Just a one shot I came up with the other day. Decided might as well upload. Anyway hope you enjoy :)

Max walked out of her room to get a drink of water. She couldn't help but watch Caroline as she slept for a few seconds before she shook her head before she could make it she was stopped by a hand lightly grabbing her wrist.

"Max are you OK?" Caroline whispered,still half asleep.

"Yeah was just getting a drink of water." She turned to face the taller girl. Caroline rolled to her side slowly,grabbing Max's wrist a little tighter as she did.

"Come lay with me?" She looked up at Max as best she could before yawning,closing her eyes again.

"Why would I wanna lay in your vagina bed?" She pulled her wrist away crossing her arms over her chest. "An let alone with you."

"Please?" She pleaded,opening one eye to look up at the brunette. "I'm cold and your already up anyway." She reached out for the bottom of Max's,tugging at it lightly. All Max could do was roll her eyes an sigh before climbing into the pink bed next to her annoying roommate.

"Fine but only for tonight,damnit." Caroline smiled gently,moving her head slowly to Max's chest as she lazily laid her arm over the brunettes waist,moving as close to the other girl as she could.

"Thank you Max, I don't know what I'd do without you." She said as best she could through a yawn before slowly falling back asleep. Max sighed and looked down a the blonds face, she couldn't help but brush her bangs away from her eyes. Caroline was so beautiful to her,an even tho she would never admit it she was thankful to have her in her life. She was or rather had fallen for her best friend an badly. She sighed at the thought before her head against the blonds.

'Just for tonight.' She thought to herself. 'Just for tonight I'll let myself love her.' She closed her eyes an took in deep breath. " I love you Caroline Channing." She whispered before slowly falling asleep,not noticing the small smile that tugged at Caroline's lips.


Well hope you liked it, let me know what you thought :)