Apology Note…and a summary.

Here we are…I'm doing the one thing I promised myself I won't.

I am deeply sorry to all of the people who've kept up with this fanfiction. But I just can't update this story anymore. You deserve an explanation as to why it has come to this…that is why I'm posting this note here. But I will also provide a brief summary to how I was going to end it to give this story some form of closure at the end.

Anyway…to put it bluntly, I'm mentally incapable of carrying on with this story simply because of the amount of emotional attachment I have to this.

As for closure…

Harry will eventually tell Fleur about his visions and the connection he has to Death. Fleur will hide her meeting with Fate and all that she knows.

Harry had already surrendered his life to Death, which meant he is now only living on 'borrowed time'. He would only live until the moment Voldemort falls.

Death had tricked Harry into making the deal by showing him visions of Fleur and his yet-to-be-born daughter, both of who are subjected to a less than ideal life with him as he slowly succumbs to the addiction he has with magic and eventually loses himself to the darker side of him that was born from everything he'd gone through.

Fleur on the other hand will learn everything she can from Fate, a woman of elvin descent from a different time and place who'd been Harry's bonded in another life. The same events played out with her unable to stop Harry from succumbing to Death's manipulations, causing her to devote her life into learning all there is to know about the after-life which ultimately lead her to the Yggdrasil. It's unknown what she did, but it enabled her to become an aspect of Fate itself.

Together, both she and Fleur work on altering Harry's mentality. Fleur allows Fate to manifest in her body even, using her 'Veela' as a container. This seems to work. For a short while.

But towards the final battle between Harry and Voldemort, no one anticipates the fact that Death had seen through Fate's plan and changes the course of events by leaving Harry and Voldemort standing, but Fleur lying dead on the ground due to an unfortunate turn of events causing Harry to completely break.

Voldemort decides to leave Harry alive as he wants to give him time to grieve. He orders his Death Eaters to leave, explaining that he'd won the war, but he's not enough of a monster to go through with murdering the only opponent who'd ever matched his power and strength of will in cold blood when he'd lost everything.

An year later Voldemort had conquered much of Britain, subjecting it to his reign of terror. People search for Harry, never finding him since his disappearance in the final battle.

The epilogue however has two women, one with dark red hair and pointed ears, the other with silvery white and blue eyes. The red haired one asks the other; "Are we ready?"

The white haired one nods and replies; "This time, we do this together."

That was just to get a general idea. I haven't outlined everything obviously, just the main plot points I had in mind.

Since I don't want to end on a negative note…I'm not done writing stories here.

I will be re-writing 'His Angel' as well. After all is said and done I'm not as happy as I should be with this story. My older chapters can use a lot of work. To be more accurate, I'm thinking of doing a sort of spiritual successor to this.

I still like 'Harry/Fleur' as a pairing and I still face palm seeing the new stories that come up under this category. Not all, but most of them are pretty cringe worthy. And that says a lot coming from a guy who wrote one long fluff piece.

I just need this story out of the way so I can concentrate on getting back into writing It's a source of guilt whenever I write another chapter for a story that's not this one since I know a lot of you who keep reviewing this really want this continued.

I don't know when you'll see me begin the re-write. Might be soon, might not. Either way, I hope to see you all again when I do post that new chapter.

I really am sorry for this.