, they usually still only have one to three planets, not being a very powerful force, but noticeable enough.

"At Class seven, this is where they begin to spread, grow, and propser. The average amount of planets controlled by a Class seven empire is six planets. The minimum is four, while the maxium is ten, and maybe a bit more. My empire currently controls five planets.

"At Class eight is where the advance in space technology really begins. Usually they dont expand too much, at the most of ten more planets, but their technology increases massively. Class eight empires are usually seen as large threats as they are one of the most powerful forces in the galaxy." explained Ploon.

"Wow, thats a lot of stuff to take in. But I think I get it now. Do you just call these classes by stages at any times?" asked Lon.

"We usually don't, but sometimes, just in rare chances, we do. Class one is a 'cell stage. Class two and three is a 'creature stage'. Class four is a 'tribal stage'. Class five is a 'civilization stage'. And class six through eight is 'space stage'." said Ploon out of breath.

Lon took another view of the flagship. It was just a beautiful sight to not take your eyes off. Lon looked at his crew who were still taking a look around the ship.

"Alright, well anything else that this ship contains that you might want to mention?" questioned Lon.

"Well, we have side view windows that we can open and close from the inside. We also have some decorations at the outside but other then that, I've already basically told you what the ship has."

"Amazing what a ship can have. I never imagined something like this."

"Neither did we." said Ploon.

"Well, you said you were heading for your mission's target right? What was it?"


"Sir, we are almost there." said a pilot.

"Good. I want to see how much damage the Poppero empire did. It will be laughable probally. If the Poppero are still there when we arrive, open fire on them. Were taking this planet from them when they capture it." said the king.

"Yes sir. We'll alert stations to ready weapons. We should be arriving in 2 minutes." said the pilot.

"Excellent private. I think after this you'll ALL be earning a promotion!" yelled the king.

The whole crew shouted in cheer.

"Pongo-5?" asked Lon. He never heard the name before but yet it sounded famaliar.

"Yes, Pongo-5. We recieved a distress signal from the inhabitants there. They said they were having problems but couldn't explain over a transmission. They didn't tell us why they couldn't though. My empire sent me to investigate since I had the highest skills of the Florian Empire."

"Hmmm. Thats interesting. Is it possible that I could come along?" asked Lon. A beeping sound was suddenly heard and a pilot quickly ran to the computer beeping.

"Sir, a ship is coming! Unknown ship, unknown empire, unknown person!" yelled the pilot.

"Is it coming from hyperspace?" asked Ploon.

"Um... actually... no it isn't..." said the private. Lon knew exactly who it was.

"Ah hes here finally. Was wondering how long it would take him to arrive." said Lon in confidence.

"You know who that is?" asked Ploon.

"Can't be certain, but if you give me a closer view, I can confirm my suspisions." said Lon. Ploon setted out a droid and launched it to the incoming ship. The droid got close enough and took a picture. The picture came on one of the computer's screens. Lon knew who it was.

"Yep, thats him. Thats Thorn, my best friend. He was in a fight and was busy trying to live. He's part of the Morden Empire, the Molander Empire's ally." explained Lon.

"Ah, I see. His ship seems to be in fine condition."

"Indeed it does. I'm actually surprised he didn't recieve too much damage." said Lon, when another beeping happened on the same computer as before.

"Sir, we got another ship coming! And its coming through a hyperspace tunnel!" said the pilot.

"Got any ally's or friends who know how to use hyperspace?" asked Ploon.

"The Mordens are the only empire we knew until we met you. Get me and my crew to our ships, we'll escort Thorn's ship to safety near the planet." said Lon.

"Alright, stand in that location." Lon and his crew did as what he said and they were soon all teleported to their ships. They quickly went to Thorn's damaged ship and led it to the planet.

"Lets see who this person may be..." said Ploon in excitement.

"Sir we are coming out of hyperspace now." said the private.

"Good, good. All weapon systems on ready!" commanded the king. The weapon managers did as what they were told, and the mothership soon warped out of hyperspace. But what they saw was much different what they would of expected.

"What... whats this! The planet is totally fine! No buildings destroyed, no black marks, no change on the planet at all! The Poppero Fleet isn't even here!" yelled the king with rage. He was furious that his plan was not going as planned already.

"Sir, we are detecting a flagship, a damaged destroyer-class ship, another destroyer-class ship, and four fighters."

"Open communications to the flagship! I want to know the meaning of this!"

The unknown vessel that came out of hyperspace halted in it's advance but it's weapons were armed and ready for anything. It was obviously expecting something else to be happening and be in the battle itself.

"Sir, the unknown ship is attempting to communicate to us. Should we confirm?" asked the pilot.

"Yes, confirm it. But that mothership looks awfully famaliar..." commanded Ploon. The pilot pressed a few buttons and then a unknown tall green man was standing in the transmission screen. Every Florian regonized who they were.

"King Zoziang of the Zozers..." said Ploon with shock in his voice.

"Ah, Captain Ploon of the Florians, we meet again." said Zoziang.


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