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She quickly kneeled down, feeling her miko powers spilling over. But as she reached for it to purify it, there was a dark light flying towards her with a smirking Sasuke looking down, his scythe still glowing…


Kagome, who had seen the dark light, squeezed her eyes shut and prepared to feel pain before perhaps passing on…only to feel earth spray her. She sputtered the earth out of her mouth, coughing and glanced up to see the blade had hit only inches away from Naraku.

Sasuke smirked down at Naraku. I may be his incarnation, but even I don't like being controlled…might as well join in with the fight.

Sesshoumaru joined in as well, unsheathing his Bakusaiga. A moment later, Inuyasha came tearing out of the trees with a black Tetsusaiga, face twisted in fury as he swung the sword at Kikyou. A Meido flew at the woman, who jumped back, a bow appearing in her hand and a quiver of arrows on her shoulder.

Sango came in with Miroku, throwing Hiraikotsu and using a staff to destroy the minor demons that suddenly erupted from Naraku. Shippou and Kirara assisted them, using fox magic and claws and fangs.

In the midst of the fighting, Kagome had finally reached the Tainted Jewel. She reached forward to touch it, but was thrown backwards when a sacred arrow exploded in front of her. She gasped, in irritation as well as surprise, when the jewel rolled further from her and towards the fighting Inutaisho and Naraku.

Suddenly, Inuyasha had her by the waist and leaped into the air so that she was rescued from another arrow. He set her down by the twins, growling, "Get them out of here on Kirara. Tell Shippou to take them back and return." He darted forwards, yelling, "WIND SCAR!"

Kagome scooped up her children and darted over to Shippou when Kirara landed. She gently handed him both, yelled, "DON'T YOU DARE DROP THEM OR I WON'T FORGIVE YOU!" Then she darted back into the battle to purify the jewel.

Once again, she had almost reached it, but this time, Naraku materialized in front of her. She shrieked in surprise, scrambling backwards. A tentacle shot at her, but a very furious Inu no Taisho shot out of nowhere, ramming into him and sending him flying. He shot a pleading and loving look at Kagome as if he suspected something was going to happen, something terrible. And then it vanished and he was tearing at Naraku again, joined by a few of Sasuke's scythe's blades that really had no aim, meant to strike down anyone.

Kagome finally grabbed the jewel, scrambling towards the trees, but found herself face to face with Kikyou. Kikyou's black hair blew wildly around her face and her brown eyes were cold. "What are you doing, Kikyou?" Kagome gasped as the miko knocked an arrow.

"Getting revenge." Kikyou said, pulling the drawstring back. Once again, Kagome was saved as Inuyasha tore into the woman with his sword, opening a Meido right behind her. Kikyou vanished and Kagome sighed in relief, dropping to her knees. A barrier flew up around her, thanks to Tetsusaiga's sheathe that Inuyasha had threw at the ground next to her. Nothing could penetrate it, and all was quiet. She saw Sesshoumaru use Bakusaiga's powers at Naraku, working with his half-brother and father to bring him down.

Kagome felt tears threaten to spill, and placed both hands around the jewel she now held, concentrating all her purifying powers into it. Before her very eyes, the jewel began to vanish.

And everything went wrong.

When Kagome smiled triumphantly and looked up at her friends, her gaze turned from one of triumph and pride, to one of pure terror and horror. Naraku was dissolving away. And the great Inu no Taisho, in his large dog form, who had his jaws around Naraku, dissolves away as well.

When all the fighting had stopped, there was silence. The minor demons and Sasuke fled into the trees, and Sesshoumaru turned and walked away, trying to hide a look of grief, but the group of friends continued to stare at the spot where the two had vanished. Then Kagome let out a broken sob, burying her face in her hands. Inuyasha cautiously walked over to her and kneeled down beside Kagome, Miroku and Sango not far behind. "Kagome…" Inuyasha murmured as he sheathed Tetsusaiga.

Sango wrapped her arms around Kagome to comfort her, hiding her own tears. "Its okay, Kagome," She sniffled, trying to soothe her best friend. "We…we…we should go back to the village. Kiku and Ayumu…"

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Kagome wiped her eyes with her sleeves and nodded, standing up. She had, once again, lost the one she loved most. What's wrong with me? Am I cursed or something?

Inuyasha kneeled down, his own eyes full of grief for both Inutaisho and, to nobody's surprise, Kikyou. He couldn't believe that the wench had betrayed him after Kagome had brought her back to life to be with him. But he could guess that she had guessed that even though he loved her, he had still loved Kagome. "Kagome, you can ride on me if you want." He said gently.

Kagome just shook her head and started to stumble in the direction of the village, hanging onto Sango for support.


~A Year Later~

Kagome giggled as Kiku wobbled towards her on unsteady legs. Ayumu, who was already an expert on walking, watched curiously, dog ears twitching. When Kiku toppled over, Kagome caught her and kissed her head proudly.

Inuyasha watched from a tree, watching Kagome carefully like he had been doing for the past year.

Sango and Miroku were in the hut, scolding their daughters for annoying Kaede. Shippou was off with Kohaku and Kirara.

Kagome glanced in the direction of the well, eyes reflected with grief again as she thought. The well had returned to its normal state, yes, and she had taken Kiku and Ayumu on regular visits to visit her mother and Souta.

Rin, Jaken, Ah-Uhn, and Sesshoumaru often stopped by quite often, as well. Rin loved to play with little Ayumu and Sesshoumaru had seemed to have taken a liking to the little boy as well. Everybody admitted that Ayumu looked like a miniature Inuyasha, except for his striped cheeks and paler hair.

Kagome had requested that Totosai, who had apparently made Inuyasha's Robe of the Fire Rat, make a white kimono for Ayumu, much likes Sesshoumaru and Inutaisho's, but with the powers of the Robe of the Fire Rat. The little boy had already somehow gained a mokomoko that had double tails like his father's, and his eyes had remained a beautiful, but terrifying, blue to all but Kagome. He was smart for his age, learning to speak in sentences already.

Kiku, on the other hand, was still learning how to walk. She had received a simple blue kimono that went over some armor based on Sango's. Totosai had somehow managed to make the clothing –for both children –grow as they grew. Kiku had not yet learned full sentences, but was learning to speak bit by bit. Instead of keeping blue eyes, her eyes had turned into a striking orange.

Kagome smiled, hugging both children. She missed Inutaisho, yes, but she was relieved to have Kiku and Ayumu, and she knew that in the end, everything had turned out just right.


His eyes opened with a flash, images flashing before them once again. He saw them playing, hearing their laughs as if he was in water. He gave a brief smile, returning to resting again as he closed his eyes. He had been resting for a year, and bit by bit, his strength was returning. He would soon return, and when he did, he would be ready.

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