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"Come on, put it down," I chuckled shyly, walking backwards as the gorgeous man in the white coat pursued me.

He smiled briefly, his mouth turning into a wry "V" before his expression became serious once more. "I just want to take a picture of you, lover."

I looked behind him, ensuring that no one had followed us into the empty on-call room. It didn't matter, really. When Carlisle Cullen pushed me into an empty corridor, nothing had the power to stop me. Nothing ever would. Not the man I had waiting for me at home. Not the gold band he tucked into his pocket before he let his fingers drift along my skin. The only thing that existed was the fire in his eyes as he pushed me backwards with nothing but the force of his body.

He was the golden boy of the hospital, but when he was mine…he was dirty. Rough, passionate and the opposite of what anyone knew him to be. Even when the blonde woman who had endured too much plastic surgery came in to give him lunch and a kiss, he pretended for her. I wasn't claiming to be the only one who knew this man as the deviant sex-god that he was, but I knew that I was incredibly lucky. Carlisle Cullen oozed sex, made me cum with the tip of his finger and sent me right into another climax with the smooth timbre of his voice.

"Just a picture," he murmured, voice deep, eyes intent and hungry as he gazed at me through the screen of his iPhone.

I continued walking backwards as he stalked me, until my back was flat against the wall. Warning bells kept going off in my mind. The ER was so busy tonight, voices were filtering in, so close and yet here he was, gazing at me hungrily through a screen and all I wanted was to be the leading lady in his film.

"There, don't move," he whispered, licking his plump bottom lip as he discarded his white coat and loosened his tie. "One by one, lover, undo them."

My fingers were shaking as I nervously took off my own coat and began to unbutton my shirt, forcing myself to focus on the arousal he set loose inside me rather than the potential of getting caught, but then again…maybe I wanted to get caught.

Goosebumps spread along my skin as my fingers drifted along it with each button undone. I wanted to be sexy for him, I wanted to see his hazel-grey eyes glaze over in pleasure as they raked along my body. "Like this?" I asked him softly.

His tongue stroked his bottom lip as he nodded minutely, removing his tie before pressing his palm flat against the sizeable bulge in his pants. "Mmm…like that. Slide it off your shoulders when you're through."

I stared at him from beneath my lashes as I reached the last button, my fingertips ghosting up and down the vertical trail of skin that was now exposed to him. I smirked, resting them against the center of my bra. "Just a picture, hmm? What's that red light for then?"

His lips twisted into a grin before he fell serious once more, grabbing the phone with two hands as he took a few steps closer. "Don't ask questions…just do what I say, be a good girl and I'll make sure you get a nice treat when we're through. Alright, lover?"

He started calling me that endearment after the second time we were together. He bent me over an exam table in an empty room, hand clamped over my mouth as I screamed and screamed and screamed. He had that effect on me. No sooner had I finished riding the waves of ecstasy did he pull away, kissing my temple and whispering a simple phrase that had me aching for more. "Until next time, lover."

It still had the power to destroy me.

"Bella," he whispered in slight admonishment, my eyes jerking back to his as he stared at me sternly. "Take it off, don't make me ask again."

I swallowed thickly and relished in the trembling of my body as the soft fabric slid off my bare shoulders and fell to the floor. I crossed my arms over my abdomen, waiting for further instruction as I let my eyes wander up and down his lean, muscular body. He was a masterpiece, under appreciated really, and I had done my best in the past several months to show him just how valuable he was.

"Move your hands," he murmured through parted lips, moving the phone back and forth to capture each part of me. "Don't hide from me, you are astounding."

I pressed my palms flat against the wall and watched him watch me, my chest heaving as he penetrated me with his ravenous stare. "Can…can you come closer?" I mumbled, watching the way his fingers twitched as his side. I could almost feel them sliding down my stomach before releasing the button of my pants. I had a feeling I'd be doing all the work this time, however, and I had no qualms about that whatsoever.

He shook his head once, rocking from foot to foot slowly as he filmed me. "Not yet…give me a little more."

I nodded, sliding my hand up my side until I was cupping my breast through the lacy fabric of my black bra. I could feel my hard nipple pushing through the barrier and into my palm, begging for friction. He spurred me on with a quiet "yes" until I was pulling and twisting it along with the rough fabric, my eyes falling closed as the pleasure spread throughout my body.

I heard him move closer, my eyes clenching tight at the prospect of his skin on mine. I opened my eyes to see his grey shirt un-tucked from his black pants, his fingers working deftly on the buttons of his shirt with one hand. The other held steadily as he filmed me, watched me, worshipped me on the tiny screen. "Reach behind you with one hand and release the clasp of your bra, Bella. Now, before I come over there and rip it off of you."

I briefly thought of defying him so he could do exactly that, but no matter how tempting it was to flare his anger, it felt so satisfying to follow his commands, to be good for him so he would be good for me. I kept on caressing my nipple as my other hand lifted to release the clasp of my bra until only my hand on my breast was keeping it from falling. I looked up at him and his nostrils were flared, breathing heavily as he took another step closer, but still out of reach. "Let it fall, lover. Don't keep me waiting."

I let the garment fall from my grasp, joining my shirt on the floor beneath me. He looked so pleased with me as his eyes moved along my skin, studying me with apt attention as he shifted his dress shirt off his shoulders. I drew lazy lines between my breasts as my mouth fell open, taking in his toned chest, the sprinkling of chest hair covering it, and the contours of his abdomen. I followed the dark line of hair beneath his belly button until it disappeared beneath his belt buckle, affixing my eyes on his cock that was straining obtrusively against the expensive fabric of his dress pants. I wanted to feel him hot in my mouth, but I knew this experience wasn't about that just yet. It was a lesson in control. Every time he'd taken me, it had been fast and hard and frantic. Now, he wanted build up. Now he wanted me pleading, and there was no doubt that I would be. I was already so close to the edge.

"Tell me what you're looking at," he muttered beneath his breath, letting his thumb slide up the thick shaft that was hidden behind dark fabric.

"Your…your body," I stuttered, pulling my lip between my teeth, and letting my thumb stroke heavily over my other nipple.


"Your cock…"

"Why, Bella?"

"Because I want it."

"Where do you want it?"

I closed my eyes briefly and splayed my hand across my abdomen, sliding it lower until I was rubbing myself forcefully over my pants. "Right here, I want it right here."

"Not yet."

I suppressed a frustrated groan, continuing to rub myself as he gazed at me. "Move your hand back up," he commanded, my eyes jerking lower as he released his belt from the loop. The minute he noticed where my attention had gone, he made no further movement to relieve himself of it.

I put a hand over each breast, massaging the soft skin until I heard a muted moan coming from his lips. "Push them together, just like that."

I pressed the back of my head against the wall, complying as I pushed my breasts tight together.

He hummed in appreciation, stroking himself fully through his pants. "That's where you're going to get it one day soon, lover. Right between those gorgeous tits."

I moaned, squeezing them tighter in my grasp as my legs pushed forcefully together.

"Fuck. Pants, Bella. Don't go slow. Tear them off of you and do it now. Everything, your panties, your shoes, your socks…I want nothing on your body, I want you completely bare and forever at my mercy. Do it now."

I scrambled to remove the remainder of my clothing, yanking at the button of my pants until it rang out against the floor. It was no matter, nothing mattered but baring myself for him. When I was finally naked, I focused on my labored breathing. Every inch of my skin was sensitive, and I just couldn't remember if he had turned the lock. People were rushing past the door that hid us and it only turned me on further to know how close we were to potentially being exposed.

The clanking of metal pulled me out of my thoughts, and I watched as he released his belt completely and let it hang off of his body. That only made me think of the time when he sprawled me across his lap and let it land with a sharp slap against my backside weeks ago. That very belt. He accused me of flaunting my little ass in front of him just for pure torment. He was right, and I came with his fingers inside me and his belt leaving pink marks across my pale skin.

"I know what you're thinking about, Bella," he spoke darkly, pulling the zipper of his pants down one tooth at a time. So slowly, so carefully, and yet his eyes were crazed and sinister. "Be good for me and the only thing slapping against your skin will be this."

His hand slid inside his pants and wrapped around his cock, stroking himself and denying me the perfect sight of his large hand fisted around his swollen shaft.

"Just because I don't have a camera doesn't mean I can't enjoy the view, you know." I was being feisty and he liked it, but right now he was in control, and right now he needed me to behave. My time would come. Quite literally.

He smirked at me sinfully, shaking his head. "Doesn't matter, lover. You are my entertainment. Everything you do in this room is for me. The throb of my cock and my racing heart, you exist for that alone and nothing else. Now close your mouth and slide that sweet ass down the wall. Knees apart, feet on the floor. Spread wide for me, right now."

See, that was the thing about Carlisle Cullen. His words were sex. His words were flesh sliding against flesh, pleasure and pain and pure, unadulterated eroticism. Wifey got two pumps and a pat on the head. I got spanked and fucked until I couldn't remember my name. She could have his dirty laundry and his days away from the hospital. I had the part of him that was secret, filthy, and mine.

I put my hands on my knees and slid languidly down the wall, stopping when I could go down no further. I spread my legs and exposed the pink, wet skin of my pussy that belonged only to him. So wet, aching to be spread across his flesh in any approximation.

He hummed low in his throat, praising, satisfied with what he saw before him. "This is why I can't control my need for you, lover. Every single day I see you and I know you're soaking wet for me. It doesn't matter if we simply pass each other in the hallway or my hand slides along your back. You're dripping for me, every second. How can I not take what belongs to me?"

I whimpered, pressing my head forcefully against the wall as he took one step closer. If I really tried, he may have been close enough for me to touch with the tips of my fingers. He was so intent on keeping his distance, driving me crazy, making me ache.

"Your middle finger…one swipe, right through that wet slit. Let me see you glisten."

My whole body was trembling violently as I reached between my legs, pushing my middle finger against my clit and crying out at the subtle contact. I slid it down until it was nearly inside me before going back up once more and circling my clit again. I was close to cumming, a swipe of my finger and his dirty words…it was literally all it took. He knew it too.

"You cum now and it's the only one you get, keep that in mind." He looked at me darkly and ran his tongue along his top lip. "Well, let me see."

I lifted my hand up and gave him the middle finger, smirking at him before turning it and showing him the wetness I had collected.

"Bad, Bella…"

He had no idea how bad I could be.

"Is this what you want?" I asked him.

"In your mouth." His voice was hoarse as he swallowed thickly, finally removing his cock from his pants and stroking it tightly just for me. "Suck that finger like you'd suck this cock."

Not hesitating for a second, I pushed my wet finger between my closed lips, not stopping until I had the entire length of it in my mouth. I slid my mouth up and down it, tasting my flavor and showing him exactly what I'd do to that thick fucking cock of his.

"Get every drop," he breathed roughly, staring at me through his screen and squeezing his cock tightly in his fist.

I licked my finger thoroughly, swirling my tongue around it like it was my favorite flavor of ice cream…or his engorged cock pushing it's way into my mouth. When I was through I placed my hands on my knees once more, spreading my legs impossibly wider. He released his cock instantly, erect and waiting for me, pink and hard and twitching for me.

"Are you comfortable?" Always the gentlemen, even while he's doing evil, sordid things to my body.

In truth, my legs were a bit sore from holding the position he demanded of me, but it was nothing I couldn't handle. And judging by where I was crouched and where he was standing, I could only hope he wanted me down here for a reason. "I'm fine, thank you."

He winked, grabbing the phone with two hands once more as he walked forward, his throbbing dick calling out to me like a siren. He stopped about a foot in front of me, his cock so achingly close to my lips that I could almost taste it.

He moved closer, letting the wet head of his dick press against my closed mouth. It took every ounce of willpower I had not to reach out and engulf him inside me, but I needed to be good for him. I wanted my treat. I had a feeling I was going to get it.

"Good girl," he murmured, like he knew the struggle I was enduring, and praising the resistance I maintained. He pushed against my lips, sliding the swollen head of his cock back and forth. "Don't you dare open that mouth," he hissed, teasing me with his fluid across my lips and the hotness of his skin. I resisted, looking up at the red light of that camera, knowing I was pouting at him through it, knowing how innocent and sexy I looked with his dick sliding along my mouth.

"You're such a pretty little thing," he said softly, letting a hand slide beneath my hair. "Such a good girl, waiting so patiently to be fed…"

I swallowed thickly, my tongue pushing against my lips and begging for just a little taste of his pre-cum. Just a taste. He brought the phone lower, catching the image of his cock drifting along my mouth. "Ready for a taste, Bella?"

I nodded, pleading with my eyes for his cock in my throat.

He smiled slightly, taking my chin between his thumb and forefinger and pulling down until my mouth was open. I knew better than to move just yet. He traced the shape of my jaw, letting the head of his cock hover in front of my open lips before he slid his hand into my hair and gripped it tightly. I moaned as he pulled it sharply, my head jerking back until our eyes met. "Hands on my wrists, lover. Hold on tight."

I wrapped my hand around his wrist, his fingers twisted into my hair tightly as I reached up for the other. He was holding the phone and I held on securely to his other wrist, careful not to jostle him and ruin his view on the small screen. No hands…I smiled triumphantly. He was going to fuck my mouth, and he wasn't going to hold back.

He watched intently as he pushed his way through my parted lips, only stopping when he could go no further. His thumb slid along my neck in encouragement as he murmured my name, telling me to look in his eyes. "You're taking more…you're taking it all."

I moaned around his thick length, my grip tightening around his wrists as he pushed further down my throat, causing me to choke slightly. "It's all right," he soothed, his voice strained as he cursed loudly. "Come on baby, press your nose to my belly. You can take me, press your nose…right there…fuck…yeah. So good…"

My moan died around his cock that was taking up every inch of my airway. Carlisle groaned once more and pushed against my throat, his pace increasing as he slid in and out of my mouth rapidly. He was thrusting into me hard, making me feel his cock so deeply and I wanted more. I wanted his cum, hot and salty in my mouth, I wanted him to fuck me until he collapsed, until we both collapsed, until this fucking building collapsed…

Three more pumps and he held me forcefully against him, all the way in, all the way down, and the way he groaned, so desperately, so achingly…it was more than I could take. I began to draw heavy circles around my dripping pussy with my finger, needing release, needing so much fucking more. He pulled out of my mouth swiftly once he realized what I was doing, grabbing my chin and lifting until I was gazing at him. "Don't you dare. That's mine…when I finally let you cum, I'm going to be fucking that pretty little pussy with my tongue."

He crouched down in front of me and lowered his phone until it was level with my pussy, staring at the screen hungrily as he held it there. With the other hand he reached for my discarded white jacket, laying it down between us and setting his phone off to the side. "Sorry, lover, I need both hands now. I'll leave it running though. Maybe I'll have your voice begging me to fuck you as my ringtone. Would you like that?"

I bit my lip, whimpering as his hands slid down my calves and clamped around my ankles. "I knew you would. Wouldn't you just love to have everyone know how thoroughly you own this cock?" He grabbed it for emphasis, smirking at me dangerously as he continued. "Maybe one day I'll fuck you right out there. In the hallway, for everyone to see. Every time one of those fuck-wads stare at your ass, make crude comments about how sweet your pussy must be, then they'll know that I own that pussy. That young resident, Isabella Swan, with the pouty lips and doe-eyes and fuck-me stare, they'll know that girl comes on my cock, they'll know that girl begs to be fucked by me. I'll make sure they never fucking forget it."

Without warning he pulled on my ankles until I was sitting on my coat, eyes wide as he pulled further until my legs were on either side of him. His fingers kneaded my muscles carefully, working out the kinks from staying in one position for so long. The back of his fingers drifted along my throat as he gazed into my eyes. I was lost for a long moment until his hands were no longer on me, signaling my alarm. I leaned forward hastily to see that he had pushed his pants further down, but didn't take them off.

He chuckled at my hasty actions, hovering over me until his forearms were pressed on either side of my head. "Easy, lover. Do you really think I'd leave you now, like this? Spread, bare, waiting to be pounded? Not a chance…"

I wrapped my arms around him, digging my nails into his shoulder blades and dragging down as I undulated against his body. "Please…I need you to fuck me, Carlisle. Please…"

"God that was it, right there." He leaned down and kissed me slowly, letting his tongue make love to my mouth as he pulled my legs tighter around his waist. "That's the breathless, pleading voice that keeps me up at night. Right there…"

This was the moment that always got me, the moment the head of his cock pressed against my entrance. It didn't matter if I was beneath him, he was behind me, I was on top of him or any other compromising position we found ourselves in. For that split second, the moment before he entered me, there was one ritual he had never broken…

The one act that made this whole thing so fucking confusing between he and I.

"Bella…" Whispers my name like a gentle prayer.

Brushes the hair from my neck and kisses me sweetly there.

"You're beautiful…" Lips pressed against mine, slow, so slow and wet and compassionate.

And then he pushed his way inside me until I was so incredibly full and shaking with need. One last long, meaningful look…

And then it was over.

"God, you're so tight around me. I'm going to make you scream so fucking loud, you have no idea."

I let go of the questions his gentleness brought about and lost myself once more to what we were best at. Pleasure. Sex. Climax. Fucking like animals and growling like beasts. This was what we were, after all.

His teeth dug into my shoulder as I squeezed his ass forcefully, lifting my hips and joining his thrusts until our skin was slapping loudly together. I loved when he filled me like this, the way he grunted above me and the feel of our sweat-laden bodies sliding together. Sometimes I wondered what it would be like to fuck him somewhere other than this hospital, but I quickly dismissed it. This was what we were.

He bit my nipple and I screamed, pushing back against his engorged cock harder as he sucked the sting he produced. My breasts bounced in his face and he lapped at them heavily, his tongue leaving a wet trail across my skin. The cool air hit it and heightened my senses; when his chest began sliding against mine once more everything became overwhelming, and I desperately needed to cum. He held me by the hips, stilling both of our movements as he gazed at me with a burning passion. "No…My tongue gets the first one."

He slid down my body, his teeth dragging across my heated flesh, his eyes never leaving mine. His teeth didn't stop, scraping down my inner thigh and back up again until he was devouring my pussy.

That was the other thing about Carlisle Cullen. When he gave head, he never held back. His tongue was long and perfect as it moved inside me, reaching places it logically couldn't go. He used both hands to spread me wider, his nose managing to do this swirl-push thing against my clit, hard enough to have me whimper-screaming like I meant it. He was magic. Pure fucking magic.

He was sloppy, too. In a good way. He loved feeling me on his face, licking me off of his lips. He wore it proudly, because if he wasn't good at it, it sure as hell wouldn't have been there. But he was well aware of just how good he was.

I was so close to cumming, his tongue pushing and pulling inside of me as his fingers went everywhere else, stroking, swirling, making me ache. He abandoned my pussy without warning and I quite literally cried, reaching for him frantically as he smirked up at me from between my legs. "I'm going to slap that smile right off your face," I panted.


He was evil.

He watched me in amusement as he slid one long finger in and out of my body, slowly, way too fucking slowly. "How many can you take?" he whispered, reaching down to barely graze my clit with the tip of his tongue.

I lunged forward, pulling a handful of his hair hard enough to induce a moan from him. "Fuck, keep that up and you'll be pounded straight through that wall, lover."

"Ooh…promise?" I mocked him.

He bit my inner thigh, inserting another finger. "Bad, Bella," he chastised, just the way I liked it.

I began rocking against his fingers, drowning out his attempt to torture me and focusing on him inside my body. "Two more and I'm going to finger-fuck you so hard, lover. And just when you think you're gonna cum, I'm replacing them with my tongue. Did you catch all that?"

"Loud. And. Clear." I couldn't catch my breath as he stroked me, stretching me wider and curling his fingers inside me, narrowly missing that sweet spot…I had no doubt that he was doing it on purpose.

"Ahhh," I cried, trying to adjust as he filled me so fully, fingers moving at a steady pace until I looked down at him and mouthed two words that I knew would make him lose control. "Fuck me."

And that was all it took.

"You don't know what you've done," he growled, pounding his fingers inside of me, curling and stretching until my wetness was sounding out loudly into the room. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" I was crying as he took me with nothing but his hand, riding him and vibrating from his ministrations as he brought me closer to the edge. I was going to explode, lose my mind and it would be so fucking impossible to focus on work after an orgasm, or five, from this man.

And I knew that from experience.

I was almost there, almost fucking there, pulling my own hair and grabbing my own tits and reaching down to grab any part of him until he demanded that I stop trying. "Don't hold me down, Bella. There are so many things I'm going to do to this sweet little pussy of yours. Don't hold me down."

I wrapped my fingers around the jacket beneath me, pulling until I could hear the fabric stretch beneath my fingers. My scream was balancing on the edge of a sword, seconds away from being released from my throat, mere moments before the stars collided and I lost control of my body and everything went mind numbingly blank.

My breathing hitched.

Everything went black.

I felt empty and then his tongue was wet and hot inside me and…

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, Oh God…please, I need…Oh my Goddddddd!"

I fell limp, spent and close to hysteria before I felt his strong arms beneath my back, lifting me through the air until I was slammed against the wall he threatened to pound me through. He grabbed my chin. "Look at me. Look at me right now, Bella."

I forced my eyes opened, hazily looking at the pure sex of Carlisle Cullen as I whimpered through the aftershocks of the powerful climax he had just given me. "You aren't done, lover. You aren't done being fucked, do you hear me?"

I managed to nod, tightening my hold around him as he pressed me against the wall and dove his cock to the hilt inside me, holding deadly still. "Stay with me, Bella. I can make you feel even better. I can give you more. Stay with me."

I always stayed with him.

Even when I was sure I would pass out from my screams and his cock and his power…I always managed to stay, because I always wanted to be good for him.

He lifted my hair and bit down hard where my shoulder and neck met. I knew I'd have a mark to hide, but I lived for having something that belonged to he and I, to what we became when we inhabited this room together.

He slammed his cock into me mercilessly, so fucking fast that I was convinced it was impossible for a human being to fuck at such a speed. He barely left the warmth of my body, just pounded and pounded until it felt like he never left me at all. "Love your pussy. It's mine to fuck. You are mine to fuck, Bella. Tell me."

It was true. He wasn't the only one giving the old lady two pumps and a head pat.

"Only you fuck me. Only you, it's only ever you," I panted, tightening my hold around his shoulders and reveling in the soreness of my ass as it slammed into the wall over and over again. Later, when the lights were dark and I was all alone, I would trace the bruises he gave me, sip from a glass of wine and reminisce on what it was like to have him inside me.

My words spurred him on, his hands pulling my hair until my neck was his, teeth dragging up and down the column of my throat as he grunted fervently against my skin. He lifted me higher by his hold beneath my thighs, lifting and pounding, lowering me and pounding, our skin slapping, our moans mingling together like a symphony that could never quite be duplicated. We were sex. Everything about us was sex.

"Bella…" He whimpered my name and when Carlisle Cullen whimpered, he was close to cumming like a fucking Mack truck. I loved his vulnerability just as much as I loved his dominance.

But love wasn't a word I was intent on using, especially when I let myself think about his whispered reverence and his gentle touches when he entered me.

"You make me burn, lover. I never stop thinking about fucking you, feeling you cum on this dick, I need you to cum hard on this dick, Bella."

Ah, there he was. God bless him.

I wanted it too.

I shifted positions, allowing him to go deeper and therefore bring me that much closer to my release. "Almost," I whispered heavily into his ear, sucking it and biting it as I rode him furiously.


No longer was he demanding, he was begging.

And something clenched deep in my chest every time he asked me to whisper in his ear. I couldn't explain why, either.

"Carlisle," I whispered, barely resisting to kiss his earlobe as he moved my body against him rampantly. "You're going to make me cum so hard, and I dream, dream about feeling you swell inside me and give me your cum. Please let me have it, I'm your good girl, let me have it."

He groaned and kissed my shoulder, holding my ass in both hands and pumping into me unevenly, but hard, hard, hard, and…

"Oh God," I whimpered, my entire body clenching down on him, leaving bruises of my own as another climax overtook me. I wasn't expecting it but it was so fucking welcomed and the selfish side of me just wanted to steal all his orgasms until they were mine. All of them. Every single one.

Pump. Pump. Pat.


He groaned so deeply against my neck, stilling and then spilling deep inside me, trying to go even further when he knew that was as far as I went. He still searched, he still yearned for more from my body and I would forever let him try to find it. "Fuuuuuuuck," he hissed, jerking against me, fingers digging into flesh as he called my name once, twice, three times.

"Holy shit, Bella, every time. Every single time. There's nothing better than this. Nothing."

I loved that too, his little murmurings after he'd just cum. I held on like a vice grip until he was prying me off of his body, kissing my lips, my forehead, biting my neck and slapping my ass and then putting on his clothes.

I looked down and noticed the iPhone sitting on its side on the floor, red light still blinking away. I reached down and picked it up, fixing that red light on him as he continued getting dressed. "What are you doing?" he smirked.

"What, you don't like being the subject of this film, Dr. Cullen?"

He smiled, walking toward me and taking it out of my hand. "You're the star, lover."

He kissed my temple and looked down at the clothes that were still discarded around me. "You better get dressed," he murmured, running one finger along my hip bone and striding confidently to the door. As if there were any other way he would stride.

Just as he was about to exit the room, I called his name, causing him to turn around and gaze at me with a hunger that never entirely went away.

"Send me a copy of that video…inquiring minds want to know."

He winked at me, eyes lingering a little longer with something more hidden inside them. "Your wish is my command."

And then he disappeared from my sight.


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