Chapter One

The children were upstairs because there was a meeting downstairs. Molly looked at her hair.

"I fucking love my hair short." She said. It reached her neck.

"Short?" Ron asked. "You call that short?"

"Yours is shorter, stupid."


"Oh, shut up, Ron. Everyone has cut their hair over the summer." Hermione said. The door opened, and Hermione barreled into someone.

"Oh, Harry." She said. She pulled away, and then Molly gave him a hug. Arthur stood, and walked over to him, Ron after him. "Are you alright? We overheard them talking about the Dementor attack. You must tell us everything."

"Let the man breathe, Hermione." Ron said.

"Yeah." Arthur agreed. Molly swayed on her feet. She turned pale. Harry looked at her.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Molly sat down on a bed. "Just been sick the past couple of days, that's all. It'll blow over soon."

"You've been like this for a week, not a couple days." Arthur said, sitting next to her.

"And this hearing at the Ministry." Hermione said. "It's just outrageous. I've looked it up. They simply can't expel you. It's completely unfair."

"Yeah." Harry agreed. "There's a lot of that going round at the moment. So what is this place?"

"It's headquarters." Ron said.

"Of the Order of the Phoenix." Hermione said. "It's a secret society. Dumbledore formed it back when they first fought You-Know-Who."

"Couldn't have put any of this in a letter, I suppose?" Harry snapped. "I've gone all summer without a scrap of news."

"We wanted to write, mate. Really, we did." Ron said. "Only..."

"Only what?"

"We couldn't." Arthur answered.


"Only Dumbledore made us swear not to tell you anything."

"Dumbledore said that? But why would he want to keep me in the dark? Maybe I could help. After all, Molly and I were the ones that saw Voldemort return, we're the ones that fought him, and we're the ones that saw Cedric Diggory get killed."

"Thing is, I knew about this. You didn't." Molly muttered. She shook her head, walked out, and then ran into the bathroom. She shut the door, and put a spell on it so that no one could hear her.

"Harry." The twins said, appearing on either side of him.

"Thought we heard your dulcet tones." George said.

"Don't bottle it up, though, mate. Let it out." Fred said.

"Anyway, if you're all done shouting—"

"—do you wanna hear something a little more interesting?"

Molly came out, and looked at them. "And that is..?" she asked.


They lowered an ear down on a wire. The other ear let them hear what was being said.

"If anyone has a right to know, it's Harry. If it was for Harry, we wouldn't even know Voldemort was back."

"And me." Molly muttered.

"He's not a child, Molly."

"But he's not an adult either. He's not James, Sirius."

"Well, he's not your son."

"He's as good as. Who else has he got?"

Ginny walked up to them.

"Hey, Ginny." Said Fred.

"He's got me." Sirius said.

"How touchingly paternal, Black." Said a drawling voice. "Perhaps Potter will grow up to be a felon, just like his godfather."

Molly could have sworn she heard purring. She furrowed her eyebrows.

"Now, you stay out of this, Snivellus." Sirius snapped.

"Snape's part of the Order?" Harry asked.

"Git." Ron said, in reply. They heard a meow. The ear downstairs jerked.

"Get off it." Fred snapped at the cat, Crookshanks, downstairs. Although it did no good, he whispered it.

"Quick." George urged. "Get it up."

"Crookshanks." Hermione said. All they heard was a meow. "Stop it." Crookshanks came into the picture. He was trying to eat the ear.

"Get off, you bloody cat." George whispered.

"Crookshanks, leave it alone."

"Get it up."

Crookshanks got the ear, and ran off with it.

"Hermione, I hate your cat." Ron said.

"Bad Crookshanks." Hermione whispered. They started to head downstairs. Mrs. Weasley appeared at the bottom. She smiled up at them.

"Well," she said. "We'll be eating down in the kitchen."

Fred and George Apperated on both sides of her.

"Just because you're allowed to use magic now does not mean you have to whip your wands out for everything!" Mrs. Weasley yelled, as the twins ran off. She looked at Harry. "You hungry, Harry?"

"You sure you're alright, Harry? Gave us quite a turn." Mr. Weasley said, putting an arm around his wife.

"Harry Potter."

"Sirius." Harry walked up to Sirius and hugged him.


Molly glared at Crookshanks. "Stupid cat." She said. Crookshanks just licked his chops.

"This is very, very peculiar. It seems your hearing at the Ministry is to be before the entire Wizengamot." Sirius said.

"I don't understand. What has the Ministry of Magic got against me?" Harry asked. Mrs. Weasley looked at her younger self as Harry and the others got into a conversation.

"Molly, how sick have you been lately? Because I've been getting pretty sick too." she asked.

"Pretty sick. Those are the words." Molly answered. She placed a hand on her stomach. Mrs. Weasley looked at her movements, and then did the same.

"One of us is pregnant." Mrs. Weasley said, quietly.

"But which one?" Molly asked.

"We'll just have to take a test, won't we?"

"Guess so."

They started to listen into the conversation.

"...We think Voldemort wants to build up his army again. Fourteen years ago, he had huge numbers at him command. And not just witches and wizards, but all manner of dark creatures. He's been recruiting heavily, and we've been attempting to do the same." Sirius explained. "But gathering followers isn't the only thing he's interested in." Moody cleared his throat. Sirius continued. "We believe Voldemort may be after something."

"Sirius." Moody said.

"Something he didn't have last time."

"You mean like a weapon?" Harry asked.

"No. That's enough. He's just a boy." Mrs. Weasley walked over to Harry, her arm still around her stomach. She picked up the paper, and folded it. "You say much more, and you might as well induct him into the Order straight away."

"Good. I want to join. If Voldemort's raising an army, then I want to fight." Harry said.