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My old man is a bad man but
I can't deny the way he holds my hand
And he grabs me, he has me by my heart
He doesn't mind I have a Las Vegas past
He doesn't mind I have an LA crass way about me
He loves me with every beat of his cocaine heart

The night was colder... Colder then any other day in California. It was something that she hadn't realized till the very end.

Her hair was Black with beautiful curls and blue green extensions. She walked toward the club with the utmost confidence. The neon sign out side flashed back and forth between a woman with legs closed and legs open. She had to admit the place was a bit crude but she had to do this. She wrapped the trench coat tightly around her. She could hear her heels clicking load on the slick street. It wasn't to late to turn back to her car but by the time she got the courage she was at the front door.

She opened it deciding against the road less traveled. I mean people had to get some where if this path was so well taken right? The music blared in her ears. Her eyes adjusted to the constant strobing colored lights. Passing by the bouncer with a fake smirk. He nodded and gave her a wink.

She weaved in between drunk men and ashamed men. Happy men and horny men. Their hands full of what she needed the most. She made it back stage the clicking of her heels fading away into the music.

The back rooms smelled of old perfume and excitement. Not a good combination. The nerves racked through her like a virus. The girls gave her a smile and a nod. Some a sneer. She brushed it off all the same. She was still Jade West despite many things that have happened. She wasn't the one to get bullied she was the bully. A reformed bully but a bully all the same. She took off her trench coat.

When had it gotten so bad? 'right after he left.' she thought whole heartedly. From then on everything fell apart around her.

Her usual black get up was coming off to be replaced with something sparkly. With shoes to match. She chuckled when she saw her self.

"If cat was here... If only..." She smiled before turning around looking at her self from behind. Grabbing the mask from her counter. She placed it over her face pouting her face at the mirror, tousling her hair and leaving abruptly it was almost 10:15.

Its safe to say she's not the one experiencing the show but rather putting it on isn't it?

She walked into the darkened room waiting for the lucky customer who paid for her services tonight. She shook off the nerves standing by the door looking at the clock.

Who ever it was, they were late by 8 minutes.. but she got paid by the hour anyway the hour and tips. Her head whipped to the door she heard knocking on the other side.

"Come in.." she said in her sultriest voice and even then it sent a chill through her own system.

The door flung open. She didn't like to look at them. Eye contact wasn't something she was fond of that's what the mask was for but she caught a glimpse just a glimpse of long brown hair. She had to look now.. because Jade charged extra for same sex fun.

She look at him and smiled it wasn't a girl just a girly man. She locked eyes with him for a second. The deep brown was almost familiar. Almost.

The man stood with a smile on his face walking slowly taking his time. He sat down in the chair. His legs spread apart cuing her to approach him. She started her ritual. Looking at his face for another moment. Noticing his smile... not the usual face her customers have. His eyes held lust.. and desire..fire..love and a touch of evil. She got chills up her spine.

"Why'd you stop princess?" He ran his hands up her arms. She shivered again.

"the names not princess its..." She was going to finish Lynn obviously fake but he finished instead.

"Jade?" He arch and eyebrow smiling showing his teeth.

She stepped back a moment. A little thrown off.

"excuse me?" Jade looked at him with a look of confusion. "And you are? And how do you know my name?"

She was still jade despite everything else.

The man sat and smiled. Running his hands threw his hair. Jades memory flashed... showing someone doing the same thing with shorter hair.

"you don't remember?" He laughed a laugh that pierced her heart.

"Maybe this will jog your memory." He grasped her by the waist pulling his lips to hers.

Jade was about to push him off call one of the guards some one but her memory flashed again. Her heart sped up. She'd tasted this before tasted him before. Not from the club but from her past life where everything wasn't so scandalous and dirty.

She backed up and wiped her mouth. Jarring her mask. It was on the tip of her tongue if she could just get it out.

Damn her breathing.

"Beck.." She finally gasped squinting in the darkness. She made out a rough goatee and shoulder length chocolate hair but his eyes the eyes were the same and the skin...

"Hey Jade." He grinned over to her.

"Its..not.. but it can't be..." She ripped off her mask.

"and why not?" He challenged her.

Jade looked around.

"Because it can't last time I checked you were in jail and rehab and messed up..." Jade felt the room closing in on her.

"So... the last time I checked you were..broke... ripping off casinos...running around with Ryder... you know what both of those stories have in common? The word were" HE looked at her with a frustrated glare.

"I've been coming here watching you for at least 3 months now.. Did you know?" He picked something off of his jacket before flicking it away.

"Obviously not..." She fixed her hair and tried to look anywhere but his eyes.

"Still just as snippy I see... the world hasn't softened you.." He was up off the chair pacing the room.

"Still a dick I see.. the world hasn't killed you." Jade tried to stay away from him.

HE wasn't only dangerous but addictive. Like all the drugs he'd done turned him into a drug himself.

"What are you doing here..." Jade tried to avoid him.

"I told you that hot summer day I told you I'd be coming back for you..." He stopped pacing in front of her. Almost challenging her to say he hadn't said what he said that day in Nevada when he picked her up from jail and dropped her off at her parents house all the way in LA.

"well things are different now...I have a job and my life back on track." She was fidgeting.

"you mean you don't need me anymore? You don't need my car or my protection right?" He grabbed her jaw to look straight into his eyes.

Jade jerked away.

"That too." She said with venom.

How dare he come in here. Back into her life and make like she owed him anything let alone her heart or her love. She wanted to sigh in defeat.

'You don't owe anything to anyone who owns it.' she thought again.

"Oh come off it jade Lets not fuck around here...you don't owe me anything of course but you can't act like I mean nothing to you anymore.. I can see it in your eyes despite how good of an actress you are you always can tell it by your eyes when your lying... I've known you for 10 years and you still try to pull this shit..." He was up on her now so close she could smell him. A smell she reveled in.

"Beck..I..." She stammered. Dammit BECK...

"Don't try to weasel your way out of this... I'm back.. maybe that's not enough to just make you leap into my arms but I want to pick up where we left this... and if you want to owe me something.. you at least owe me that."

Jade was speechless... SO UN-Jade like of her yes but lately everything in her life had been UN-Jade like.

"Fine." She gritted through her teeth. She stood with her hand on her hip.

"Good... now I want you out of this place... if were going to do this I'm not going to have you parading in front of other men.."

"excuse me?" Jade looked at him. How dare he.

"I need this job if you haven't noticed I wouldn't do something this mundane without a legitimate reason." She defended her nominal job.

"I Know.. I know Jade... I'll take care of everything.. I just don't want you in this place okay come by my place tomorrow. Here's the address.. . I'm going to take care of you like I'm supposed to."

Any other girl in this joint would be excited...jumping up and down praising god but Jade ever was the religious type.

"So what after 3 years your going to come in and sweep me off my feet is that it? Fuck you... and your pity I don't need it.." She ripped up the card he carefully placed in her hand. Funny thing about this Beck that was different then the one in high school. He wasn't like High school Beck at all this one actually paid attention and understood things...

"No... your going to take this card... come to my house and do as I say...not because I'm telling you to but because its better for you... got it?" He didn't mean to yell he really didn't but he'd learned over the years... when the calm doesn't work the only other thing that does work with Jade is violence,screaming and sex.

She held her grimace but took the card from his hand with a yank.

"Fine.." She turned from him. Tears threatening to spill form her eyes. It'd been so long since someone actually cared enough to do something to better her life...Even if Beck had a twisted fucked up way of doing it.. but he knew what he was doing.

"good...be there at 12:00 and if your not there... I'll find you..." he'd moved back now letting her get by him.

She turned with a half smile on her face. Trying to hide the tears. The mask now replaced as if nothing ever happened.

"you always do." she whispered walking to the exit. Taking one last look at the disgusting red clock over the heart shaped bed.

"11:45" She chuckled before walking away. At least she'd made some extra cash right?

Swimming pool glimmering darling
black bikini off with my red nail polish
Watch me in the swimming pool bright blue ripples you
Sitting sipping on your black Crystal
Oh yeah

Jade walked up the steps of the enormous house. How does a man fresh out of rehab for 3 months afford something like this? But then again its better if she didn't ask questions. The sun was extra bright this day. She knew because she could feel herself heating up in her blue shirt and black skirt.

She got to the gate and buzzed the intercom.

"Hello?" She could hear the anticipation in his voice.

"Its me.." She could hear it in her voice as well.

She was nervous to say the least but put on her best vindictive smile.

The gates opened and she made the journey to the front door looking in awe. The door opened before she made it to the porch. Beck stood flannel shirt on no under shirt with it unbuttoned.

She figured all you did in prison was work out and try not to be anyone's bitch. Beck apparently did both. She could see a tattoo peeking from out under the shirt. He eyes traveling down his abs past his shorts to that path way made of hair. She knew all to well were that led and before she knew it she was face to face with him.

"Come in I was about to swim." He said with a grin on his face. A permanent grin he had since graduation.

"swim... I thought I was here to talk.. I didn't even bring a suit... and since when do you own a mansion and a pool?"

Things were just flying form her mouth. She was usually more controlled but with beck control didn't come easy.

'WE will talk after WE swim and I have a suit for you..." He said walking into the house. She took that as her cue to follow.

How long had he planned this? How long had he really been out of where ever he went for 3 years. All these questions rambling through her head were giving her a head ache maybe swimming wasn't such a bad idea after all.

She looked around fighting a gasp. How he lived in such luxury she'd didn't know.. didn't know if she wanted to know but he had it...

She went into a black room full of bags and boxes. He trifled around in a pink back before he pulled out a black two piece. It said channel on the tag but she ignored it.

"dress and come out back from the glass door okay?" With that he walked out the room and shut the door.

Jade was tempted to look through the bags. Were they all for her? Everything in this room? She took another look form corner to corner was covered in stuff. She couldn't think about that now. She shucked her clothes and shoes putting on the surprisingly fitted bathing suit.

The mirror behind her must be a liar because she looked amazing. The black was a perfect contrast with her ever pale skin. She'd tried tanning before but "like all precious skin" Beck used to say... "It never tans it burns." she did a full turn looking over herself before she ripped off the price tag and looked at it. $178.56.

Her mouth dropped along with her smile as she walked out the room.

"Beck?...Beck?" She hollered opening the glass door, stepping out and sliding it back. She made her way to giant pool looking around at the edge for her tanned companion.

"BECK!..." She yelled one last time before he made his way to the surface of the pool with a grand splash.

"YES!" He said in the same tone.

"How did you know what size I was still? And you paid almost 200 dollars for two pieces of fabric are you crazy?"

She guessed her new perception on life made her see things a little differently. Differently then when she was younger.

Beck bobbed in the water almost ignoring her words and paying more attention to her body. He climbed out the pool tiring of swimming.

"you deserve good things do you not? That's something good. Do you not like that one.. I have a million other colors if you want.." he wiped his face with a plush towel.

"No I don't want other colors.. I want to talk... I want to know how and why you have these things... where have you been all these years...and lastly do you think you can come back from where ever you were and just buy my affection and my love?"

She was standing in front of him. Steaming mad.

He just laughed.

So beck like.

"I don't have to buy something I already have... an you know I wouldn't be so smug about it if it wasn't true. The swim suit however... Jade you haven't change a bit besides your facial features... your still exactly the same as high school. And you told me your self you'd rather die before you became anything bigger then a size 3... As for where I was we both know where I was and how long I was there Jade.. I just want to give you the things I should have been able to give you before I went away."

To anyone but jade that he remembered would be creepy but then again Jade had always loved creepy.

She was a little deflated now but she still had enough in her to keep going.

"where'd you get all this money?" She eyed him looking for any tell of him lying. "answer me that?"

She put her hand onher hip. Something shed become accustomed to doing.

"Now that I can't tell you just yet...the one thing I will deny you as of right now... Jade can't you just accept things as they are now... just for now and enjoy them?" He hands her hands in his hands.

Jade looked toward the pool and then him. His pleading eyes still holding the same look that they did all those years ago.

"Fine..." She looked away not being able to hold his gaze for long.

Beck let go of her hands. Smiling. "Good now swim please... the towels are over there and the beverages are over there... its been so long since i've seen you...enjoying yourself" He pointed in all the directions before sitting down grabbing a glass of something she couldn't quiet make out. He looked up and winked at her.

Fucker... all he wanted was a show... She could see it in his eyes...

Fine.. if he wanted a show she'd give him a show. She strutted down to the pool. Getting to the edge before looking back and diving in.

She let the water surround her like being baptized of everything she'd done before beck came back.

She came up to the top to see his eyes never leaving hers. Sipping on his champagne that was probably just as unnecessarily expensive as her swimming suit. She looked at him before fiddling with the knot in her top piece and her bottom piece and when she was sure she had his undivided attention. She threw them both at him.

'Here's your show' she thought. A smile on her lips. She dunked back under swimming away to the farther end.

Beck looked from her to the abandoned swimming suit on the ground in front of him

'So you want to play?' He thought a smirk playing on his lips...

'Fine.. we'll play...'

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