Ghost Of Oswalds Past 4. Home At Last

Oswald felt himself tumbling down, down, down. He could feel the walls of the tunnel when her reached out moving past his fingertips. His fall slowly came to a crawl as he reached the end of the tunnel. It came out into a bright white light. He covered his eyes as the light became too bright for him to see.
When Oswald opened his eyes, he felt some cold paper underneith him. As he sat up, he looked around the world around him. It was a small room, with some papers tacked to the walls. He tried to look at them but the lines never stayed still. As he became aware of his surroundings, he felt like he was on an incline. Oswald stood up, to see he had been laying on a drawing table. There was something vaugly familiar about this table.
Oswald took a step back to get a better look at the table and the ground left his feet. He fell backwards. Oswald feared he was about to fall to the floor, but he instead landed on a chair. It felt soft and warm. Oswald picked himself up and took another look at the table. It looked more familiar than before. But he couldn't place it. Suddenly, he heard voices. He turned toward the door of the small room, and he could see the shadows of people behind the door on the glass window. There were words on the glass of the door as well. But they were backwards. Oswald hopped off the chair and bounded over to the door so he could read the words shadows that were cast on the floor. He read them carefully and slowly.
Oswald felt his heart flutter. He recognised this room. It was the drawing room where he had been created. The door opened behind him and Oswald turned to see Walt standing in the door, looking at him, smiling.
" Dad?" he asked, his words echoing slowly in the empty room.
" Yes, Oswald. Welcome home, son," said Walt, smiling down at the rabbit. He stooped down and held his arms open to Oswald. Oswald ran into his arms and was embraced in a strong hug. Owsald looked over his fathers shoulder to see he was holding a piece of paper in his right hand. It read," Copyright of: Oswald The Lucky Rabbit. There mentioned character is now owned by The Walt Disney Company." Oswald smiled and hugged tighter. He was finally back home.
" Oswald?" said a voice. It was Ortensia's. Only it was a long way off. The room, and his father became fuzzy as he looked for the sound of the voice. Suddenly his eyes opened very slowly.
" Oswald, your awake!" Ortensia excalimed excitedly. Oswald looked around. He was back in his bed in Ostown. Had it all been a dream?
" Ortensia?" he asked weakly, looking at the black cat.
" Yes, Oswald. Your finally back,"Ortensia said brightly, embracing her husband in a gentle hug. Oswald brought up his arms that felt like they were lead weights, and embraced her in a strong hug back.
" Where is Mickey, where is Gus?" he asked quickly when their embrace finally parted.
" They are waiting outside. Should I bring them in?" Ortensia smiled.
" Yes, please," Oswald sighed, his back hurting.
Ortensia gave a nod and she went to the door. Gus and Mickey came in a couple moments later.
" I'm glad to see that you alive. I told the gremlins you were tough," Gus said, grandly. Mickey just smiled. Oswald gave a weak smile back.

Ortensia came in twenty minutes later." Okay boys, Oswald needs his rest now," she said, ushering the two from the room.
" Wait, can Mickey stay for a minute or two?" Oswald asked quickly.
Ortensia looked at the two brothers for a moment before saying," Okay, but only for two minutes."
Mickey smiled and went back to the chair by the bed. The door closed behind the two toons, and the brothers were left alone in peace.
" You wanted me to stay a moment?" he asked.
" Mickey, you saved my life. I probably wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for you," Oswald said.
" It's nothing, Ozzie. Your my brother, I couldn't let that evil creation hurt you," Mickey said.
" You know Mickey, I am called the Lucky Rabbit."
" Yes."
Oswald took a look at Mickey." But you're luckier than I am. You never had to deal with Mintz. I...I wish I could have stayed. With Walt," he sighed, a tear rolling down his face.
" I know. Walt never stopped thinking about you, Oswald."
" He didn't?"
" No. I remember he used to take trips to Universal to try and get you back. But, he was always denied everytime he went. He never stopped trying to get you back"
" Mickey, thank you for telling me that. It helps to know Dad never forgot about me. Thank you," Oswald said, a smile in his voice. A small tear of joy rolled down his cheek.
" Come on, Mickey. He needs his rest," Ortensia called softly.
" Okay. And Oswald, I have a surprise for you," said Mickey.
" What is it?" yawned Oswald.
" You'll see," Mickey said mysteriously before Oswald fell asleep again.

A couple weeks later, Oswald was almost all healed up. His ear was almost healed and he was now walking around. He sat on the step outside his house, looking at the sun. Suddenly, a dull thump came, accompanied by what felt like a gentle punch in the chest. Then it happened again. And again. And again.
Oswlad put his hands to his chest, and it was unmistakable. His heart was beating again. A goofy smile spread across his face. Suddnely, the door opened behind him and Ortensia came out.
" Oswald! My heart, it's beating again!" she said excitedly.
" I know, my heart is beating too," he said, hugging her close.
The rest of the day went by the same way, most of the characters in the Wasteland started to receive their hearts, even the Bunny Children, who asked OSwald and Ortensia what that thumping in their chest was. The next day, Mickey came by. Oswald was laying in the hammock out front when the sun got cut off. He opened his eyes to see who was blocking his sun " So, do you have your hearts back?" Mickey asked.
" Yes. How did you get our hearts back?" Oswald asked quickly.
Mickey explained that Disney had got Oswald's character design back 4 years ago and had been stuck on how to re-introduce the character to the public. When Mickey had told them about his first trip to the Wasteland, they suddenly had an angle to reintroduce all the characters that had been forgotten.
" Why did they call it Epic Mickey?" Oswald asked.
" I had no part in the naming. They said since I was the one who had told them the story, that I should be named after it. But, it gets better," Mickey said.
" What is it?" Oswald asked.
" There is going to be a new video game, and you are a main character," Mickey said. Oswald suddenly hugged Mickey tightly.
" Thank you brother, thank you," Oswald said. he couldn't beleive it. It was almost too good to be true.
After nearly 80 years of being a forgotten soul in a world no one knew about, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was finally home. And the heart beat goes on.