Author's Notations: Don't really know if it's short, but I finally figured out where this story is going =D

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A loud knocking awoke me from my sleep with a start.

My eyes shot around for a moment before realizing where I was and letting out a relaxed sigh. 'Just another dream' I thought before stretching and getting up off the floor.

'Can't say I've done that in a while' I thought as my legs popped, quickly followed by my back.

Another trio of knocks echoed through my room as I leaned down to grab my book, followed by what sounded to be Twilight's voice.

"Fluttershy! You need to come out! There's no monster!" The unicorn's voice rang out.

I slammed my hoof into my face remembering what had happened last night with Fluttershy fleeing back into the bathroom and locking the door.

Picking up my book from the floor I levitated it over onto my bed, which surprisingly looked rather tidy. Shaking it off as nothing I opened the door to find a small group, mainly consisting of the Elements of Harmony, posted in front of the bathroom door with Twilight at the front.

"No! I just know he'll be back!" Fluttershy's terrified voice came from within.

Clearing my throat making the majority of the group look in my direction, "You do know I built a window in there large enough for a small pony to get through, right?" I asked only to be replied in gasps and a posh yelp from the group. "That and it's about time all y'all left seeing as how the 'sleepover' is well, over"

Twilight, who had still been looking at the door before her friend's gasps, acted in a manner very similar to her friends. Rainbow, who had been at the back of the group, dropped her head low, wings pointed strait out quickly followed by the faster acting of her companions.

I raised an eyebrow at the groups aggressive behavior, "And what's th-" I started only to be interrupted by Rainbow Dash tackling me. Managing to hold my ground for less than a milo-second before stumbling back and slamming into the door frame.

Stars flashed across my eyes and a sensation of vomiting lept up from my stomach allowing the pegagsus enough time to pin my hooves, effectively immobilizing me.

"Who in the hay are you!?" she yelled in my face as I tried to keep from puking on her face. My silence obviously enraged her as she pushed off with her forehooves and slammed back down onto my chest making me again have to hold back the bile running up my esophagus. "Answer me!"

I managed a heaving cough before my head flopped back down and I was able to regain my senses. "What?" I asked, mind still fuzzy from sleep and being knocked into a wall.

"I said" the pegasus on top of me started, "Who, Are, You" she said emphasizing every word by slamming me down.

Shaking off the pins and needles, I glared back at the cerise eyes. "Oh I'm sorry I thought the coat, or the mane would've given it away" I said, sarcasm dripping from my voice, to which I was rewarded another slam against the floor.

"Rainbow hold on" Twilight intervened making the pegasus look back at her friend.

'Oh I could just shove her off of me now, and... probably shouldn't seeing as how she attacked me, the others would do likewise' I thought picking my head up to look at the unicorn. "Thanks Twilight, now could ya get miss prism here offa me?" I said in mock appreciation.

The unicorn stopped in her tracks at her name though and Rainbow turned back to me as well.

"Now how in hay does this thin' know you two's names?" I heard Applejack drawl.

I let out an aggravated sigh, "We've already been through this, Applejack, I mean come on. Do I look that bloody different?" I asked only to receive what felt like stares.

"We don't know who you are if that answers your question, but your voice... sounds kind of familiar..." I heard Twilight's voice, quickly followed by what sounded like someone running up the stairs.

Unable to look in the direction, mainly due to Rainbow Dash's hoof in the way, I just sat there listening to the gasps.

"Oh no, it's happening sooner than expected" I heard what sounded like Shining Armor as he ran up and pushed past Rainbow Dash examining me. "Night Wing, send a letter to the Princesses, tell them we may need to move him"

I sat there much like the rest of my house guests, stunned and shocked by what had happened. "What're you talking about?" I asked the guard who was not hindering me from rising, but was met with silence again.

"Get up" the Captain finally told me to which I looked at him blankly for a moment before following his command. "Good, it's still not to the point where it's like when he's in the dark"

My eyes went wide at what he had said making me shoot for the bathroom knocking the door off of it's hinges and horrifying the resident inside.

But my attention was towards the small medicinal cabinet nailed to the wall with a mirror on the front of it. The pony that met my gaze looked very similar to my original form, but, at the same time, completely different.

The coat of the stranger looking back at me was almost a pure black color and the eyes were a sickly shade of yellow. The mane on the unicorn was a dark shade of gray barely distinguishable from the coat as was the tail, while the horn looked as though it had grown slightly.

As I stared at the imposter I noticed his mouth go slack and fall open. The teeth in the newcomer's mouth were the same as mine normally was, the only difference being the canines looked as though they had grown a few millimeters.

"Wh-" I started but I saw the reflection's mouth moving in the same motion and stopped. Turning back towards the small group standing outside the room I noticed that they were all staring at me. "Wh... what happened?" I asked before I felt my stomach finally give way only managing to turn towards the sink before the contents from last night exited my mouth.

I heard a slight 'eww' coming from Rainbow Dash's direction before a strong hoof was felt patting on my back lightly. "It's alright" Shining Armor's voice came out less than a whisper.

Regaining control of the basic function of keeping my stomach from erupting, I turned on the sink to let the vomit drain into the septic tank and to wash my face as I tried to calm myself.

I looked towards my left noting the tangled shower curtain along with the shivering pegasus lying in the middle of it.

'I can't blame her, I'm surprised I am not in the same state...' I thought before looking up at the mirror again. 'Why do I look like this?' I questioned, almost hoping for an answer, but knowing I wouldn't get one.

"Alright ladies" Night Wing's voice came from outside the bathroom. "We need to get you seven home. Armor, help Fluttershy out of the tangle she's got herself in there"

I saw the captain nod in the reflection of the mirror, but paid him little heed. I walked out of the bathroom towards my room, praying that this was a dream and that I would wake up.

Not bothering to shut the door behind me, I looked towards my book with tired eyes before levitating it onto the small table next to my bed and lying down.

I heard the door shut signaling that someone else had entered the room, but didn't bother looking.

"What happened last night?" I heard Night Wing's voice echo through the small space, but again I didn't hear her, as my mind was wondering.

A sigh escaped the night guard's mouth and I heard her hoovesteps approach the bed. "I know how you feel, but you need to calm down, w-" she tried, but my voice returned before she could finish.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"What?" Night Wing responded. "What do you mean?"

"How do you know how I feel?" I asked again, an odd anger growing in my chest. "I've never had this happen before, how in hay would you know?" an odd venom bit into my words, that I didn't understand, but I let it go.

"How would I know?" I heard her repeat before she started to chuckle. "Did you think I was born like this? That ponies are just born to serve in the Night Guard?" another laugh echoed from her mouth. "Of corse not you foal! I don't know what odd magic made me like this, but when Princess Luna returned from her imprisonment, hay, when Nightmare Moon, returned, my body just changed! I had no control of what happened but it did!"

I sat up and looked at the mare doubt filling my eyes. "And here you are sulking, maybe I should just let you be. It would leave bad memories buried" she said as her eyes watered up.

"Nig-" I started but was immediately shut down.

"No, I don't want your sympathy, you're just some foolish foal from somewhere outside Equestria who disaster seems to follow" The mare had tears streaming down her eyes now, making dark lines in her coat. "You're just like those others in the past. In fact, why don't you just go jump into the light now! Direct sunlight will most likely toast your happy plot just like the others!" she finished before doing a one eighty and walking out of the room.

Guilt bit down hard in my chest, making me lie back down and pull the covers back up over my body. 'Maybe I should ju-' I started before my mind picked up with the key. 'There were others?'