Chapter One:

Butterflies. An overwhelming amount of nerves boiled up in the pit of Loki's stomach as he look into his brother's blue eyes and grabbed the other end of the container holding the Tesseract. He knew what was to come, he knew of the punishment he would receive once he returned to Asgard. All he could think of was the unforgiving eyes of the people that would greet him, the frown of the woman he once called his mother, the disapproving face of the man he once called his father. Loki knew of the judgement he was about to face and he could not get his mind off of it. It was all he had been thinking of ever since The Avengers had finally captured him up in Stark Tower only a few hours earlier. It was the only think his weary mind could focus on.

Thor booted up the Tesseract's power and the next thing he knew he was back on Asgard, back on the remains of the Bridge his brother had broken the last time he had been there. He didn't know it was possible for him to get any more worried but he realized just how wrong he was as he saw Heimdall still standing where he always did. The guardian didn't look at him but he was more than aware of his presence, the coldness in his golden eyes gave that much away. Thor gave the man a solemn nod, who grunted in response, as Thor led the way to the castle they had both once called home. Loki kept his head down the whole walk there.

No words were exchanged between the two men, no words needed to be said. They both knew where they stood. If anyone could forgive Loki for his crimes it would be Thor and it was obvious that, in Thor's mind, nothing had changed between them. Sure he was angry and frustrated and disappointed in the man he viewed as his brother, but that didn't mean he didn't forgive him for what he had done. Loki, though, could not accept his kindness that easily. He knew that what he had done was beyond wrong in the eyes of many, he even viewed it as wrong himself, and if he could not forgive himself for his crimes than he should not accept forgiveness from others.

They walked up the first golden set of stairs in the palace, passing by the grandiose kitchen and the dining area. They walked by another set of stairs, past a few doors, up another flight of stairs and through the larger than life double doors into the King's Room of the castle. Since Thor had been on Midgard for the past few weeks, Odin had taken back up his place as King of Asgard until his son's return. So as Thor and Loki walked across the long room, they approached The Allfather sitting in the king's throne. The throne Loki had once sat in himself, the throne he had once viewed as what he deserved. Loki kept his head down as he and Thor approached the throne.

"Father - " Thor started, but was cut off my Odin's booming voice.

"Loki, do you know what you have done? Are you aware of the trouble and pain that you have caused your mother and I?" Loki, still wearing the silver muzzle that SHIELD had placed on him back on Midgard, smirked at the words your mother and I. The whole matter of them not being his true parents was the cause of this whole ordeal, it's what set Loki up to be what he viewed as a failure. "Are you aware of the turmoil you have made your family endure?" Loki continued to look down at the marbled floor. "Look at me!" Odin's voice grew even louder with frustration and anger and confusion as he stood up from the throne. He marched down the stairs towards the two boys, Thor sidestepped away, and Odin grabbed Loki by the shoulders and pulled him into a hug.

Loki's feelings of nervousness were quickly replaced with those of confusion as the hug grew tighter. His eyes filled with shock and worry and confusion and anger at himself and at Thor and at Odin and at everyone else he had ever blamed for anything, at anyone who had ever gave him that little push that slowly led him off the ledge, but no tears came. He worried of what was next to come, of what other reactions he would receive, he no longer knew what to expect.

Odin ended the embrace, but did not let go of Loki's shoulders. Loki, still distressed over the situation, looked up into his father's eyes for the first time since that night on the Rainbow Bridge. Tears came to Odin's eyes, but he blinked them away quickly. He let go of Loki and patted Thor on the shoulder, who took his brother by the arm and led him out of the room through the grand double doors.

Loki had no clue of what was to come next, and he wasn't so sure he liked the unknown.