Die Hard with a Rebellion 2

Chapter 6 - Stick to the plan -

John, Han and Chewbacca soared just over the purple grass field in a badly beat up, dark grey speeder. Every so often, a loud pop noise came from the duel engines and sent out a cloud of black smoke. John watched a group of cow-like creatures running away from the commotion caused by their speeder, he lit a death stick and shook his head.

" Not the best in the stealth department ! " John yelled over the noise of the wind and loud engines, he reached to flick some ash off of his death stick, but the wind blew it out of his hand.

" It'll do it's job! " Han growled as he narrowly avoided colliding with a tree trunk jutting out of the ground in the middle of the field, he gulped visibly.

Chewbacca was in the back seat , he had a panel ripped open and was fixing the scanner inside the machine. John turned and watched the large Wookie work his mechanic skills.

" Do you think we'll find Junicer ? " John asked Han, not taking his eyes off of Chewbacca.

" Well, " Han rubbed his mouth, " the scanner on this thing isn't the best. But Chewy thinks he knows where Olo might be going first. Right now we're just gonna have to look around and see what happens. "

Chewbacca let out a loud roar, startling both Han and John. They quickly heard what the commotion was about as two large shuttles flew by overhead.

" Empire ? " John asked as the shuttles flew over the trees in front of them.

" No, those are Reboyette Security Ships from the Hinard Kingdom. I don't know what they're doing here on Dantooine. Chewy ! Get that scanner working so we can follow them around these trees ! " Han jerked the controls and punched the accelerator hard to navagate around the huge group of woods.


Olo Quarvic and his advisor Yarrion were supervising the scientists inside the lab as they processed the previous days findings. He watched a scientist working with the samples they took from the field, a crew member approached him.

" Captain, " the crew member nervously announced, " we have two shuttles landing in front of our ship ! "

Olo quickly glanced at Yarrion, then waved them to follow him to the bridge. Once inside the bridge they monitored several masked beings exitting both ships. They were dressed in dark clothing and all carrying heavy looking blaster rifles.

" Well, " Olo brushed off his white sleeves, " I guess I can see what the commotion is about. Yarrion, you stay here. You know what to do in case of emergency. " Yarrion nodded, a slight look of concern in his eyes.

Olo walked out of the bridge, he made his way to the docking bay and lowered the exit ramp. He casually walked down the ramp with his arms held behind his back.

The Reboyette Security force formed a large line in front of both shuttles. Two of the dark , masked figures moved to one side allowing a short, old man to walk through. He was dressed in military clothing with awards and signias alligned on his shoulders and chest.

" Olo Quarvic, " The old man smiled, " it is a pleasure to meet you in person. My name is Pice Rikkenhirt of the Hinard Kingdom. We have tracked your ship, Junicer, all the way from Coruscant. "

" How can I help you ? " Olo managed a smile.

" Two years ago, Prince Saddis was prepared to marry Remaa in the most important ceremony in the history of Hinard Kingdom. " Pice started to pace a little.

" I've heard of the wedding. " Olo nodded.

" Well, security was tight for the wedding. When Prince Saddis presented the Remaa Family with the new Sacred Crest of Saddis, everyone was shocked to discover an empty case. The crest is made up of priceless rare Hinard gold, silver and Friele Plati-metals that took a year to design and create. Well, we suspected a semi-famous theif Bomax Crasillin. When we broke down Bomax's door, she was already gone. Moved away. Through companions , merhants, smugglers and the like, we tracked Bomax to Coruscant. We know that Bomax is now employeed as a crew member on Junicer. She is going to abandon your ship on your next mission on Corellia where we suspect many interested buyers for the Crest. "

" I'm not sure how you knew the details of our next mission, " Olo started to pace a little himself at the news, " but that is a pretty grand tale. Ha ! For sure it is ! Well, I'll let you search my ship for this Bomax, but I doubt she's on my ship. "

Shella Goowe's quarters

Shella looked nervously out a small viewort as Pice motioned for his men to enter Junicer. She quickly turned and took out the metal case from under her bed. She slammed the case on the bed and punched in the security code with a shaky hand. She opened the case and the light reflected off the beautiful Crest of Saddis. The family crest was enormously detailed with the history of Prince Saddis and his family, in gold, with silver lettering and backdropped in a shiney, white Friele Plati-metal. She picked up the heavy crest and put it on the bed. She then took out a small , thinner case out of a secret compartment. She pressed a button on the side of the case and it opened as well.

" ... ive them full cooperation ! " Shella heard Olo barking orders at his crew as heavy footfalls echoed in the hallways.

She took out a small scanner and scanned her face with a green beam. She then scanned a skin coloured pad inside the case. She held the case up to her chin , close to the skin coloured square. Her face started to melt away on to the square as millions of tiny nanobots crawled off of it. Her appearance gradually changed to a green faced , red bug-eyed, saucer eared , reptillian Rodian. She was now her true form of Bomax Crasillin.

Bomax clicked a metal pen sized cylinder and shot a beam at a grid of wires at the back of the case. The nanobots were busy consuming the skin coloured pad in front of the wires. She shot the beam at her green neck then held the case to her chin again. The nanobots covered her face until she became a light skinned woman, copied from a scientist who rarely comes out of her quarters on Junicer. She tested her new voice and repeated her new name over and over as Gormella Santeec.

Outside Junicer

Han shut the engine down and they hovered just over a ridge , there was a scattered row of trees between them and the plateau where Junicer and the two security shuttles rested.

" Well, " Han started, " we weren't expecting company. But lets stick to the plan John. "

John pulled on his old, torn jacket and nodded, " You sure this thing you gave me is as easy as you say it is ? "

" Trust me, " Han grinned, " just plug it in and it'll do the copying for you. Once you get that data, get my parts and leave the ship as discreetly as possible. We'll be here waiting for you. "

" Sounds too easy to me. " John grunted as he hopped off the speeder and jogged into the row of trees. He climbed the slight , rocky slope of the plateau and walked between the two Reboyette Security ships towards the open exit ramp of the larger Junicer. Two Hinard Kingdom soldiers stood guard at the bottom of the ramp. The guards looked threatening with the black armour, the black masks and blaster rifles held at their chests. One of the guards held up a gloved hand , halting John. He showed the guard his volunteer security pass and entered the science ship without much trouble.

" So far, so good. " John muttered as he walked through the docking bay, filled with scientists, crew and more Hinard Kingdom guards. He nodded at some surprised stares coming from the Junicer crew. He showed his dirty, bent volunteer pass again as he entered a long hallway towards the crew quarters. John pressed a panel on the wall and entered a large supply closet.

" Lights. " John said and the closet lit up to display a room filled with white V.S.E.D uniforms. He quickly changed into a white uniform and hid his jacket behind a big, grey space suit. He placed his hand blaster inside his side jacket pocket and put the CX55 grid in the opposite pocket. The closet door suddenly opened, startling John and he quickly put his hand in his side pocket, gripping the blaster. An attractive, dark haired woman entered the closet holding a metal breifcase.

" Excuse me, lady. " John bowed his head as he stepped towards the door.

" John ? John McClane ! " The womans eyes lit up and she quickly kissed him hard on the lips.

" Do I know you? " John half laughed as he stared at the woman.

" It's me, Shella Goowe. " She smiled then did a little turn with her arms held to her side.

" Uhh, " John scratched his head, " did you do something with your hair? "

" I don't have time to talk, I have to get off of this ship. I need your help to do it. My real name is Bomax Crasillan, I've stolen this Crest from a royal family in the Hinard Kingdom. Right now I'm disguised as Gormella Santeec. I need you to create a distraction to get by these Hinard gu..."

" Wait, " John held up his hand , " I've got a couple of things to do myself before I leave this ship. If you help me, I'll help you. "