Die Hard with a Rebellion 2




The Rebellion has thwarted the Empire's bombing run on the X-Wing factory holding Luke Skywalker's fated X-Wing fighter, thanks to John McClane and Lando Calrissian delivering the disc with the Empire's plans.

Mon Mothma has agreed to provide John McClane immunity after he refused to fight for the Rebels. She has put John on a flight with local scientists who are heading to Dantooine to study unnatural weather phenomenon, he reluctantly agreed to help them.


Darth Vader arrived on Coruscant to learn Mace Windu had died in the hotel collapse, but the bombing run plans escaped with John McClane. Janock Karn awaited his visit in his personal quarters in the Senate District...


Janock Karn sat at his small desk inside the large Imperial Center. He could hear troop movement outside his door now and then, but what he was really listening for was the deep mechanical breathing of Darth Vader. He stared at a still image of John McClane holding a hand blaster. How did you survive ? If I live through this meeting with Vader , I'll concentrate all my efforts to kill you.

With his scarred face and bald head, Janock Karn was usually the one who intimidated everyone around him, it was his tough methods that propelled him up the ranks in The Empire. He scoffed and talked back to even his own superiors, all except one.

He sat up straight as he now heard the feint mechanical breating . There was only the one sound of footfalls now as they neared his door. He gulped visually as his door quickly slid to one side to reveal the dark lord. The tall dark figure walked right up to his desk and stood there, mechanical breathing sounding overly loud now.

" Lord Vader , " Janock started but Vader quickly held up a gloved hand stopping his apology.

" You're failure to acquire the disk from Windu is meaningless at this point. The Rebels have moved their equipment preventing us from destroying the factory. You have succeeded in killing the last of the Jedi, for that, I am sparring your life. " Vader scowled out his last word.

" Thank you, Lord Vader. " Janock bowed his head slightly.

" Commander Ishtak has been having trouble with a band of Dantari natives on Dantooine. Ishtak has found a giant reserve of Soccal Ore on the planet and through mining has made enemies of the Dantari."

" I thought they worshipped The Empire. " Janock stated.

" They once did. It seems Ishtak has destroyed a large, insignificant reserve of Vincha plants in the area. We need to protect that mining operation. The Soccal Ore is being used to supply the construction of an entire FLEET of Super Star Destroyer's under my personal supervision. The fleet is a top secret operation only known to me and my builders. "

" And you want me to go there and babysit Ishtak. " Janock spat out with distain.

" No, " Vader stood there for a moment and stared at Janock, letting the pause state his displeasure at Janock's tone, the effect worked, " I want you to go there and take care of his problems with the Dantari so his progress won't be haltered further. "

" It will be done Lord Vader. " Janock bowed his head again.

" Remember, " Vader raised his voice in a threatening manner, " the operation is known only to me and my team, which YOU are now involved in. Don't make me regret my decision to assign you for a petty security problem."

Before Janock could respond, Vader turned and quickly walked out of the office. Janock let out a small breath. What is he up to ? It sounds like he's planning to overthrow Emperor Palpatine in grand fashion. There's no other explaination for it, that can be the only reason he'd keep an operation of that size from the Emperor. The question is now, do I let the Emperor know of this secret plan by Vader ? A visit with him is just as uncomfortable as Darth Vader.

Science Vessel Junicer

The large, sleek, dark grey starship Junicer ripped through space towards Dantooine. The Flagship of V.S.E.D , Varona Scientific Exploration Division had a crew of four hundred, over half volenteers. The very rich Varona Selecure created the V.S.E.D , a fleet of Science Vessells consisting of forty ships. Her Mansion/base on Coruscant was always the site of political parties as well as secret meetings. The V.S.E.D were very popular across the galaxy and well known for major discoveries and award winning documentaries, always starring the larger than life Olo Quarvic. Some say even the Emperor enjoys Olo Quarvic's over-the-top enthusiasm and thus The Empire gives V.S.E.D a pass whereever they go. The Junicer's four large Ion engines screamed.

Inside the slick vessel, John McClane kicked his legs over the side of his bed and scratched his head. He rubbed his eyes and pulled a black shirt on. A chime indicated someone was at his door.

" Ya, come in. " John muttered as he glanced at his reflection in the mirror, he needed a shave.

" Mr. McClane, " A sweet, young human female entered. She was a blonde haired science apprentice named Shella Goowe , " we have prepared your retreaval equipment and Captain Quarvic would like you to familiarise yourself with the basics before we arrive. "

" Is that fat blob still mad at me for cursing in front of his staff yesterday ?" John smirked at Shella.

" Yes, " She blanched, " I thought it was funny. " She watched him wash his face.

" I'm just a funny guy. " He grunted and turned off the water.

" Are you going to wear our volunteer uniforms today ? "

" No, " John pulled on a dark brown jacket and took a step towards Shella, " I don't look good in white. Well ? Let's go have some fun. "

Shella nodded and led John down a conjested hallway filled with crew carting equipment and parts in both directions. They approached a door and Shella lifted her hand to a pad on the wall, small blue lights scanned her hand and the door slid to one side. They entered a large lab split into four sections, all the sections were seperated with thick blast proof glass. The largest was centered in a circular shape in the middle , Botany and Microbiology. The room was filled with containers with liquids and plants, the room had the most scientists and crew working there. The other three sections were smaller and concentrated on Aldroit Astronomy , Geology and various types of Entomology.

They entered the large middle section and were greeted immediately by the large Captain Olo Quarvic.

" Ah, " The large red haired male greeted John with a slight look of distain,"the volunteer finally awakens. I'm not sure why Mon Mothma has such high expectations of you, but who am I to question one of Madam Verona's best friends ?"

Olo Quarvic led them to a table filled with equipment for collecting samples. He picked up a pistol shaped tool and showed it to John. " This is to collect samples from the plant stem. You simply press this here, " Quarvic pressed a button on the handle and a small needle protruded from the head of the tool, " then you press it again to collect. " He pressed the button again and tiny hooks clacked together out of the end of the needle.

" I can't wait to use it. " John muttered, uninterested.

" It's the very latest from V.S.E.D's technical team. It stores your sample seperately inside a small microcapsule and can store up to five hundred samples before having to reload the chamber. You should be honored to be one of the first ever to use it. It's a shame we aren't allowed to film volunteers. We'll be getting some incredible footage on Dantooine with the highly unusual weather pattern feeds we recieved from our probes. Are you even listening to me ? " Quarvic turned a little red as he watched John looking off in other directions.

" Ya, boss. Give me the thing and let me take a sample outta yer ass. " John smirked, trying to annoy the Captain.

Quarvic took a step closer to John so the surrounding crew couldn't hear him, "You know, we lose volunteers from time to time. You can never really count on security crew to catch every little danger on the surface. Those stun rifles don't stop everything."

" I'll keep that in mind. " John smirked again, just to annoy the Captain.

" Captain , " A crew member entered the room, "we have cut past most of the melted case, we would like you to observe our progress."

" Ah yes ! Excellent. Our ten year old probe Mr. McClane. This might perk your interest a little more. Follow me, if your not too tired that is." Quarvic winked at Shella, who covered her mouth to hide her smile.

" Guide the way, " John waved his hand towards the door, " if you can fit through there. "

Quarvic cleared his throat and all but stamped his way out of the room, followed by John, Shella and the crew member.

End of Chapter 1 -