Hi! This is my very first Zoey 101 story, so wish me luck. I do not own Zoey 101. First some information, this is before the prom where they say I love you, but after they kiss in Quinn misses the Mark.

It does not end like the show, because something happens. Hope you like!

Chapter one: Missing

*Logan's POV*

It was a month later, after Quinn and I kissed, that we decided we were ready. We should have waited, but it had gone to far that night, but I never regreted it. We woke up that morning, in our own beds, and we had a glow. Well atleast she did, I thought as I watched her five weeks later. She still had that glow on her, and she was beautiful.

We weren't ready to tell everyone that we were together, but we were getting closer and closer each day. I knew I was in love with her, but I had no clue how to say it. I looked over at my love, Quinn Pensky, and smiled. She was talking to her best friends, Zoey and Lola, about one of her Quinnvention, one that would let her touch poisonoius frogs without gloves, and not getting sick. She was very intent and was thinking hard, which made me laugh.

That got everyone's attention, and a smile from Quin. "What are you laughing at, Logan?" Zoey sneered at me. She had never liked me, but I considered her a friend.

"I... I saw someone slip on a banana." I state looking down at my food.

"Can you be more of a pig?" Lola asked, anger evident in her voice. This was not how lunch was supposed to happen. It was supposed to be Quinn talking about her inventions, and me staring at her, thats what we always did, and I loved that.

"No, I'm am full pig, thank you very much." I told them, and I heard Quinn laugh.

"Pensky, you got a problem?" I sneer at her. She becomes frozen, knowing that we had to do are act.

"Nothing, Reese!" She spat at me, I flinch on the inside.

"Whatever, Spaz!" I knew those were the right words to get her mad enough for this fake fight to be real. She hated being called a spaz, but she knew I was o\nly pretending. I get up and walk out on lunch, heading to our hiding spot. I pull out my phone and text her.

Hey Quinn, guess where I am? I send her, and a couple of seconds leter I get her reply.

Were? I laugh and text her back.

Our make out place.

Oh really, Logan. Why did you go there? I laugh at this, it was obvious why I went here, and she knew it too.

Oh I don't know, maybe to make out with my girlfriend.

Well I hope you two will have fun. I shake my head at this.

Come on Quinn, you know I only make out with you, that other girl means nothing to me!

Aw how sweet! She texted in a sarcastic tone.

Come over already!

I already am! I turn around and see her standing behind me. I pull her down into a sitting position, and pull her into a kiss.

*30 Minutes later*

We had stopped only a couple of times, this time stopping for good. We pull back and we have stupid grins on our faces. Then Quinn's face turned into a pain stricken face, and I was started to get worried.

"Quinn, are you alright?" I ask pulling her against me. I rubbed her head uuntil the pain subsided and she looked at me.

"I have been getting sharp pain in my stomach all day." She said rubbing it.

"Go see the nurse, I will get your homework." It would be her last class, and she had it with me, so it would be okay. She nods her head.

"Logan, thank you." She kisses my forehead. "I love you!" She quickly covered her mouth, and my jaw hit the ground.

"Quinn, honey!"

"Logan I am so sorry it just blurted out of my mouth." She tried to explain.

"Is it true?" She nods her head, and I smile.

"Then why be sorry for it." I kiss her on the lips with so much passion it left us breathless in mere seconds. "I love you too!" I kiss her forehead. I slapped her butt. "Now go, I don't want a dead girlfriend." She nods, and leaves.

I walk to my class, and ask the teacher for the homwoork assignment for Quinn, who would not be there. He nods and hands me the three page assignment, due tomorrow. I groan and sit in my seat, but look up when the door opens.

"Class, welcome our new student, Dana Cruz!" My teacher yells to the class. I look up into the familiar eyes of my old friend, and ex. The teacher points to the seat where Quinn sits, saying it was only temporary. It was a very interesting class period, Dana kept trying to talk to me. I hated her so much, she was evil, and tortured Quinn when we were younger. I was relieved that the class was over, and practically jumped out of my seat, and ran. Somehow Dana was able to follow me, she followed me to my dorm, then into my room.

"Dana! What do you want!"

"You!" She said in a sultry voice, she came towards me and I stumble on to the bed. I tried to get up but Dana was already there, pushing me farther into the bed. I tried pushing her but she wouldn't budge.

"Dana! You can't have me! I'm with someone else!" I scream at her, and she stops. She looks at me, her curly hair tickling me.

"Liar! You never commit!" She rolled her eyes as she rolls off of me. She stands by the door, waiting for my answer. "Your joking, your not?" I shake my head and she sighs. "Well who is the lucky girl who tied you down?"

"Quinn Pensky." I whisper, and she laugh's. She rolls on the floor laughing, clutching her sides. When she was done she stood up and walked to the couch.

"That was a good one, Logan, now why don't we just make out." She said turning on the tv. She looks at me, and I have a furios gaze.

"I love her, I love Quinn Pensky!" I shout so she could hear me over the volume she just turned up. She turns wde eyed at me, she shook her head, and turned the chanel. I turn around, not wanting to look. She went to the PCA news, where Jeremiah Trotman started giving us the recent news.

"Hey Logan, the girl you love made the news." I sharply turn my head to look back at the tv, to see my Quinn's name roll across the screen.

"It seem's that Quinn Pensky is leaving PCA." Jeremiah said. "The dean said she was leaving us for a better school. All of us should say goodbye to our school's nerd, but this is her dedication. She left already, going home to sort things out. This is Jeremiah Trotman, bringing you the news." And he logged of. The screen went blank for awhile, then a show started. I didn't care what show, I was shocked,and didn't know what to do. My Quinn was gone, My Quinn. I break down and cry, and I hardly realize that Dana had left. I hugged myself, and headed to my bed.

I ended up not leaving my bed for a week, when I realized I had been there that long, I got up. It hurt to badly and I still cry when I think about that day, but its senior year now, I had a semi good girlfriend, but I wasn't happy. I was here though, walking into the dorm room I will be sharing with Chase, who finally got with Zoey, and Micheal. As I walk around I see all the places I shared with her. It had been eight month's since I saw Quinn, and when I think about her, it cuts me in half with a peice of glass, like a thorn in my side from a rose. This is a new year, no more thinking about Quinn Pensky!