Author's notations:

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I woke up, yet again, and looked at the clock, it read eleven forty five, I let out a frustrated sigh and sat up rubbing my eyes. A small part of me was kind of happy that I could stay up all night now, but the rest was a bit aggravated at the fact that I ended up falling asleep at like six o'clock again.

I opened my laptop and punched in the password. My internet browser popped up showing me the conversation I had been having with my friend Alex. I was about to reload the page to see what he wrote, but that message popped up asking me if I wanted to since it would re-send the same message. I stopped and slapped the palm of my hand onto my face before clicking out and back to the in-box.

I clicked on the same message, again and waited the few seconds for it to load. I looked over to the door of my room and noted the lack of light from underneath the door. When I looked back at my computer screen I saw the latest message my friend had put.

It read;

Alright goodnight.

And it had been posted almost three hours ago. I sighed and exited out of the browser, thinking that I was lucky to have at least one good friend that I could trust. I pulled up the media player on my computer and looked down the list until I found the song I was looking for. 'Veteran of the Physic Wars' by the Blue Oyster Cult. I started the song and silently did my little jig to it, bobbing my head and the whole bit.

I felt that feeling in my lower body that told me to use the bathroom, so I paused the music and almost out of compulsion grabbed that sharpened stick that I had by my bed and the small electric lantern. My mind started to freak out on me as I walked, not so calmly to the door in my room. I held the stick at the ready as I turned the handle with my other hand, having the slightest bit of trouble because of the lantern.

Very slowly, almost expecting something to pop out at me, I opened the door and looked out. I got onto a saber stance as I walked the few steps to the restroom, pointing the sharpened tip into the darkness of the living room. I backed into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet letting out the breath I had held in my chest. I reached over and closed the door as I saw something out of the corner of my eye in the darkness of the living room down the hall.

'come on, the slenderman doesn't even exist' I thought to myself, as I started to see things in my mind like I always did. Everything from the old videos of him I had seen on youtube, to a few new ones that had popped into my head of him standing right outside the bathroom waiting for me to open the door.

I sighed as I finished, and got up pulling the shorts I had forgotten to take off when I had gone to sleep, and flushing the toilet. I looked at myself in the mirror and waved at the reflection. "hey how's it going" I said, watching the slightly darker reflection mimic my movements. A small smile on my face for reassurance I washed my hands, before grabbing my two pieces of 'equipment' and slowly turning the handle on the door.

I don't know what I saw, but it made the fabled slenderman look pale in comparison. It looked like a mix of the grudge girl, someone who had just been beaten severely, and some of those old pictures of the Zalgofied Pinkie Pie.

I froze in place staring down the hall at what I thought I had seen. Scared crapless I kind of felt like I needed to use the bathroom again, but at the same time, I was to scared to go back into the room, thinking that my reflection would look the same.

So slowly it felt like I almost wasn't moving, I inched my way towards my open door. I don't know what had happened, but I was holding the tip of the sick towards the direction of the corner you had to go around to get to my room from the living room with the lamp close to my chest. I closed the door after I had gotten inside my room and looked over at my bed with my laptop next to it on the small table. I started to walk over to my bed, heart beating rapidly, I put the point of my makeshift sword over my shoulder and looked over into the corner of the room, expecting her to be standing there.

When I found that I was alone, I walked over to my bed and sat down in front of the computer, and hoped to God that a bit of Diablo two would help get that damned image out of my head. I thought back to what my mom had said about drawing my fears and then burning them, but as my mind came back to that girl's face, a shiver went down my spine and I started to feel cold.

As I loaded up my character on the computer game, I thought about the stories I had been writing and chuckled to myself about if I should make Lar'zak change like my barbarian, properly dubbed Discord, had.

After what felt like ten or twenty minutes of gaming, I had completely forgotten about that girl, preferring to focus on not dying on nightmare difficulty. I reached over to my water glass and was about to take a drink before I noticed it was empty.

'like always' I thought blankly, putting the purple glass back in it's place. Instead I remembered the gallon of juice I had mixed together in a washed out milk jug. I paused my game and pushed the two buttons that allowed me to stop my music without exiting out of the game, my music playing Pinkie Pie's 'Smile' song. I looked over at the clock and saw that it had almost been an hour since I had gotten up to use the restroom. I grabbed the lamp and my stick and proceeded out much like before to get my drink from the freezer in the garage, or as my mom put it ' the laundry room'.

I walked through the house a bit more briskly than before, hoping that my parents wouldn't wake up and yell at me. I pushed past the curtain that lead from the living room to the garage. I stepped down the small ledge padded barefoot to the freezer, opening it and getting my drink. Taking a small swig, I thought it was a good idea to put sugar in it this time, seeing as it hadn't frozen completely. I re-closed the freezer door and walked under the curtain again.

I had to force myself to not look out the sliding glass door that lead to the backyard, though my mind pictured it with that creepy girl standing there looking in at me, eyeless sockets staring holes into me. I increased the speed and rushed into the bathroom to relive myself again.

After finishing and doing the whole tedious routine of washing my hands and talking to my reflection, I walked back into my room and looked back over my shoulder before getting back to my little gaming night.

I had killed the Countess, and collected the runes that she had dropped, silently wondering to myself what the frack she had been doing outside her room. I went back to town and chuckled at the sight of the town healer with what looked like millions of gold around her from me selling stuff without really needing the gold, seeing as I had a full wallet and couldn't hold anymore. I went to Charsi and got my equipment repaired and sold the useless things that I didn't need before saving the game and quitting.

I thought silently at what I should do next, the only thing popping into my head was checking my little Private message box on Fanfiction. Net . I find that one of my other friends had sent something to me, but as I read it, I feel my face contort.

'Why the hell do I need to know?' I think as I type almost the same thing back, replying to his rather 'interesting' post. A shiver runs down my spine as I think about what was posted, rather uncouth images popping in my head about ponies almost to the point where I hit my head against the wall to get them out.

But a slight crash outside my room makes my eyes flash over to the door and the images look almost like they burn up like one of the older reels of cartoons as the girl comes back with a vengeance.

'Sunofa-' I start thinking as I reach for my stick. I could swear to anyone, including God, that I heard what sounded like a muffled, pain filled 'meow' from the other side of the door.

Thinking something happened I walk rather quickly towards my door and peak out with the tip of my stick pointing where I thought would be a person's throat. I sigh as I feel my cat push past my leg and hear the jingle of his bell.

"Smokes, you need to quit doing that" I say down to my gray and white cat who was just looking up at me like he was expecting a hug or something.

I picked him up and started to pet him without even thinking about closing the door. I walk back over to my bed and sit down in front of my computer with my cat in my lap, purring his little head off.

I start to remember that I needed to finish my latest chapter, but as I started to try to get into the right state of mind for the story, I realized that I couldn't write tonight. I sighed and hoped the few 'fans' I still had could wait a few more days.

I felt a bit like an ass as I pulled up youtube and started to watch a few of PewDiePie's videos. Laughing quietly at the jumps and freakouts he had. Almost dying laughing into my pillow to keep from waking everyone when he got such a bad scare that he jumped out a window with a chair saying, and I quote, 'F*** this sh**'.

I looked over at my cat, who had decided that I was to warm to by lying on and moved across my bed and laid down on top of my sheets.

I jumped as I heard a slightly louder crash from outside my room. I looked at the door and saw what looked like a pair of blood red eyes looking at me.

I froze in place and grabbed my teddy bear, who let out a slight jingle getting the attention of my cat. The eyes just stayed there, and I looked right next to them to find that there wasn't a body behind the, which made me almost soil myself.

I slowly grabbed my stick and got up off my bed. The 'eyes' stayed where they were, not moving, blinking, or anything.

I stabbed where one of them would be, the tip of my stick passing right through it. I figured that my mind must be messing with me and so I closed the door and walked back to my bed.

Smokey was just looking at me like I was insane, I can't say I would disagree anymore. I decided to start watching a bit of ponies to help me calm down, seeing as they always did before when I got a really bad freak out.

A misspelling on one of the words decided to send me to one of the things I had seen before being stupid; The Luna game.

My heart almost jumped out of my chest as I saw one of the Zalgofied Pinkie Pies. I felt like I was going to throw up as I backtracked to the previous page and tried again, this time pulling up the episode I was on since I had restarted the series, number twenty three, The Cutie Mark Chronicles.

I laughed along with the show, and after the episode had finished I started to feel my eyes get a bit droopy. I looked over at the clock which read around five, so I put my head down and closed my eyes for a little bit. Silently wishing that I could go to such a magical land, where all of the residents were nice, and you always had people that cared about you around.

I chuckled at the implications and remembered the picture I had drawn for my friend as I ,ever so slowly, drifted off to sleep.

My eyes shot open as I awoke from a rather bad nightmare. I rolled over on my back and rubbed my face, but found something was off. My hand wasn't usually this cold, or hard. I looked at my hand for a second and chuckled. There, where my had should have been, was a turquoise hoof.

'Well won't be the first time I had a dream like this' I thought as I tried to get up. Only to fall right back down on my face with my butt sticking up in the air. "But that's a first" I grunted as I got my face out of the dirt.

Ending Notations: Almost everything in this story, besides the whole indecent with the eyes is true. Well that and I'm not currently located in a TV show, or a Pony, but then again that would be pretty cool. No before anyone asks, I don't need any psychiatric help, I just see stuff in the dark from an overenthusiastic imagination. Most likely due to playing really violent games as a little kid.