Author's Note: This is a continuation of "The Best Thing" (please go read that story if you haven't already) except for this is following the life of a different Naruto character. As always, check out my blog for more stories:


Oh yes, and another note. In this story, the characters have a four period a day schedule, as is customary for most high schools now a days

She was walking down the hallway of Konoha High school alone, with only her books to keep her company in her arms. She was rushing to her fourth period class, she wasted too much time going off campus for lunch as usual that she lost track of the time and was running late once more.

She sighed in exasperation and moved her long blonde hair out of her eyes before she bumped into someone, dropping her books.

"Darn it!" she cried as she bent down to rush to pick up her books. She found it hard to bend in such a tight cheer uniform that the progress of bending took a lot of effort, and a lot of discomfort.

"Ino-chan! I am so sorry!" a strangely familiar voice rushed as they quickly kneeled down and scooped up all of her books. Ino looked at the boy questioningly, where had she seen this black haired boy before?

"Here you go," the boy said as he gave her her books and bowed down out of respect and apology, "I am so very sorry about that," the respectful boy apologized.

Ino's gaze was fixed on the boy, she kept looking him up and down, wondering where she had seen him before. She adjusted the books in her grip and shifted her weight to one leg.

"Hey, who are you? You looked very familiar," Ino asked, still looking at the boy.

The boy came up from his bow and looked at Ino with shame and humbleness, "I am Rock Lee miss," the boy introduced as he stared at her.

Ino batted her eyes to the ceiling, trying to remember what class she had this boy in. "Hey, are you in my next period class? Algebra two?" Ino inquired, the boy looked at her in shock again.

"Yes I am, would you like me to carry your books to our next class? It is the least that I can do," Lee insisted as he held out his arms, ready for her books. Ino nodded and gave him her books, and then they rushed to class together, battling the sea of people in the school's halls.

They narrowly made it into class before the bell rung, they both took their seats. Ino was shocked to find out that Lee sat right next to her in algebra, but she never noticed the boy's presence. Maybe it was because Sasuke sat to the right of her, and he'd been flirting with her in this class for a long time now.

"Hey," Sasuke blankly stated as he nodded his head in cool acknowledgement towards her.

"Hey," Ino blushed as she took her seat. She flipped her long blonde hair, which was down and curled in pretty ringlets today, and turned towards Sasuke expectantly.

"So I'm having a party this Saturday," Sasuke began, staring at Ino slyly, "There will be beer, drugs, sex, all that good stuff. Want to come?" Sasuke asked, raising an eyebrow at Ino as he leaned back in his chair and put his arms behind his head.

"Oh would I ever!" Ino exclaimed as her expression turned hopeful and her eyes grew wide in excitement. Sasuke chuckled at her change of expression and he turned to the board, to half heartedly pay attention to the teacher. All he wanted to do was play football and get laid, no where in his life did algebra two fit in.

The end of the school day bell rang and Ino gathered up her supplies, she had to get to cheer practice and rub in Sakura's face that Sasuke asked her to his party.

"Ino, come here a minute," the teacher requested as she sat behind her desk and stared at Ino disapprovingly.

Ino nodded and stalked over, not excited to hear the news that she was failing. "Yes ma'am?" Ino chimed in her sweetest and most innocent tone.

"You're failing," the teacher bluntly stated as she glared at Ino from behind her desk. Ino gulped as the teacher uttered the next sentence, which would change her life completely.

"You need a tutor, and I have just the student to help you. If you can get a ninety percent or higher on his next test, your grade will go up to a D-. Which is much better than an F I presume," the teacher lectured and she paused to wait for Ino's hurried nod.

"Good, good. I have just the tutor for you, Rock Lee," she called as she lifted her chin to Rock Lee's direction. Lee shot up from his desk and hurried over to the teacher's desk.

"Would you please catch up Miss Yamanaka on what she's missed while flirting with Sasuke," Ino looked at her feet and blushed. Was her crush on Sasuke really that blatant?

Rock Lee nodded and respectfully bowed, "It would be my pleasure ma'am," he responded. The teacher looked to Ino and gave her a haughty smile, which Ino returned with a grudging smile.

Lee turned to Ino, "What time should I tutor you?" he asked, looking to Ino with a genuine willingness to help the poor cheerleader.

Ino groaned and slapped her forehead, "I have cheer practice until five, I'll give you my address and you can come to my house at six," Ino grunted as she took out a pink pen and wrote her address on Lee's hand. Lee was blushing and silently excited that such a pretty girl was touching him, and that he'd be able to see one of the school's most popular girls' house.

He secretly wished that she'd fall for him, but he soon snapped back to reality and realized that popular cheerleaders don't fall for nobody nerds. But still, the thought was nice to think about.