Yeah, so three hours ago I bought the anime 009 Cyborg, and two hours into watching it, between my squees at all the badassery, I'm like "I NEED TO WRITE A FUCKING FANFIC ABOUT THIS!"

So yes, this fic is based on that anime and follows a similar trajectory, though I am putting my own twist on most things. Even though I watch a ton of action animes, I thought this particular one would be a really good fit for a JR fic. Plus Misaki's voice actor actually plays the main character (SO CUTE! ^.^) so I could really see him in it.

This will be quite different from my other fics, but rest assured, there will be lots of my good ole humor, angst, and smexiness as well :)

Hope you enjoy and thank you for reading! Please drop a review if you like what you see.

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Chapter One: Awaken

"…Wake up…Wake up!"

The teenage boy strapped to the lab table slowly opened his eyes, blinking at the intense white light that flooded his gaze.

"Where am I?" He murmured, glancing around. The small room was empty except for the metal table under him. The boy tried to lift his arms, but found them bound by iron shackles.

"What on earth?" He whispered in horror, yanking his wrists in a panic.

"Release him."

The shackles fell from his hands at the command of the strange voice. As the teen slid off the table, something tugged at the back of his head and fell loose. The boy's eyes widened as he saw a couple of cords lying behind him, almost like the jacks on the end of headphones. He tentatively touched the back of his neck and gasped as he felt several metal holes imbedded in his skin. Had those cords…been plugged into him?

"There's no time," The strange voice rang again. "Quickly. Open." A piece of the wall slid into itself and provided a doorway out, which the boy quickly hurried out of. His didn't know who or what he was or what was going on, but the urgency in the strange voice sent a chill down his spine. But as he stepped out into a corridor, something flashed through his mind.

He knew this place…he remembered being here before…

The soldiers dragged the two teens down the steel corridor, the smaller of the two crying and screaming.

"Nii-chan! NII-CHAAN!" He cried, willing his wounded brother to awaken. But a trail of blood smeared the white floors as the older boy's dripping face hung limply, his eyes closed and his breath shallow…

The teen stumbled back against a wall, holding his head in his hands as the memory came and went. He panted in fright, shifting his arms down to hug his shaking body. And it was then that he noticed something else. He was wearing one piece of clothing, a kind of white jumpsuit that hugged his thin body tightly, all the way from his fingers to a pair of heavy black boots. He reached up and touched a small black patch that sat over the left side of his chest, inscribed with the numeral VI.

"Misaki! Hurry! Go down the corridor and turn left!"

The teen was shaken out of his thoughts as the deep voice spoke again, only to find himself in shock.

"Misaki…" He murmured. "Yes… that's my name."

"HURRY!" The voice barked. Seconds later, red lights began to swirl around the steel halls, coupled with screeching alarms and a robotic voice over a loudspeaker.

"Subject has escaped captivity. All units are to apprehend him immediately. Use of deadly force authorized."

Misaki gasped as he saw at least a dozen black-suited soldiers thundering down the opposite end of the corridor. He turned and began to dash the other way, his footsteps ringing hollowly against the metallic walls. But as fast as he ran, he couldn't seem to make any leeway.

"Misaki," The voice said again. "Once you take that left, you'll come upon an air vent. Travel up it and make you way through the air system. It will lead you out of the building."

Too panicked to ask whom exactly the voice was, Misaki followed his instructions and found the vent.
"B—But how do I get it off?" He stuttered, hearing the guards coming closer and closer.

"Grab it and pull."

"Wh—What! It's bolted on!"


At the harsh tone of the voice, Misaki gripped the sides of the vent and tugged, yelping as the bolts broke and the entire thing came off. In his fright he clenched the metal cage harder and gasped as he saw the steel crumple like paper. He quickly threw the grate aside and struggled into the narrow ventilation passage. Even for a small teen like himself he could barely fit, but the slippery texture of his suit seems to aid in his movement, and he soon found himself in a vortex of small tunnels. Every time a fork in the path came, the voice would tell him which direction to go. The dark, breezy tunnels seems endless, but the boy bit back his fear and wiggled on, almost crying with relief as he saw a bright light filtering in through the grate at the end of the cavern. The vent widened as he grew closer and he was able to flip himself around so his feet were first. With barely a kick, the vent cover flew off and daylight blasted into the darkness. Misaki stuck his head out and glanced around, shielding his eyes from the high sun.

Surrounding an expanse of facility buildings and barbed wire fences was a wide-open landscape of dry plains, almost desert like. And even further in the distance, the teen could just make out cliffs overlooking the sea.

"Near the coast?" Misaki murmured. He looked directly below him and bit back a gasp. The drop down to the concrete was at least three stories. Why had the voice lead him here when there was no way down?

"Quickly. Jump down and run for the fence. Don't stop no matter what." The voice commanded. Despite his fear, Misaki felt a bit of bravery stir inside him from the confident tone of the voice. Whoever it was had been right so far. What did he have to lose?

Sucking in a deep breath, the teen slid to the edge of the vent and sprang down, crying out as the rush of air struck his body. He hit the cement with a sickening thud, but was shocked to find he felt no pain. He carefully sat up, and his eyes widened as he saw thick cracks in the solid concrete where he'd fallen.


The boy cried out as a bullet ricocheted off the ground next to his leg, and he clumsily scrambled up as more sirens and gunfire rang around him. He began to run through the maze of warehouses, picking up a line of wire fence on the outer rim of the base.

This time a round hit his shoulder, evoking a frightened scream from the teen, but as he reached up and clasped his limb, he saw there was no blood.

"Guns can't hurt me…" He whispered, his gait increasing with the bit of boldness. But this bit of bravery faded as he picked up a solid black line of soldiers blocking his way to freedom. The pawns cocked their rifles and bullets began to fly towards him. Misaki let loose another scream and ducked behind a warehouse, jamming his fingers in his ears as shells exploded in an overwhelming cacophony. Tears leaked out his eyes at all the raging violence around him, and Misaki gritted his teeth, trying to still his shaking body.


The teen shook his head in agony as the voice called to him once again.

"Please stop…" He sobbed. "Please make it stop…"

"Misaki, you don't have to be afraid." The voice replied confidently. "You are now more powerful than any of those soldiers."

"B—But…what's going on? What do I do?"

"I promise I will explain everything once we meet, but as for now, I think it's about time we tap into your real power."

Misaki's teary eyes widened.