This feeling was so new, so unusual to Rock Lee. He had never felt lips on his lips, but whatever this feeling was, he liked it. When Ino tried to pull away from the kiss, he wrapped his arms around her waist and he held her there.

Rock Lee kept kissing her and kissing her, and Ino finally giggled into the kiss and kissed him back fervently as well. When Rock Lee finally relaxed his grip on her waist, Ino stared into his black eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing their foreheads together.

"You know," Ino began. "I think that I need more help in Algebra 2," Ino hinted.

Lee picked up on the hint and cracked a smile. "Oh, is that so?" he teased. Ino nodded against his forehead. "Do you think you'll need help tonight?" Rock Lee asked, still remaining that joking yet sly tone.

"Yes I do, at four o'clock tonight in fact," Ino told him, still hinting. Lee smiled and kissed her once more. The two's lips stayed pressed together for as long as possible until they heard someone clear their throat.

They pulled apart from the kiss, but not from each other. They looked to the person who cleared their throat. It was Mr. Kakashi.

"Don't you think you should be getting to class, hm?" Mr. Kakashi asked. When Kakashi noticed who Ino was kissing he raised an eyebrow.

"Lee?" he asked. "I never thought I'd see you doing this," Mr. Kakashi inquired.

Lee just looked down at the blonde and smiled, then he turned to Kakashi, still holding his smile.

"I'm her tutor," Lee simply said. Kakashi raised an eyebrow, surely he didn't mean make out tutor, the kind that were in his perverted books.

"We'll get to class Mr. Kakashi," Ino respectfully told the teacher. The couple kissed in front of Kakashi once more before both jogging to class.

Kakashi watched the couple go their separate ways and chuckled to himself. So the nerd getting the cheerleader doesn't only happen in movies, he thought. He started whistling a happy tune and continued walking down the hallways.

Ino waited for her new boyfriend in the bleachers after the big game. She bounced on her tippy toes and waited for Lee, they had been dating for about a month now and she definitely took him from geek to chic. She made him cut his hair and spike it up in the front, and dress nerdy chic.

"Waiting for that new boyfriend of yours?" Karin asked with a hint of mocking in her voice.

Ino nodded proudly and Hinata interrupted Karin before she could make a jab about Ino's choice of guy, "I think that it's cute that you two are together. It just goes to show that you can't judge a book by its' cover," Hinata gently said.

"Where is he anyway?" Tenten asked, pulling away from a kiss from Neji. Neji and Tenten were still dating and going strong, all of the five other cheerleaders were so happy for them.

"He's finishing an AP exam, but he said that he'd be here at the end of the game," Ino informed them. Karin rolled her eyes but Hinata nudged her.

"I think I see him!" Sakura shouted looking over the football field to see a boy with black hair running on the field.

"That's him!" Ino happily shouted. All six of the cheerleaders watched Ino's nerdy boyfriend come darting over the field.

"Wow, for a skinny boy he sure can run," Temari evenly stated. Both Karin and Temari had trouble accepting Ino's choice of boyfriend. Temari thought that it was some kind of dare at first, and Karin thought that it was some kind of thank you for getting Ino's grade up to a C+ in Algebra 2. But only Ino and Rock Lee knew of the real love that was behind everything.

Lee raced up the stairs of the bleachers and Ino felt her heart beating faster, begging to come out of her chest and meet Lee, but it contained itself in her chest.

"Hello Ino!" Rock Lee greeted as he grabbed Ino's waist and pulled her into a swift kiss. Sakura and Hinata awed at the couple, commenting on how cute they were together. Karin and Temari just looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

"Hey that's a cool outfit," Tenten complimented, pulling away from Neji's kiss in but still remaining in his loving arms.

"Thank you," Rock Lee beamed. He turned to Ino and wrapped an arm around her shoulder, "Ino picked it out for me," Lee smiled down at Ino and she smiled up at him.

Lee was wearing a white button up shirt, which was opened all the way to reveal a green short sleeved shirt and he was wearing neatly pressed blue skinny jeans with tidy white converse. Lee put a lot of emphasis on his appearance since he started dating one of the most popular girls in school.

The other five girls started chatting happily about the game, even Tenten joined in, as she was no longer using her lips to kiss Neji, for now at least.

"You look really great tonight, Lee, I really mean it," Ino sincerely complimented. She looked up at Lee, her blue eyes sparkling underneath the moonlight and the lights from the stadium.

"Thanks Ino, you picked it out after all," Rock Lee told his girlfriend. She giggled and he put a hand on her jaw and moved it to his lips.

Although the two met unexpectedly, and fell in love just as unexpectedly, they were as happy as could be.

The End.