An Introduction

I'd like to welcome you all to my anthology of sorts. You see, I've begun a new era for myself, a new chapter in my life. Perhaps it's more of a sequel. It is only now, nearly a decade after my first journey into the lands of literature, that I have learned how to finish a story. As such, this anthology is a testament to the days before then. To the days when finishing something was, well, not at all a concern of mine. Enjoy these half-baked tales the best you can. I've left them unedited, so they're as crappy as I found them.

This "book"-as I shall generously call it—will remain as categorically unfinished until I have managed to locate and include all of the fanfiction I have written previous to the publishing of my Pikmin short story: "End of Day." Once all prior tidbits have been located, I shall compile this into a unique PDF and release it as a free ebook. Until that day, it shall remain exclusively here on .