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My old man is a thief and I'm gonna stay and pray with him 'til the end
But I trust in the decision of the Lord to watch over us
Take him when he may, if he may
I'm not afraid to say that I'd die without him

Jade walked up the well worn stairs unlocking the door to the empty house. She was depressed to say the least. This was her fourth therapy session issued by the state ever since the 'incident'.

They had been calling it the 'incident' her and Avan the therapist. It's been 4 months and still no progress... still no Beck... Her mind floated to that night again after he left... after she' d been found in the back ally.. it had been doing that frequently.

The police brought her in as soon as they found her weeping in an alley way. Her face was beginning to bruise. She had bloody cuts along her face.

The took her "downtown". They cleaned her up and questioned her. She denied the hospital trip even after they insisted she shook her head NO. Her mind still trying to grasp everything. A fat guy who looked like he never chased down a suspect and a skinny guy who looked like he needed to eat more were questioning her. They had sympathy in their eyes.

"This guy just comes into the alley and grabs Ryder?" The police asked with a unbelieving tone.

"Yes... Thank god he did before... Before..." Jade couldn't speak of it so she stayed silent.

"Ms. West.. We don't doubt Ryder was trying to.. rape you what we do doubt is that it was a complete stranger. Your engaged correct?" The skinny cop asked her trying to plead with her by looking into her eyes...

She wanted to cry all over again.

"Yes... I am... so.." She shrugged up with the itchy police issued blanket.

"Were is he now?" The bulky cop asked her.. trying to look into her eyes.

"I-I..." Jade couldn't do it she couldn't rat on Beck...

"Ms. West please.. just answer the question so we can get you home..."

They were playing the good cop bad cop routine.

"I have no idea were he is.." She said took a breath slipping a cold mask onto her face. She had to do this for Beck... protect him.

She was still the best Actress ever to arrive from Hollywood arts.

"Ms. West..." the fat guy started. She could already tell were this was going.

"I honestly have no Idea where he is officer... I told you everything that happened and whether or not that guy was beck in the alley I have no idea I was on the ground fearing for my life so if you don't mind either charge me with something or let me go home... I don't appreciate being harassed after the night I've been through. " Jade whipped the ratty cover off of her body. Standing up to sell the act. Her hands slamming down on the table.

It was like she was finding her self again. Regrouping.

The cops looked back and forth noticing the sudden 'change' in their victim.

"Were only trying to understand things Ms. West..." The skinny guy tried again with her but jade shrugged him off..

"Well I hope my story helped you understand cause other then that I have nothing for you... Now can I go.." Jade crossed her arms wincing at the bruise she hit in the process.

She looked at both of them malice in her eyes.

They looked at each other before the fat one sighed.

"You sure you don't need a hospital?" they tried there best to get her to stay get answers out of her.

"No... I'm fine.." Jade smoothed her tangled hair a bit.

"I guess you can go... just fill out the report papers and sign out at the desk" The skinny one opened the door for her before she hurried out.

"Before you go... we talked to the bartender.." The fat one let out. Jade stopped in her tracks... " he told us a tanned guy with long hair and a goatee was looking for you before the incident... Care to explain that?"

Jade turned back...

"Not really I find it really... ironic.. however" She shrugged before closing the door to the room and leaving.

On the inside she was shaken and battered but anyone who saw her on the outside saw a girl who looked like she just beat the shit out of someone..murdered someone even.

She reached the desk and the blonde hesitantly handed her a report.

Jade snatched the pen and Filled it out. Throwing that and the pen on the desk when she was done. Then Walked out of the precinct.

She took a taxi staying silent the whole ride despite the driver trying to make desperate conversation. Jade sat their emotionless looking out the window at the awakening city. It had to be at least 6:30am by now.

The driver let her out and she paid with what little money she had left.

"What no tip?" The man asked with a hurt expression on his face.

Jade leaned into the passenger window to look the guy in his eyes.

"Yeah here's a tip.. Don't ask pissed off people how there day is going when you can obviously see it's not going so GREAT!" Jade screamed into the car. Pointing at her face for reference.

The man cringed squishing himself against the opposite window.

"Okay..okay lady geez..." He held his hands up.

Jade pushed off of the taxi walking up the steps. It seemed like just yesterday she'd been coming here to start her life over with beck and now it seemed like she was walking to her doom.

Everyone had cleared out by then nothing but trash littering the halls. Jade trudged up the steps to the only possible trash free place.

Their bedroom.

When she made it to the bed all she could do is cry and scream to her self...all by herself.

A week later...

Cat had come by. Tried to help as soon as she heard. she come over with movies and food. Trying to comfort jade.

"Jadey... Jadey are you ok..." They were sitting on the bed jade had a blank expression on her face tear tracks staining her face.

"yeah cat I'm fine... it's just..." Jade couldn't even think about it without bursting into tears...

She broke down in her friends lap. Letting out everything she'd been holding in...

Cat petted the back of her head. Not possibly knowing what she was going through.

"He's gone cat.. He's gone and I don't know where.. God I knew he would do something stupid..."

Jade voice was muffled but cat could still hear the pain. She couldn't do a thing about it... but stroke her head and rock her back and forth.

The day after that...

A man came by the house looking it over as Jade opened the door she was a mess but still presentable. The house had been cleaned before she made it out of bed the next morning after beck left. The man had a Grey hat and a pointed chin. His eyes were cold.

"Detective Lantos..." He stuck out his hand Jade just narrowed her eyes.

"what do you want..." She was hanging half in the house half on the porch.

"Ms. West?" He question as though he didn't already know that...

"Of course.." Jade's voice held a chill. It was bad enough the love of her life was gone but now all these people were coming by asking her questions... She wanted to mourn couldn't anyone see that?

"I have some information on Beck I thought you might want to know..." He held a file in his hand.

Jade's eyes went wide before she regained her composure.

"You can come in I guess..." Jade stepped by and let him in. He looked over her attire. Sweatpants and a tank top. Jade rolled her eyes and pointed to the living room.

"Lets talk in there." She followed behind him allowing him to take a seat but she just stood.

"What is this about?" she said malice in her voice and her hand on her hip.

Jade never was patient.

The man smiled a bit before opening the folder.

"Beckett Oliver was your soon to be fiancee correct?" He opened the folder and laid it out over the table It was picture of Beck..

Some of Her and Beck some of Tori and beck.

She winced on the inside.

Then some with Beck and a Curly haired man.

"Yes..." Jade talked through gritted teeth.

"You loved him correct..." The man prodded.

"NO... I love him..." Jade defended.

"Honestly?" The man looked a bit surprised.

"Yes." Jade was getting annoyed.

What was this man playing at what ever it was he needed to stop because Jade West didn't play games.

"Beckett Oliver robbed a Las Vegas Bank with a Man only known as Sinjin. Sinjin is one of the highest priority Hackers in the states and Beck well... he's Beck." The man pulled out paper and such for her to look over.

"How do you know Beck Robbed anything?" Jade looked at the file.

Going over the file in her hand... she couldn't believe Sinjin was in on it... she barely believed beck was in on it.

"We don't have anything concrete but we have a hunch it's Beck and Sinjin..." The man sat back...

"a hunch... your in my home disturbing me over a hunch?" Jade was getting angrier and angrier.

"they've robbed other places before we believe a Bank in new Orleans... one in Huston.." The man pulled out pictures from each of the robberies...

"Are these hunches as well?" Jade asked before she threw the papers on the table.

"Yes but.." the man started.

"Then your still wasting my time.." Jade said in a low voice.

" Listen your husband is a thief and a murderer... one would think you'd try to help us catch him..."

"Beck didn't do anything and I'm not helping an asshole like you find out anything..." Jade spat about to tell him to get out of her house...

"you'd love a murdering thief?" The guy was pushing her further and further

"If he was I would now if you don't mind leaving..." Jade pointed to the door.

"but I haven't asked you what I came here to ask..." The detective stood.

"Quiet frankly I don't care leave... don't come back without a warrant." her emotions were building..up how many other things has beck done.. how much trouble was he in... where was he?

Jade walked to the door to open it. The man smiled a bit before leaving like he knew something I she didn't know.

"your kind are always getting themselves into something you can't handle and never accept help..."

"No...my kind sue your kind for harassment now get the FUCK out.." Jade watched him leave before she slammed the door. She sank down against it.. starting to sob... She looked around the huge empty house seeing darkness there and nothing more...

"Beck..please..where are you?" she whispered to her self...

Her head falling into her hands.

Everything went down hill form there...

She had to have cat come and stay with her briefly... the media having a field day with it all... All the headlines reading


There was always cameras outside...and people looking through windows.. Asking Jade questions trying to interview her.

She always did want to be famous though...

This day had been worse. They were banging on the windows and knocking on the doors...

While all of this was going on

Cat was holding her hair as she was heaving everything into the toilet. She was sick...whether it was mentally or physically she was still sick.

It had been happening everyday. They thought it was stress build up... Jade was finally going to break... all of the thing scrambling inside of her mind had manifested it's self into a physical illness...

Her hair was falling out. She had dark circles under her eyes. She began to have nightmares.

She didn't want to see the doctor she didn't want to find out the truth but cat insisted saying she was ok...

So they visited the doctor.

The doctor agreed Jade as over her stress limit. The hair falling out and the complexion of her skin the discoloration around her eyes..this proved it. She thought he was going to prescribe her a medication.

"But I can't..." The doctor finished off... worry etching into his face.

"Why not doctor she's sick can't you see it.. look at her.." Cat pointed to jade who grimaced.

"thanks cat...Why can't I just be prescribed something and be on my way? " Jade rolled her eyes...

She was still against the whole doctor thing but Cat insisted she be nice.

" I agree she's stressed but any medication I give her could effect the baby..." The doctor flipped through his clip board casually as both of the woman's mouths opened in shock...

"Baby..." cat stuttered again... Jade's hands went to her stomach... Her mouth still open...

"Yes Ms. West is 6 weeks... hence the vomiting but everything else is stress related and can harm the baby." The doctor averted his eyes back to the papers in front of him trying to decide what to do..

"I'm pregnant..." Jade uttered. It was the first time she had said anything.

She looked to her stomach her hands covering it.

"Now I'm going to but you on a vitamin regiment for the baby but as the for the stress it is top priority you see some one who can help you naturally relieve this stress."

Jade nodded still in shock

The doctor walked out.

Jade felt tears slipping down her cheeks. Cat held onto her not being able to help Jade was literally killing her.

Jade sobbed sobbed into cats arms. Beck was gone.. she was pregnant.. the media wouldn't leave her alone...

Who else is gonna put up with me this way?
I need you, I breathe you, I never leave you
They would rue the day I was alone without you

After the appointment ….Jade was sent to the therapist and followed her vitamin regiment to a T. What if she never saw beck again? The baby would be the last thing she had of him.

She found her self wondering what it would look like, What it would sound like... if it would have her fathers talents... how she would live without beck.

Cat had to go on tour soon which would leave Jade all alone. Jade figured it was because Cat was tired of her.

Avan tried to tell her otherwise but she wouldn't listen.

Only beck could withstand Jade in long periods of time.

Jade looked around the house. No sudden greeting like Cat always did when she came from the doctor. Cat finally left and Jade was truly alone. Cat hadn't even said goodbye up front just wrote a note.


Its me cat... but you can't see me...I Know being alone is the last thing you need right now and if I could be here I would... but the media is causing you nothing but stress and pain... I can't watch you go through that.. You have all my love and so does the baby... you should look into names for it... Caterina would be a good one a think... Ha ha get it because that's my name... Anyway.. I gotta go so..




Jade ripped it to shreds. Smashing it down on the table. The table cracked and broke. The glass giving her a small cut.

Jade peered at the blood slightly spilling out of the cut. She was mesmerized.

It ran like a stream down her skin. It had been so long since she saw her blood do like that. Jade stopped her thoughts and looked to her stomach.

No... She had a baby now she couldn't only think about her self. She had to think about the baby and Beck. She just stepped over the glass and sat on the couch. The house empty and quiet. It was driving her crazy. Slowly but surely.

Jade let out a Scream. A scream that held all the force she could muster. A wail that was filled with the pain and guilt she felt... She was now truly alone

Jade stopped and heard a thump. It was a loud thump form upstairs. She jumped from the couch. Straining to listen again. She heard a lighter thump. Jade looked around the house. Her eyes settling on a fire place poker. She crossed the living room to get it and then headed up stairs.

She was already in deep shit with the cops. She'd rather call them after she'd taken care of the problem rather then before. Or maybe she should call them first two murders in a half a year all surrounding her might seem suspicious.

Maybe it was cat... She hadn't left yet just put the note down and went back up to grab something.

Jade walked down the hallway. Her heart beating out of her chest and her free hand on her stomach. If it was anyone with something more deadly then a fireplace poker she was screwed.

She heard another thump and stopped. Listening for what room it was in.

It was coming from her room. She walked a little slower holding the poker out arms distance.

The door was opened a bit. She peered in but only could see her dresser and a picture of her and beck.

She really needed him now. Now more then ever.

Jade sucked in a breath before she opened the door. Stopping in shock as she did.

( I was thinking Cliff hanger but then decided against it...)

You're lying with your gold chain on, cigar hanging from your lips
I said "Hon' you never looked so beautiful as you do now, my man."

The fireplace poker fell from her hand. Her face in pure shock. She was trembling a bit. The hand on her stomach reached forward.

"Beck.." She whispered. It was faint. Beck looked over the lamp shade he'd broken due his fright of jade's scream.

"Jade.." He gave a small smirk.

Jade looked him over. His goatee had been shaved. His hair cut a little shorter. He looked like he did in high school.

Jade pulled him into a hug. Beck Squeezed her. Held her closer then he'd eve held anything in his entire life. He missed her so much. He hadn't seen her in almost a half a year.

He'd been on the hide out until he got the okay sign from his inside connections at the police department.

A tear slide down beck's cheek as he heard Jade sobbing into his chest. He noticed she looked stressed and saddened.

Jade pulled back wiping her eyes.

" Beck you moron.. I thought you were a robber... I could've killed you... You idiot..You've been gone for this long and you don't come straight forward to see me? You hide up here waiting for me to have a heart attack.. I'm in no mood for excessive stress.. I Mean.." Jade had her hands up trying to explain and convey all her emotions at one time. Her voice was cracking

"Beck.. I thought you weren't coming back.. I thought you left for good and I..I-I.." Jade was rambling.

Beck pulled her to him for a kiss. His arms going around her back. Grasping her.

Jade sighed into the kiss. Filling it with all the sorrow grief..pain and joy she'd experienced while he was gone. His lips still tasted the same as the night her left till now.

" I missed you.." Jade said when Beck let her go.

"I missed you.." Beck had her hand in his hand. Looking into her eyes.

Jade started to feel uncomfortable. Didn't he notice how much rounder she was...

Jade looked to her stomach and beck's eyes followed.

Beck looked over her his eyes getting a bit wider... How didn't he notice this when she first walked in? He must have been too over whelmed.

Jade bit her lip. A sure sign she was about to lie or tell him something he'd rather not hear.

" oh yeah...I-I'm...Uh...I-I'm pregnant..." Jade looked at beck who's wide eyes were glued to her stomach.

"Pregnant?" Beck asked again rambling over the idea in his head.

"4 months...I found out a month after you left...all that engagement sex..." Jade chuckled a bit..

a slow smile spread to beck's face.

Jade held her breath for his reaction not noticing the look of pure delight.

He picked Jade up and spun her around..

"Beck..Beck..Whoa..Beck..let me down.." Jade screeched.

Beck was smiling and laughing...

"I'm going to be a father.." Beck sat on the bed. Jade gauging his reaction out of breath.

"Yeah..." Jade sat beside him.

The smile faded form Beck's face... His brows knitting together...

"Jade I'm sorry about Ryder.. I had no control... he touched you and there was nothing I could do to stop myself... I swear if I had known what was going to happen I wouldn't have let you leave the house I wouldn't have even thrown that party. Now here it is 5 months almost gone and I missed so much.." Beck ran his hand threw his hair.

"Not to mention how suspicious the cops are getting of me... and you.. I bet they have this place under surveillance as we speak." Beck got up and looked out the window.

"I know about the banks..." Jade said out in a whisper...making the 's' Sound apparent.

Beck turned around.

"i know about sinjin and the money... I Know.." Jade looked up at him.

Beck looked at her for a second. Running his hand threw his hair.

"So...what happens now?" Beck asked a little timidly..

In all truthfulness Jade was just happy to have beck safe and with her... She'd been thinking about this situation the nights she didn't get any sleep which was almost every night. They could be anywhere and she could care less...just as long as beck was safe with her and with their baby...

"Lets leave..." Jade stood up looking around the room.

"Leave?" Beck asked again.

Jade nodded grabbing onto one of his hands...

"Lets leave... Just leave everything but the money we need... pick up and go..I'm sick of this town anyway it holds to many bad memories for me..." Jade picked her fingernails as if it meant nothing...

She never was one to show emotion anyway.

Beck looked at jade for minute trying to tell how serious she was...

but then again everything Jade did was serious.

"You want to leave?" Beck asked.

"Yep.." Jade answered without hesitation.

"you pregnant we can't go anywhere..." Beck said trying to talk her out of it...

"Nope I have to be 6 not to fly... and besides a new start would be amazing..." Jade's eyes were full of light...

Beck sighed.

"You really wanna do this..If you really want to do this..want to leave we'll leave I'll arrange it we'll leave..." Beck held both of her hands a smile creeping on her face.

"Yes already I want to leave I've been thinking about this... ever since you left practically.. its only a matter of time before they figure out a way to connect you with Ryder and the Bank jobs...WE have to leave... we need to be in the wind..." Jade had a whimsical smile on her face. Okay so she'd been watching some crime shows since he'd been away to help cope with everything. Avan said it would be good for her.

"and your 100% serious..." Beck asked on more time to make sure..

Jade rolled her eyes...

"Your ruining the moment and pissing me off... yes! I want to leave... if it means I can have and keep you and this baby without constantly worrying about the cops one day bursting in here and taking you away from me and your child then lets do it.. I Have nothing holding me here... you have your parents but we can work something out right.. children move away from their parents... I want this beck.. we need to do this... Because if your gone away from me again... if your gone for this long no..letter no call no nothing.. I'm actually going to go insane..." Jade sounded like she was cracking up about to break.

Beck pulled her to him. Guilt settling in his heart. She was right everything wouldn't be this good forever it was only a matter of time...

"Then let's do it.. we have more then enough money to start over...pick a place any place.."

Jade thought for a minute... she hadn't really thought about a place she never got past the part when beck came home and she told him about the baby.

"London..." Jade let out finally.

A new country a new place a new start.

"London... alright then love... London it is.." Beck used a British accent..

Jade smiled.. putting her hands over her stomach.

"too London.." She said kissing beck on the lips.

Beck put his hand over her hand on her stomach kissing her Back.

And we're off to the races, places
Ready, set the gate is down and now we're goin' in
To Las Vegas chaos, Casino Oasis, honey it is time to spin
Boy you're so crazy, baby, I love you forever not maybe
You are my one true love, you are my one true love

Beck and Jade left everything... Giving the keys to the house to some man they saw on the side of the street only thing they took was the memorabilia that was it...

Ultrasound photo's, photo albums, necklaces that held importance, jerseys, stuff from childhood... nothing that was important in some kind of way was left.

Beck sent a letter with Sinjin who was now called James and had a a shorter hairstyle and black hair.. telling his parents everything... where they were going what was happening... about the baby, the wedding...

Beck's mother was freaking out but his father..he smiled at his son... he may not have made the best of choices but he was happy and that was all he could every want for his son.

Beck smiled as he grabbed the plan tickets...they had been on flight after flight finally catching the last one to London from New york but not before catching a Broadway show of coarse

Jade was still jade after all...

Beck gripped hand as they got on the plan. Jade really didn't like flying but she was down for anything so long as it meant Beck was safe again and hers again.

When had she gotten so soft she smiled to her self.

The plane ride was long but worth it... despite jade frightening everyone in first class due to annoying kid kicking her chair..it was amazing.. Jade relaxed and looked out the window.

Beck was busy with setting the fake id's, driver licensee, social security cars and everything else up with Sinjin. It was going to be a completely new start..new names..new identities new everything.

But as long as Jade was okay with it he could care less...

He looked over at jade... she had fallen asleep... he kissed her nose...

Blue eyes fluttering open to meet deep brown ones..

"what? Are we there yet?" Jade stretched careful of her laptop resting on enlarged her stomach.

"No I just...felt like kissing you.."Beck kissed her again on the lips..

Jade moaned a bit aware of their surroundings...

"Beck tone it down a bit..." Jade pushed him off smiling.

" I love you .. you know that right?" Beck threw at her in the accent Jade had grown quiet fond of...

"Don't go all soft on me now..." Jade said...

"Say it back..." Beck said still in accent...

"No.. now leave me alone..let me sleep..." Jade tried to assume her sleeping position..

"Say it back... come on.. Say it.." Beck rubbed at her sides which had become very sensitive.

"Beck... stop it...now..people are trying to sleep" Jade tried to push him off they were going to wake up everyone in the cabin..

"Not until you say it.." Beck pressed on Jade barley being able to suppress her groans...

"Okay fine.. Fine.. I Love you.." Jade said expecting Beck to quit his assault on her.

"how much..." Beck asked raising an eyebrow...

Jade sighed and rubbed her legs together...head falling back when his hand trailed to her middle region...

"A bunch.." Jade let out...her hormones going wild...

"How long?" Beck whispered in Jade's ear his hot breath setting her body on fire...

"Forever..." Jade gasped out when he slid his hand under her skirt...

Jade's eyes got wide..

"Beck we can't do this here..." Jade said trying to get him to stop...

"Your right..." Beck said sounding defeated... His head lowered a bit..

Jade resumed sleeping position trying to quell the heat in his stomach..

"meet me in the bathroom in 5 minutes..." Beck said before leaving his seat..


"What I have enough money to pay them off besides...you know you want to.." Beck waggled his eyes brows keeping his voice down.

"I'm almost 5 months pregnant and you want me to go into a tiny bathroom and have sex with you?" Jade whispered

'the bathrooms on these planes are twice the normal ones..." Beck concluded before walking off knowing she would follow him.

Jade rolled her eyes but smiled.

The kid in the seat behind her poked his head up over the seat...

"What are you too doing in the bathroom?" He asked innocently...

Jade scowled..

"Mind you own business kid...Before I dangle you out the Plane door.." she growled

The kid sat back in his seat quickly.

What did you expect... with everything that has happened...

Jade was still jade...and beck... he was still beck...

You are my one true love.


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