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Chapter 8: Spying

I rushed to catch up with Quinn, to reach her before she ruined our lives. I ran to her apartment, but before I could get there I ran into someone unpleasant.

"Logan! Darling! Where are you going?" I groaned. Why did I have to run into her right now? She was the last person I wanted to talk to or see. She was wearing her normal black clothes, and straight brown hair. It was weird, but I wasn't attracted to her anymore. I could see her clearly. Her shirt was way to low cut, her pants baggy. Her arms were like sticks, and it seemed that I could see her bones. Her hair was fried at the ends from burning it a million times with her straitener. Her face was the worse though, her makeup was ugly, her eyelashes was filled with clumps of mascara. She was ugly. Don't get me started with her voice!

"Dana, I want to break up." I tried to walk away but she pulls me back. She is right in my face and I could see her wrinkles. She reminded me of Grandma Reese. The one who had fake teeth and tried to give me kisses, ones I never wanted. "Dana, darling. Don't frown." I touch her face. "It gives you worry lines. And trust me, you don't need anymore of those." She growled and tried to pull me into a kiss. It was repulsive, her lips were too dry, but at the same time clamy. I was so sick.

"You love me Logan. That Bitch and her bastard, has warped your mind. You don't love her, you love me!" She tugged on my arm, and I started to laugh. Reminding me of a immature child wanting a lolipop. And to think I was this way until I started dating Quinn. No matter what Quinn could never be a regret in my life. The what she said about Quinn and my baby regestered, the smile on face disapeared.

"Dana if I had not grown up, I would have punched you for saying that. But since I am a gentleman, I will not touch you. Beware, though, that if you talk about them that way again, I might not be able to stop myself."

"You a gentleman? Are you going to tell her that a week after she left that we got together?" She snickered.

"I have already told her, Dana."

"How about that on that same night we got together we had sex!" She hissed. I almost slapped her, it was quite tempting to. It was not the truth, Quinn had been my only one. But Dana was good at starting rumors.

"Dana I swear if you start that rumor, I will not protect you from myself!" My good mood was disapearing. "Did you even visit me in the hospital."

"No you know me, I hate sick people." I remembered. When I was in the hospital for my appendex, she never visited. I bet Quinn would have. "You know, if she never came here you would never be doubting our relationship!"

"I wished she never left, then I would never have been in this realtionship!" I yelled. I was getting impatient, Quinn could be gone already, I was wasting time! Dana started to walk away, but I could hear her mumbeling.

I started to walk away, not caring what happened Dana. I was still walking to the apartment when I was pulled back by something. I turn around and saw Zoey have a handful of my shirt.

"Logan what are you doing?" She hissed. What was her problem? "You had a good realtionship with Dana. I didn't go through all this trouble for you to break up with her."

"What trouble?" I stared at her.

"I knew about you and Quinn before you told me. I was visiting James and saw a note slip under the door. I picked it up, and it was a letter telling you that she was pregnant with your child. I was like wow Logan knocked up some stupid girl, then I got to the end. The idiot signed her name! I was so disgusted. You and Quinn, it was sickening. So I burned the note and called Dana. That same week you started dating." I never knew how much I struggled to hit Zoey until I saw myself grab her, I started shaking her. I wanted to hit her! I dropped her on the ground.

"Why don't you go tell Chase what you did." I left her by herself. I went inside Quinn's room, and the sight almost made me cry. She wasn't there! All her stuff was packed up, the babies crib was packed up. It said movers on it, she was gone. I went into the room and sat on the rocking chair. I looked to the wall, and the sight was amazing, amazingly sad. It was millions of picture of me and Alexis. All In balck and white, all of me and her in the rocking chair. I wouldn't think she would leave without the pictures.

"Maybe because its so hard to have a picture of you?" I heard the sweetness in her voice. It was Quinn, the most beautiful girl in the world.

"Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes." I joked and she laughed. She walked to me and gave Alexis to me.

"Well I can't put her in the crib, its still packed." I pulleed her on the arm of the chair, and she started giggling. We laughed for awhile, and then enjoyed the silence that followed. She laid her head on my shoulder, and I put my head on top of hers. It would be a kodak moment. I started laughing. Imagining the commercial. "What?" She lifted her head.

"Imagine the scene. A family bein reunited again, daughter in one hand and wife on the other."

"You could have this true moment if you buy one of our Kodak camera." Quinn finished in her best salesman voice. We started laughing together, and we awoke the baby. Quinn started to hum that song again. When she was finished, I went to her.

"that's lovely, what is it?" I whispered ebhind her, wrapping arms around her.

"Bonnie, its something my mom sang to me. That's why when I got her that doll, she wanted bonnie to be her name. It was quite funny, When I sang that sang she would point to my throat and the doll. It took me hours to figure it out."

"I'm sorry, Quinn. You were never the other women, that was Dana, I have always been in love with you. Also when I said life would be better without you, I also meant that life wouldn't be enjoyable. Quinn I will always love you. I broke up with Dana." She was sobbing, I felt her shivering in front of me. "Quinn why did you come back?"

"I-I-I still thought if I waited long enough you would come around." She broke down. "This might be a dream,Logan. I never want to wake up." She kissed me. I could taste the saltiness on her lips, but I didn't care. I felt at home with her, she was wonderful. The baby started to gigle, and I remembered that she was in between us.

"Its not a dream, I'm yours." I kissed her nose. "How about we get the crib back up, so me and you can hae some time to ourselves."

"Why do we need to have timefor ourselves?"

"Because." I wiggled my eyebrows. "We just got back together, I think its time to tell our friends, and celebrate." I kissed her. "Now go call a babysitter." She reached up and kissed me, It was a couple of minutes before we let up, and she left the room to call.

"Baby, I love your mommy very dearly, and I love you too. I will never let you get away, neither of you." Quinn closed the door. I always knew she would spy on me once.