Chapter Thirteen: Savior

"This way!" Misaki cried, still holding onto Shinobu's hand as they turned a corner. The blonde teen was so shaken all he could do was stumble behind. Hiroki covered their rear frantically, checking every corner and waiting on needles for alarms to whirl down the hall with soldiers on their tails.

But none came, and somehow that worried him more. This was a top-secret black op base and they hadn't seen so much as a guard dog come after them. And his questions multiplied as Misaki led them straight to a deserted hangar and motioned to a small plane.

"There! That plane!" Misaki called. But Hiroki and Nowaki stopped in their tracks.

"What?" Hiroki demanded. "Why?"

"Do what he says Delta…" Miyagi coughed quietly. Even still, Hiroki paused. This just didn't add up! But when a single alarm did begin to sound, he threw his questions over his shoulder and urged the group forward. When they all got inside, Nowaki was surprised to see patient cots and medical supplies, as well as firearms and survival equipment. While Hiroki bolted the door shut and began to set the controls for flight, Nowaki quickly laid the injured Miyagi and Alpha down on separate beds. Alpha's eyes flew open as he was set on his back and he weakly clutched his throat as though a thick snake were wrapped around it. Nowaki carefully took his pulse, slightly alarmed at how it fast it pounded. Digging in a supply cabinet, he found an oxygen tank and mask and placed it over their leader's mouth. He was losing far too much air and it just kept getting worse. Nowaki vaguely remembered their captors' conversation about an allergenic synthetic chemical, but if it was manufactured solely in their lab he had no access to an antidote.

"Everyone hold on!" Hiroki yelled as he took the plane's steering yoke and urged the aircraft forward. Bullets ricocheted off the plane as soldiers began to swarm the hanger, but they were forced to scatter like ants as Delta steered it to the runway, gaining speed at an alarming rate and finally taking it off the ground.

Once their altitude was stabilized, Hiroki activated the autopilot and flew out of his seat.

"Digamma! Watch the controls!" He ordered Misaki, who was huddled on a seat with a shaking Epsilon. The teen nodded and carefully released Shinobu, who was staring at the floor with wide, blank eyes.

"Nowaki!" Hiroki yelled as he raced to Akihiko's side. "What's wrong with him?!"

"He can't breathe. That gas is making his throat swell shut. He'll suffocate if we don't find a solution fast."

Hiroki's face paled and he stared at his friend, feeling completely helpless. Another spasm racked Alpha's body and one of his hands stretched out and latched onto Hiroki's wrist.

"Hiroki…" A quiet voice rang in his mind.

"Akihiko!" Hiroki cried, kneeling at his side.

"In my belt…the pouch on the right side…there's a vial…give it to me…"

Realizing the implications of Alpha's words, Hiroki quickly located the vial while Nowaki grabbed a syringe from the supplies.

"Is it the antidote?" Hiroki said, his eyes going bright with hope.

Alpha rasped painfully in reply and Hiroki handed the vial to Nowaki, who studied the label carefully.

"What are you waiting for Nowaki?" Hiroki barked desperately. "Give it to him!"

"Hiro-san!" Nowaki shot back gravely. "This…this is poison! If suffocation doesn't kill him this most certainly will!"

"It's the only antidote to TXV606…" Akihiko replied mentally. "If you inject it in short bursts it will counteract my symptoms. It may put me on the brink, but it won't kill me…in theory." Hiroki gritted his teeth as his best friend, his lover, and he teetered on a seesaw of life and death, but after a few seconds, he balled his fists and spoke.

"Do it Nowaki…"

"But Hiro-san—"

"I order you to do it!" Hiroki practically screamed, his voice cracking in the process. "Please…please Nowaki…it's the only chance he has."

Nowaki now saw an ocean of pain in two sets of eyes, and with a heavy swallow, he began to draw fluid into the syringe. He then rolled up Alpha's sleeve and located a pulsing vein, easing the needle in and sending but a few drops of the antidote into his bloodstream.

Minute by minute, Nowaki repeated the procedure, and breathed easier as he noticed Alpha's breath becoming less ragged. However, when not even a quarter of the antidote was gone, Akihiko's entire body tensed in pain and he let loose a cry of anguish. His liquid savior was flowing through his veins, but even as they loosened his throat they burned tissue and made his brain and body scream with unbearable pain.

"Akihiko!" Hiroki cried, feeling Nowaki's hand on his shoulder.

"These are the effects of the poison, Hiro-san," He whispered gravely. "I've done all I can…we'll know soon whether his body can withstand the trauma."

The fourth bowed his head, refusing to show his face to the others.

"Thank you…Nowaki…go see to Miyagi…"

Nowaki nodded and went over to the other bed, where Gamma was also breathing heavily. Carefully palpitating the older man's side, Nowaki could feel him wince when he felt the left side of Miyagi's rib cage.

"I don't know for sure without an x-ray, but I think you've cracked a rib. Maybe even more than one."

"Well I knew that…" Gamma said with a forced but sincere smile. "I have 'em after all… Beta, where's Shinobu? Is he okay?"

"Ah, yes. He's fine. I think he's in shock though."

"It's no wonder, being faced with that demon again…" Miyagi whispered with a twisted, angry frown.

Nowaki continued to tend to Miyagi as Hiroki stayed faithfully by Alpha, his face growing a shade paler as Akihiko writhed.


"Yes? Yes Akihiko?" Hiroki entreated.


"He's watching the autopilot. Why? What do you need?"

"Get him for me…I need…to tell him…the truth... In case I don't make it."

"Don't you dare talk like that Bakahiko," Hiroki snapped. "You're going to be fine."

"He needs to know…please Hiroki…"

Hiroki sighed, but stood and headed back to the cockpit where Misaki was diligently watching the controls.

"Oy, kid," He said. "Alpha wants to see you."

Misaki titled his head and slowly got up, feeling a little dizzy after all the action. And as he went to Alpha's side, he shuddered at the man's condition. He looked so awful.

"Misaki…" He heard Alpha's voice weakly ring in his head, his mouth and eyes staying shut.

"Yes Alpha?…Are—are you okay?" The teen replied.

"I—I need to tell you…"

"Tell me what?"

"I need to tell you…about Takahiro…you see, it's my fault that he's dead."

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