Rebecca's Diary:

"September 24th 1998: What can I say? They're here now. The infection is spreading and it will get worse, and this nightmare…this hell, Hasn't even started..yet it feels like time has slowed down...stopped. I'm getting out of here.This whole thing is going to get out of control, I can't stay here any longer, and there's no way a human being could survive an outbreak of this multitude. I hope I can convince Jill and Brad of this before I go. I mean, Chris and Barry went to Europe to fight Umbrella under our noses. I can't say I blame them, I want to do the same, but not here,the city is burning and with only the three of us, if that, there isn't much we could do... I have to escape Raccoon before it's too late, knowing our luck Umbrella will nuke this place as a cover up. I need to find the others and get out of this undead hell hole.

I wonder where Billy is… I hope he's okay. Ever since we departed, I can't stop wondering where he is and how he is. I can only hope, that Maybe someday we'll cross paths again, or meet in another life. I'd like to think that at least. As for now I bid you all ado. If I don't write another entry, well…...Yeah..."

Rebecca stares at her computer diary, having nothing else to say as her attention switches on the dull burning sensation in her eyes... After some time she finally presses "save" and gets up to go look outside her window as she rubs her eyes and struggles to focus for a moment.. There's smoke and faint screaming coming from Newspaper Alley. She quickly dashes to her medic bag and packs everything and anything, including her laptop, first aid kit, samurai edge, ammo, clothes, a bit of water and food. She looks around her small apartment, As if she has forgotten something, but soon rushes off, leaving the door a jar.

While getting into her car she could hear moaning from behind her, she shuddered and closed the car door quickly Clenching her shoulders and refusing to look back, . As she reversed her car she saw what was moaning in her peripheral vision, a young girl with her throat ripped out and blood gushing down. She was one of them..Blood stained blonde hair,petite,pale with a haunted look on her face...Rebecca, didn't know where to fix her eyes whilst realizing how young the girl was, not much younger than herself. she thought. With gritted teeth she pushed her gear stick into position and pulled away.Rebecca began to sob quietly as she drove , the blood drenched girl becoming smaller and smaller in her rear view mirror,Rebecca eventually took her eyes off the lifeless gaze of the girl, as she wiped the tears away and gingerly headed for Brad's appartment.

Rebecca made her way to to Brad's home whilst keeping herself as low to the ground as possible.. hoping not to attract any attention as she knocked on his door.dropping to one knee and nervously checking both flanks and the mainstreet for movement, as her eyes and ears react to every sound...

"Who is it? What do you want?" A very cowardly Brad whimpered behind his door.

"Brad, it's me Rebecca. Listen, we NEED to get out of here! If we don't leave now there won't be an escape, I saw in the news the military is beginning to barricade the city. They won't let us through Brad, they'll only let us die like the rest of the city! We'll need to leave before they do this. I still know of some back streets we can take that they haven't blocked off yet." Rebecca yelled, beginning to attract a few of the zombie's attention. She looked at the window beside the door to see Brad poking his head through the curtains, clearly furious with her at this point.

"Shut up, they heard you! I'm not leaving this fucking house, and if I HAVE to it certainly won't be with a kid like you!" He screamed, then shut his curtains.

"Fuck you Brad." Rebecca murmured under her breath as she looked at her hands which were trembling with fear and anger...'' fucking idiot '' she thought as she let Brad's words sink in...The young officer slowly looked up and checked that the coast was clear...only to jolt as she caught the unblinking glare of a pair of eyes...

Fixed on the sight, she saw that the eyes were not those of a human...but a red fox, that was sitting beside a trash can with its tail laid across it's had been watching her the whole time...That Fox isn't infected she thought, seems to be normal, the young officer made eye contact with the canine, and took a strange comfort from it's seemingly nonchulant attitude in the midst of mayhem that was enveloping the city.

She shakes herself and checks the coast onces more, before returning her sights to the fox, only for it to have dissapeared. breaking a wry smile Rebecca skulks down the steps and slowly enters her car.

She locks the doors behind her, and rakes in her medi pack and thinks to herself, that with Brad playing the pussy,she best reach for a more reliable friend in she pulls her trusted Samurai Edge from the pack and holsters it with her belt.

Looking back at Brad's window, she shakes her head in disbelief and stomps on the accelerator and leaves two black lines of the road as the car screetches off to the sound of a roaring engine, Rebecca jerking the wheel to one side then the next, as she avoids a rotten corpse.

After arriving at Jill's, she climbed the fire escape to the third level, forgetting which room was Jill's.She stops and looks over her shoulder to catch the view of raging fires, flashing blue lights and flashes of gun fire from various blocks...the smell of smoke leaving a bad taste in her mouth as she continues her way up the escape.

She knocked on a few windows until, "Becca… What an odd way to come say hello." Jill said half smiling, but with a worried tone.

"Jill! Can I come in for a sec?" Rebecca said, relieved to see Jill.

"Of course, come in… Err I mean climb in." Jill said opening her window.

"Great, thank you." Rebecca said, a bit out of breath climbing through the window, into Jill's bedroom. Jill went into the kitchen and gave her a glass of water.

"Looks like you need some." Jill said, looking worried.

"Thank you…" Rebecca looked at Jill for a while.

After the mansion incident Jill and Rebecca became quite close, like best friends, even with their age difference. Their bond was very strong given the fact that they were the only two female S.T.A.R.S members in the group. "

I think I already know where you're going with this. I'm not leaving, I have to stay and fight. After all, Raccoon needs me." Jill looked down, not wanting to face her friend."I'm sorry… Rebecca. Please be safe on your way out."

Rebecca stepped back a bit with tears in her eyes. "Jill please come with me, we need to get the hell out of here. You know this, you see what's happening out there. If we leave now I can take us to some back roads that lead out of the city. If we don't leave now they'll be blocked by tomorrow. You won't be able to survive this, this is suicide!" Rebecca said in tears.

Jill looked at Rebecca and then looked down again, "Nothing you say is going to make me leave, you're wasting time we don't have. PLEASE go while you still can, Rebecca." Jill,squinting her eyes to keep a stray tear from dropping..

Jill was incredibly skilled at keeping her emotions to herself. Rebecca walked up to Jill and hugged her tight. Jill was taken aback at first, but she finally put her arms around Rebecca, patting her back softly. She certainly wasn't used to hugs as her Father wasn't very affectionate, but she had to get used to it after she met Rebecca.

"I'll miss you Jill." Rebecca pulled away from the hug with tears in her eyes and a deep sadness beginning to appear on her face.

"I'll… Miss you too Rebecca." Jill said trying to strain a smile, but couldn't.

Rebecca left the way she came in, through the window, but before she could leave.

"Rebecca! Here, I forgot to give this back to you last time I saw you. You'll probably get bored on your journey, and want to listen to something." Jill handed Rebecca her CD's she had lent her.

"T-Thanks Jill." Rebecca said as she put the CD's in her medic bag.

"Hey, take care of yourself and I'll… see you again when this is all over. Don't worry about me." Jill faked a smile obviously trying to make Rebecca feel better about the situation, even though Jill had no idea what was in store for her. "A little white lie won't hurt her." She thought. Rebecca knew it was bullshit though.

"Goodbye Jill." Rebecca choked back the tears ,took one last look at the falling city and climbed down the ladder back to her car. She had no idea where she was headed, but she knew one thing. It wouldn't be easy, especially alone.

She puts both hands on the steering wheel and slumps her head into her arms and lets out a sigh...shaking as she sniffs and gathers her thoughts... the young officer, shakes her head once more.