Title: Good Boy

Character: Cain

Crazy job: Nanny

Contest: SF Crazy Jobs for :devstarfighter-fanclub:

Comments: I suck at drawing so you get a prosey/poetry fan-fic instead! Hah, I apologize for such harsh letters. I don't feel like being such a potty mouth with the actual words, so instead I want you to imagine every time a swear come up there's a beep over it or some really bad editing done in post.

How the f- did I end up having to babysit the commander's kids?

F- me, if I even thought the commander could procreate!

Now where did those rascals go?

I've looked everywhere for them

And they're no where to be found

I got strict orders to watch them

Or…was it my imagination…?

I remember…




And it wasn't my own…

Everything is still a blur how I ended up here

Which bet did I lose to deserve this?

I don't even have a hangover

I also don't even remember drinking!

"Hey, kiddies! Where are you? Where are you, you little sh-s!"

Laughing from around the corner makes me uneasy.


"Caaaaaain! I want to plaaaaay! Caaaaaain!"

"Where are you—?"

A quick look around the corner… "Commander!"

"Cain! Good. Glad I found you."

The Commander's smiling, this can't be good. "How are the little sh—s, Cain?"


"The little f-s. How are they?"

"Uh Sir…"

"I'm serious Cain, this could be your job if you don't know where my kids are! You do know where my kids are, don't you?"

"Of course Sir." He knows I'm lying. "We're playing a game of hide and seek."

"Of course you are." He's still smiling. "Keep it up, Cain."

I wait for the Commander to leave the section.

You little bastards…Where are you?

I am NOT losing my job over something as petty as losing you!"

"Caaaaaaaain! I want to play with – Caaaaaaain!"

Damnit, I don't know where you are, but I'm done playing this game.

"Hey kids, come out, come out, where ever you are!"


A sharp jolt runs up my back then I fall to the floor.

Another sharp jolt, though this time it's moving it up to my head once I'm pinned to the floor.

"Don't want to play with us anymore, Cain?"

"Not really, no."

Stupid children, I don't like playing games.

"Snoozing on the job, I see?"


"Very well then, Cain, that'll be all."

I watch the children run into his arms in such a playful laughter.

"Did you guys like Uncle Cain babysitting you?"

"Yeah, but he's no fun. WE always kept losing him around here. It was like he didn't want us to find him!"

The commander's eyes were fixated on me. I couldn't move. That piercing look was frightening.


"Yes, Sir,"

"Good boy."

I was confused, though left the section with the image of the Commander's smiling face engraved in my mind.

Let's hope I don't have to do this again.