Author's Notations: Well that escalated quickly.

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Day 435

I had been having a rather tough time since Crescent left... Most of the ponies in the town have started to drift away again like they had when I first woke up after being rejected by his body. Pinkie Pie is the only one who still talks to me anymore, but she's a little odd to say the least.

Walking around town without getting worried glances is almost impossible anymore, and it's been chipping away at me...

I just wish things could go back to how they were... Crescent Shield playing with the others kids, while I head out with their mothers. Even if Rainbow Dash never did lose that look in her eyes.

Twilight and I discussing our favorite stories, Pinkie and I joking around, even Rainbow telling me about her accomplishments.

I may have disliked the small town, but the few friends I had I still miss...

My mind jumps to Crescent though, almost much too often. I don't know what happened to him, or why he started reacting like that after how long he's been here. I just hope and pray, to whatever God may be out there, that he's safe.

Crescent Shield

The oddest feeling ran down my spine and into my gut making me stop for a moment. I didn't see the unicorn in front of me stop and look at me oddly due to my stupor. "You alright?" I finally heard Violet ask, her voice kicking me back into reality.

I shook my head in a poor attempt to clear it and nodded with a fake smile plastered on my face again, "No worries, just remembered something" I said quickly trying to make myself seem less conspicuous.

"Aaaaalrighty then!" The mare said a bright smile lighting up her face before she turned back around to lead me towards, wherever it was she was taking me.

After a short time of staring at the tiles, I noticed that we were getting into the darker side of the facilities. The slight cold feeling of this side slowly closed around me and the lights dimming sent another shiver down my spine, but I followed the odd mare towards what I suspected to be the creature's containment chamber.

An odd whistling noise surprised me, only to find it was Violet, whistling an oddly familiar tune. I racked my brain trying to remember the name, or even the lyrics. Something about a Sun. 'Damn...' I cursed unclenching my jaw and going through the door that Violet opened.

The creature oddly enough just seemed to be floating there in it's tube. I noticed that the heart monitor by the far wall had flat lined, but all of the sound in the room was dead. I stomped my hooves on the ground, but found that they made no sound.

I was quickly pushed aside as Violet Jewel ran in, her mouth wide open, terror in her eyes. 'Can't really blame her' I thought to myself stepping out of the room only for my ears to start working again. 'Her boss is going to have a conniption'

I looked back into the room only to find the mare violently slamming her head against the wall. A horrified look overcame my visage as blood started to show up on the wall as well as her horn snapping off and flying at the still open door. A solid clang rebounded as the horn bounced off the door, just as the mare reared back and her skull split on impact.

My eyes wide, and mind in a state of shock, I just started walking away from the room, not even bothering to shut the door.

A scientist was walking up to me minutes later, and I attempted to say what had happened, but my mind was just too horrified that I hadn't managed to get much out beyond simple vowels

The scientist was paying extremely close attention to me, up to the point where I facehoofed and started over for the eighth time. "Violet... in room with... black creature thing... killed herself..." I blurted out.

The stallion, finally understanding, pulled a small radio out of his coat pocket and started ordering for a medical team to get over to NE2239 on the double. "Alright, please come with me" The stallion said after putting the radio back in his coat.

The stallion hurried down the corridors, making seemingly random turns until we came to what looked almost like a vault door. Punching in the code with a hoof, the door slowly started to open revealing a gray room with a small window over to the side with another door on the far wall. The scientist quickly ushered me in before galloping to a small door that had been right next to the panel the stallion put the code into.

The doors quickly shut before I could see what had happened next leaving me in a barren room wondering what was going to happen. A low hissing noise was heard from outside the room and after a dulled 'ding' was sounded, a blurred shape entered the room behind the window. The blurred shape, which I assumed was the scientist, walked over to the far wall and started doing something.

Bright orange lights started flashing on the walls of the gray chamber I was in and a mechanical voice sounded, "Decontamination process engaged". 'What?' I questioned in my mind only for an almost deafening hissing noise to fill the room. I covered my ears and looked around to see a bright blue smoke coming from small places on the walls.

After a few seconds of the hissing, it suddenly stopped and the smoke quickly dissipated. I felt almost as though I had been scrubbed down with something, as my fur was sticking up on end, and my skin was tingling almost as though someone was running something over it.

The door opposite the one I entered quickly opened followed by a rush of warm air. I galloped over to the door to find that something had taken out most of the laboratories leaving a gaping hole that lead to the surface.

I noticed the stallion was not far behind me, but something about him looked different, dead almost. "This is what is left of the old facilities" he explained in a tired voice. "A while ago, an escape attempt was made by one of the creatures who were being held there, and the only option they had was to detonate the reactor that powered the facility". The stallion looked down sadly. "My pregnant wife was in there when it happened. Her last day working before she was allowed on leave"

I looked at the stallion, empathy biting into my chest. "I'm sorry" I managed to say before an alarm rang out from behind the door that we had come from.

"Thanks, but we need to leave now!" he shouted over the alarm before climbing up the pile of rocks and other debris to the hole in the ceiling. The scientist held a hoof down for me to grab onto, I climbed up onto the pile of rocks and took his hoof doing my best to get up on the surface with his help. As soon as I was up, the stallion took off and I was quick to follow.

Before getting half a mile away, what felt like an earthquake shook us almost off our hooves. I looked back for a second only to see a large crater form in the middle of what looked like a calm, grassy plain.

I turned back around only to fly off my hooves from tripping over a rock. A yelp of pain jumped from my mouth as I collided with the ground. I tried to get back up, but I seemed to of sprained my hoof and trying to put weight on it just increased the pain.

I looked back to call the scientist back for help, but he had already galloped too far to hear me. I started limping frantically towards where I had seen him run, but before I had managed to get very far a deafening explosion rocked the earth below me and launched me forward.

Time seemed to slow as I flew through the air, spinning slightly. As I impacted the ground I could feel my body shake, but it felt dulled.

I watched as chunks of rocks and the laboratories landed around me. I started trying to get up, but my shaky legs wouldn't support me. I could only look at the crater that the large facilities, that so many scientists had been in, shock weighing down on me.

After a few moments a dull throbbing pain bit into my head and crawled up from my injured leg. I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth, trying to bite back the pain, but it fought through my efforts.

Opening my eyes for a moment, I watches as slowly my vision began to become more and more hazy, every time I blinked details would fuzz out before I could barely see.

My strength, drained by the pain. Blinking one more time, I watched as some kind of darkness overcame my vision. I closed my eyes again, but this time they didn't open.

I just hope and pray, to whatever God may be out there, that he's safe.