A/N: Here is the ending of this story. I thought it was a wonderful ending and I hope you all do as well. Harry and Draco's daughters words are very similar to my daughter's. I actually used her as the example :) She calls her blanket 'night-night' and is super sweet like Annabel. Thank you for reading this story!


"Harry, you're going to be late!" Hermione cried from the garden. I stared at myself in the mirror. I was so nervous, that I thought I was going to be sick.

"Mione, I don't know what I'm doing here," I moan. I sink down into a chair and hang my head in my hands. How was I going to do this? It shouldn't be this nerve wracking. I felt the pressure of a small hand and I opened my eyes to see Annabel looking up at me with my eyes. She smiled at me and wrapped her little arms around my legs in a hug. She melted my heart instantly, as she always does and I pull her into my lap. She fiddles with my shirt and looks up at me with an understanding look.

"Daddy scared?" she asks me in her high voice.

I chuckle and nod. "I am little monkey. I shouldn't be, should I?"

She bites her lip as she thinks. Her eyes brighten and she gets down and runs out of the room and somewhere into the cottage. I wait and stare out the front door that will lead down to the beach, to Draco and all of our friends and family.

Annabel comes running back in carrying a blanket behind her, her favorite one. She hands it to me and smiles. "Night-night for daddy," she says.

I smile and feel tears come to my eyes. For being almost two, she's so perceptive and much wiser than her years. "Thank you. This makes me feel better already. Can I shrink it and put it in my pocket?" I ask her.

She frowns as she thinks about it. "Ummmmm…..yeah," she says finally. I smile and set about shrinking her blanket. She watches in awe as it gets smaller and then I slipped it into my pocket feeling better. She smiles in satisfaction and runs away again, getting something else of course.

Hermione walks in then looking stressed out and perturbed. "Harry, come on! Why are you still in here?" she demands, hands on her hips and tapping her foot impatiently.

It had taken me some time before I had forgiven her and Ron for their part in Annabel's life and even longer to fully forgive Draco for it as well. He worked very hard to regain my trust and I couldn't deny that he made it very obvious how sorry he was for what he had done and that if it took our entire lives, he would do it. It was one time that he had said that to me that I realized that I wasn't angry anymore and that I had forgiven him and that I did trust him. So why am I so scared to walk out that door and down to the beach?

I sigh and stand up. Every time I'm scared or nervous I just have to see or hear Draco and know that everything will be okay. That's what I needed right now. "I'm ready. Now where's my beautiful girl?" I question, looking around.

"Here, daddy!" she cries as she runs into the room, her tiny feet pattering against the floor. She wraps her arms around my legs again and I hug her tightly against me. I kneel down and look at her. She is the perfect mix of Draco and me. She is clearly the proof that Draco and I are meant to be together and that our love runs deep.

"Are you ready to lead the way?" I ask her.

She smiles broadly and nods. I cup her little face in my hands and kiss her forehead. She squeals in delight and kisses me sloppily on the cheek. I laugh as I stand up and take her hand in mine. Hermione looks on at us fondly and smiles. She nods once and turns around leaving us.

Annabel and I walk towards the door and I look down at the beach. From this vantage I can see Draco a little, but not nearly enough. Soon the music starts and we start down the path. My palms are sweating profusely and I'm sure Annabel is going to slip out of my grip. She tugs on my hand and looks up at me with her wide green eyes. She smiles brightly at me and I see Draco's smile and I feel better again.

Finally, as we are reaching the end of the pathway and heading towards the beach where everyone is waiting, Draco comes into view. His eyes light up when he sees us. All that I see is Draco. He's wearing a loose white shirt with khaki pants and no shoes. His hair lifts slightly in the breeze and the sunlight shines on him perfectly, highlighting every perfection. When his gray eyes find mine, my heart stops and all my fears slip away into the sea. This is what's right. This is what's meant to be. Draco and I, together forever.

Annabel pulled me towards him and I laughed at her determination to get me to him. Finally, we are there and Draco's eyes are shining as he looks at me. He has a beautiful smile on his face. Annabel let's go of my hand and tugs on Draco's pant leg. His eyes break away as he kneels down in front of her. She looks at him seriously and he mirrors her look exactly. Despite her having my eyes, she looks so much like him.

"Papa, I made daddy less scared," she says seriously.

I crack a smile and blush deeply as Draco looks up at me for a moment. I reach into my pocket and pull out her blanket. He smiles in recognition and looks back at her. "You gave him your night-night?" he asks.

She nods triumphantly and he reaches out and pulls her into his arms and kisses her head. "You're so sweet," he whispers to her.

She smiles and nods again. "Yeah," she says before hugging him back and kissing him sloppily on the cheek. She walks away over to Narcissa. Then it's just Draco and I.

He stands up and looks up at me. I put the blanket back in my pocket and Draco takes my hands into his own. "Are you still scared?" he asks quietly.

"No, definitely not," I whisper. He smiles and leans forward, kissing my cheek gently. I feel my eyes close and I sigh at his touch.

Someone clears their throat and we both turn to see the wizard officiant. He smiles at us and begins speaking. He discusses the typical wedding stuff and explains what the bonds mean. I'm barely listening because I'm so busy staring at Draco that I barely register when it's time for us to speak.

"Harry, there are no dreams that compare to what I've found in you. There are no hopes or aspirations that are higher than your love. From now until eternity our hearts shall beat as one, a life as new, that I've found in you. I love you so much and I truly thought that no one was perfect until I met you, again that is," he stops for a moment to wink. I, of course, have tears in my eyes, but I smile anyway. "I am so grateful, every day, that you gave me another chance to prove to you how much I love you and how much the life that we have together means to me. You and Annabel are my world. I am so happy that we can finally, finally, make it official," he vows. He brings my hands up to his lips and kisses them.

I stare at him, having a hard time containing my tears. I take a deep breath as he looks at me patiently, an understanding smile on his lips. "Draco, falling in love with you is the second best thing in the world, finding you, again, was the first. I thank Merlin every day for you and Annabel. All I have ever wanted was a family and you have given me that and so much more. More than I could have ever thought possible. I love your unending need to make my life all the more wonderful. I can't possibly imagine a life without you. I love you, so very much," I vow. My tears started falling towards the middle or maybe it was the beginning, I'm not really sure. Draco's crying as well so at least I'm not alone.

We smile at each other and shake our heads in embarrassment. The officiant smiles at us as we look at him and he begins the bonding part of the ceremony. I'm suddenly nervous again, wondering what bond we'll get. I know platinum is the strongest and I know our love for each other is unbreakable, but will we get a platinum bond? I don't know. I guess it doesn't matter, really…. Oh, who am I kidding? Of course it matters.

I watch as he waves his wand and suddenly Draco and I are enveloped in a brilliant light. It is a pristine white and by the gasping in the audience and the look on Draco's face, what's happening is more than we ever expected. I glance at the officiant and even his expression is awe.

Finally, the light dissipates and I feel warm and completely fulfilled. My life finally feels like all the missing pieces have fallen into place and are glued together with the strongest glue known to anyone.

"I…. Sorry, um, you may now seal the vows and bond with a kiss," the officiant says. He is still caught up in the bond we had. I'm not really sure what was wrong with it seeing as I missed the bond explanation and I didn't grow up in that world.

Draco looks at me with wide eyes and I'm a bit concerned. Was the bond not what it was supposed to be? "Okay, before we kiss, what did I miss?" I whispered to him.

He shakes his head in disbelief, but a smile is on his lips. "Our bond, Harry, it was brighter than platinum…."he says trailing off.

My mind races back nearly three years from when Hermione read me the article about Draco's wedding. Platinum meant true love and soul mates, how could it be brighter? "True love and soul mates?" I ask unsurely.

He nods, but his smile broadens more. "And that our bond can never be broken. Harry, you and I, we are meant to be together, forever," he replies.

I smirked at him and he looked at me in surprise. "I already knew that," I tease. He narrows his gaze for a moment and shakes his head, but smiles the entire time.

"Come here you," he says as he grips my shirt in his hand and pulls me against him. The crowd gasps and some start to laugh as Draco plants a huge, deep, passionate, and heated kiss to my lips. His hand lets go of my shirt and joins his other at my face as he cups it gently.

The crowd erupts in cheers and when we pull apart, breathless, and place our rings on each other's fingers, Annabel runs up to us and we scoop her up into our arms and kiss again.

Love had been found and a bond made for life. Our souls would forever be intertwined and it all started with a day of relaxation.