Full Summary: Kagome is entirely alone. Inuyasha went with Kikyou. Sango is taking care of her children. Miroku is helping Sango. Shippou and Kirara are helping Kohaku. But she has nobody, and is entirely along since the well has sealed. But when she's called to exterminate a demon, she's surprised to come across the demon resurrecting someone who looks a lot like Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru. Could it really be Inu no Taisho himself?

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Kagome was walking along the path, her bow and quiver shouldered. She sighed, once again regretting her choice to return Kikyou to life with the Shikon No Tama.


Kagome had just gotten to the Sacred Jewel, her head ringing with Gramps' words: "The Jewel will vanish only with the right wish! That's the legend, anyway…" Her mind went to Inuyasha, still mourning for the priestess, Kikyou.

Kagome knew the wish, but decided to add to it.

"What is your deepest desire?"

"I wish that the Shikon No Tama would vanish forever, with Kikyou being returned to her own life for Inuyasha!" Kagome stated.

~Flashback ends~

Yes, Kagome deeply regretted that choice. Inuyasha had forgotten about her, and now everything had changed.

Kikyou and Inuyasha wondered around, slaying demons. Inuyasha now trusted his strength enough to leave the Tetsusaiga at Kaede's village…which had been a bad choice, as Kagome now carried it with her. Not that she could use it, but it provided a barrier for her.

Sango and Miroku were busy with their children, while Shippou and Kirara helped Kohaku also slay demons. Sesshoumaru traveled around with Jaken, while Rin stayed with Kaede.

In other words: Kagome was completely alone.

But she trusted her spiritual powers enough to agree to slay a powerful demon. And speaking of which, she was just coming across it at the moment.

She removed her bow and prepared it for battle by knocking an arrow. She peeked around the tree, becoming startled at what she saw.

The demon she was supposed to slay was chanting, seeming to dance around a small spot that had a single bone. A sudden rumbling erupted from the earth, and there was a bright blue flash that she supposed anyone could see. And then, standing before her, was another demon. She frowned. Something about it was familiar.

The demon she was supposed to be slaying began speaking eagerly, looking rabid to Kagome. The demon before it snorted and with a flick of its hand sliced the other demon's head off. So much for being a powerful demon.

When the other demon turned, Kagome gasped. She had only heard about this demon from Myouga the flea, and a bit from Sesshoumaru.

The demon had skin a shade darker than Inuyasha's. Long silver hair was up in a ponytail on his head, his eyes a golden color. He wore a white kimono with a few decorations, and armor on both of his shoulders as well as a white pelt that ended with two tails. There was no doubt about who this demon was.

It was the Lord of the West himself, Inu no Taisho, father to Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru.

Then Kagome realized he must have noticed her, as the demon's gaze was on the tree she was peeking out from behind. If she was discovered and the demon demanded what she was doing, she could easily lie.

Her kimono, a beautiful pink one with cherry blossoms all over it, covered her body. Underneath was some armor like Sango's. Her black hair drifted to her waist.

When the demon leaped into the air, Kagome relaxed…until he landed just inches away from her. She squealed in surprise, shooting away.

"Who are you?" Inu no Taisho demanded, his voice deep as well as rich. His eyes were suspicious, eyeing her bow and arrows.

"I…I'm Kagome." She stammered, backing away. Good thing Inuyasha was staying in the village nearby. Sure, he was with Kikyou, but he would defend her if something bad happened.

Inu no Taisho tilted his head, his eyes now focusing on the sword at her waist. "That is the Tetsusaiga, is it not? How have you acquired my son's sword?" Otherwise, a message was hidden in his words: Did you steal it?

"Inuyasha abandoned it, and some other half-demon was going to pick it up eventually so I decided to keep it safe for Inuyasha. And who the heck are you?"

Inu no Taisho's suspicious gaze turned into an amused one. "I am Inu no Taisho, though you may call me Inutaisho." He answered. "Now leave the area, priestess, before I tire of having to explain myself."

Kagome nodded, then slipped away, full out running for the village where Inuyasha was.


Inu no Taisho was intrigued by the young mortal priestess who had watched him return. How did she know his son, Inuyasha? That meant she also knew Sesshoumaru, most likely. And why had she not been as frightened as she should have been of him?

Inutaisho silently followed her from the trees, watching as she darted into a village and began calling for Inuyasha.

Inutaisho recognized his son the instant he appeared. And the half-demon did not give a good first impression.

"Oi, Kagome! Where the hell is the Tetsusaiga?" he demanded, stalking up to Kagome.

Kagome patted the sword at her hip. "Here, but that's not important now. What's important is that-"

"Damn it, I knew someone stole it!" Inuyasha interrupted. He growled at Kagome, who glared back. "Give it back!"
"I will after you've listened!" Kagome snapped back.

"No way in hell am I listening to what you're going to say!" Inuyasha yelled. He looked ready to attack Kagome, so Inutaisho decided to interfere.

He leaped from the tree, landing off to the side. Inuyasha's head twirled around, mouth opened and ready to snap something at whoever had interrupted, but Inutaisho beat him to it.

"Inuyasha, I would advise you stop yelling at the innocent girl." Inutaisho said coldly.

"Who the hell are you?" Inuyasha snarled, glaring at the demon.

"Do not talk to your father that way, pup." Inutaisho snarled back.

Inuyasha went silent at that, staring in surprise.

Kagome winced at Inutaisho's gaze as he turned to her. "Priestess, you may take the Tetsusaiga and leave."

Kagome nodded her thanks, shot a glare at Inuyasha, and then vanished into the crowds of people who had gathered to watch.

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